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Favorite American Cartoon Op Theme

Simply put, what are your favorite Opening themes to American Cartoon Shows, post up to THREE. You dont need to give reasons, but it gives you bonus nerd points!

The reasons for MY choices are mainly because my favorite DC is Batman, and my favorite Marvel is Spiderman. The 1994 Spiderman theme was a great techno and for me very nostalgic and makes me wish i still watched Saturday morning cartoons, the same roughly goes for Batman Beyond. "The Batman" however is relatively more fresh, but it brought me back to when they released "Batman the Animated series" for the first time, I remember watching the premiere with Grandma Gravity as I was playing with the new Batman and Robin action figures that where released in promotion with the series release (although thinking about it now, I don't quite know why they released a Robin considering he didnt come in until much later), it was like the original but with a newer look to it. The theme is creepy, and dark with a great beat to it. Then they had to go and butcher it with that cruddy tribute to the more 1960's Adam West Batman (Not that Adam West Batman was bad, I just feel the theme didnt deserve to get over written by the 2nd)


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