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91.8 The Fan

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How to make a promo!

"If you feel you’ve got the skills, why not try making a promo for 91.8 The Fan? You’ve heard our DJs do it and now we’re giving you a chance to. So grab a microphone and a sound ediing program (such as Audacity) to create thirty seconds to two minutes of audio goodness. Make sure that any background music is Japanese, Korean, or Chinese in origin with no vocals, but feel free to insert sound effects from your favorite anime or movies."


What can you win?

- A copy of Super Street Fighter IV for Xbox 360 that is signed by Kyle Hebert (Ryu), Laura Bailey (Chun-Li), Travis Willingham (Guile), and the vocal director Jonathan Klein.
- Don’t have an Xbox 360? Well, we happen to have a shiny new God Of War III for PlayStation 3 fans to replace the top prize.
- A random CD that has already been added to the station
- A Bayonetta wall-scroll
- An official Sawa’s Phool t-shirt

REMEMBER: you can only submit one entry (Either promo or art) and it’s due by midnight on January 1st, 2011.


That is the contest guys. I will be around all day for help. If you need ideas, help with planning the promo, or using programs just ask and I can assist you.

DJ's will also be herethroughout the day to help assist you further. Just think, for a 30 second clip YOU CAN WIN FREE STUFF! FOR FREE!

Get your thinking caps on
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