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Re: Chat Quotes

[12:32:03]-->| DefinitelyNotKyonikov (qwebirc@Rizon-4D1DA18E.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) has joined #918thefan
[12:32:15] Kyon|Stuffs that's definitely not me.
[12:32:41] DefinitelyNotKyonikov>nope. not me.
[12:32:49] =-= Kyon|Stuffs is now known as Kyonikov
[12:32:51] christmas4477 And you blew it
[12:33:04] Kyonikov blew what? it's not me
[12:33:23] DefinitelyNotKyonikov we may have the same IP but we're definitely not the same person
[12:33:27] christmas4477 Yes, but you had the not you say that you're not you
[12:33:36] Kyonikov but i'm not!
[12:33:39] christmas4477 You should have had not you say 'not him'
[12:33:53] DefinitelyNotKyonikov oh, no he is. I'm not
[12:34:12] Kyonikov who what?
[12:34:36] christmas4477 Well of course, he's him, but you're not him
[12:34:40] christmas4477 You're you
[12:34:52] Kyonikov yes
[12:35:02] christmas4477 You can't say that you're not you, which you did
[12:35:07] DefinitelyNotKyonikov i'm not me
[12:35:12] Kyonikov i never said that, he did
[12:35:16] christmas4477 But you clearly are you
[12:35:33] DefinitelyNotKyonikov only on tuesdays
[12:35:44] christmas4477 But today's Tuesday
[12:35:50] Kyonikov oh holy crap it is
[12:35:54] Kyonikov that's just something he says
[12:36:14] christmas4477 You can't not not be you if you're already being not him
[12:36:30] DefinitelyNotKyonikov i could be not someone else too
[12:36:34] DefinitelyNotKyonikov i'm not you for example
[12:36:45] christmas4477 I suppose not
[12:36:56] Kyonikov is that not as in disagreeing or not as in he's not you
[12:37:10] DefinitelyNotKyonikov are you supposing not or not supposing
[12:37:36] DefinitelyNotKyonikov also, does anyone have any spare waffles they can mail me
[12:37:42] catc0617 .......
[12:37:50] Kyonikov what, waffles are good
[12:38:04] christmas4477 And that's where I will quote this

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