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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd

Been many months since i did anything here. and i may come back for longer.

That is indeed my PSP. and that is Project Diva 2nd. (most info is from the wiki)
First are changes.


* You can now use the pad and alternate freely between it and the face buttons for normal notes (i.e., you can press X or Down, it still counts)
* Two new types of notes : Long and double.
* Long notes are denoted by the note symbol followed by a long line with another symbol on its end. You must press and hold the note, then release it once you reach the end of the line.
* Double notes are denoted by an arrow symbol with a "W". These are like regular notes except you need to press the button AND the directional pad equivalent at the same time.
* There's a 4th difficulty now, "Extreme". Brings nothing new gameplay wise, it's just a harder version of "Hard". (it is harder)
* You can play any song with any character, the game won't force you to change characters at any time, not even for the non-Miku songs.
* There are duet songs now, and you can freely choose both characters.
* There's "titles", which is pretty much this game's version of achievements.
* Pressing triangle while at a selected song will send you to the character selection and will tell you who is the default character for that song
* There's a shop now. You can buy any unlocked costumes, room accesories, rooms, and help items using a new game currency called "Diva Points", which are awarded to you every time you clear a stage, depending on your rank and overall score.
* Help items are used to improve the gameplay.

Characters and Modules

* The Module menu is now called the "Character Select" menu and modules are grouped by character instead of the long list of the 1st game.
* Playable characters include : Miku, Luka, Rin, Len, Kaito, Meiko, Sakine Meiko, Haku and Neru.
* Unlocked costumes can only be aquired by buying them in the shop. However, costumes that have been unlocked in the first game will be obtained for free if you have the data file and started a new game.
* Unlocking modules is more straight forward now, as the requirements no longer depend on ranks or making long combo chains.
* Everyone now has a voice at the results screen including Neru and Haku. (woo!)

Rank and Scoring

* There's a new rank between "GREAT" and "PERFECT" called "EXCELLENT"
* Ranks no longer depend on score, but rather, the accumulated count of your "COOL" and "FINE" notes. You can check the rank requirements for each song by pressing Triangle at the confirmation screen before the song starts.
* "PERFECT" rank still requires you to make an unbreakable combo from beginning to end.
* The game will tell you if you've acheived a new high score

Diva Room

* Individual rooms for each character
* Every character's diva room has to be bought a the store except Miku's
* You can give "presents" to the characters, which affects their happiness level
* You can watch PVs here and also able to create 3 playlists with 70 PVs each (you can have multiple of the same PV in a playlist) (Note: PV secrets from the first Project Diva does not apply here and the selected character(s) will stay in their costume throughout the whole playlist)
* You can create 3 playlists with up to 70 of your mp3s and unlocked songs in each (you can have multiple of the same song in a playlist)
* Gallery has been moved to here
* Other characters can visit the selected character's room and interact with each other (at random times)

And now on the game!

First are controls: It's the same as first only now you have 2 new note types. One is a hold note where you hold the button down and release it at the right time for points. Second is the Double note. a good example is, if a green up arrow shows you press triangle and up at the same time. The tutorial can help you more while listening to Ievan Polkka. I say i had fun with the first and second increased it with more difficulty.

Next are models (or outfits). with the addition of more outfits along with the other vocaloids...the number count are as follow.
Miku:61 outfits (including past ones)
Rin: 8
Len: 6
Luka: 8
Meiko: 7
Neru, Haku and Sakine Meiko (different looking meiko): all have 3
Some of the new outfits are really nice and some i wish were real outfits (2 examples below, thanks to Prject Diva Wiki)
Infinite Miku

Pink pops (Kind of reminds me of yoko from Gurren Lagann, the outfit also has a non gasses mode)

Now the songs. I will list the names of new songs here but if you want all of them, go to this link. http://projectdiva.wikispaces.com/Li...ongs+%282nd%29
in order from first to last. First four are already unlocked in new game.
1:Romeo and Cinderella
2:magnet (love it) [miku-luka duet]
3:Love Words
5:Kokoro [Rin]
6:Butterfly on the Right Shoulder [Len]
7:Just Be Friends [Luka]
9:from Y to Y
11:Change me [Meiko]
12:Vegetable Juice/PoPiPo (still funny)
13:Cantarella [Kaito-Miku duet]
14:When the First Love Ends
15:Gigantic Girl (odd video)
17:Gemini [Rin-Len duet]
20:Meltdown [Rin]
21:I Understand the Truth
22:Love-colored Ward
23:Finder (DSLR remix‐re:edit)
24:Promise [Miku-Rin duet]
25:First tone
26:Farewell Song
27:Look this Way, Baby
28:Colorful x Melody [Miku-Rin duet]
29:Double Lariat [Luka]
30:The Singing Passion of Hatsune Miku (and it's harder than Disappearance)
WOW! 30 new songs with some past one....in total there are 46 songs all with 4 levels of difficulty.
I played through to unlock all songs first which took about an hour or 2 (bought outfits in-between). and went back to get more Diva Points for items and rooms.
The difficulty is just right with the last one being hard on some parts. The duets are nice to see instead of one singer and for some reason i can't prevent myself from crying after playing Kokoro. Sadly, only one song for Meiko and Kaito for some reason but i still enjoy them.
Music: 8/10 non miku lover, 9.5/10 Miku lover
Game play: 9/10
Graphics: it's sega and it's ment to be like this so....10/10 cause of color.
Control: 9/10 (left handers, cheer for directional pad usage on songs!)

overall: Miku fan wise, i crank the rating passed 10 to give it an 11! You must have it if you LOVE Miku. If you want to try it, i suggest checking on your Miku buddies to see if they have a copy first. i imported mine from Play-Asia for 70 US Dollars. Unless you want to burn money to try this game, i say 8/10. only buy if you can.
And since there is no region protection, you can play on any PSP (hooray!)

in short: Miku fan= 11/10. curious tester: 8/10.
Leave replies if you wish or questions, i will answer as best i can.

I am a Zombie in this place.
Slow but still alive! (somewhat)

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Re: Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd

But now the song "Let's be friends" is stuck in my head.
All we gotta do is just be friends~ x3

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