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Question Your best convention memory

What is your most-beloved memory you've had at an anime convention? (i.e., did you meet someone?, did you win a contest?, etc.)
* It can be any anime convention that you attended in your life.
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Re: Your best convention memory

Well I have attended to a few Cons (mostly the ones one IL) and I have gotten lots of Fun but If I were to say which has been my best Con memory I will have to say it was this Year at ACen, were I work for it in the first time as Con Staff. I work in a department that suit my needs and experiences and I got to meet a lots of people mostly people with the same preferences as me and I got to meet also important guest that can only be found backstage, plus the experiece of been a part of something big that makes you feel better about your self
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Hmm... That sounds pretty fun. ;)

As for my own con memory, earlier this year, I went to my first convention, the Florida Anime Experience in Orlando, Fl. I met several good Moonies there, and learned a little more about the anime industry, and I learned more about voice acting as well. It was also there that I met miss Terri Hawkes, the voice of Serena (Usagi) Tsukino/Sailor Moon (during the DiC dub) at the con. I managed to have her sign something, and I even got a picture of her and I.

(continued from last post)
Here's the photo I got of her and I when I was at the con last May:

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Re: Your best convention memory

Nice one loyalmoonie! Obviously, since I'm a wrtier here, you can read all about my greatest convention memory here! It's about the time I meet KROZE!

My second favorite memory has to be at Zenkaikon where I got to listen to a vendor talk with Con Staff about the Convention scene from their perspectives. It was quite interesting and educational to learn how the people who run conventions feel about them.
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Re: Your best convention memory

My first convention was my best, i have no idea what anime or manga was, i used to watch pokemon but that was just a cartoon to me,

and i only went there by chance because ubisoft where doing a game called red steel with had Japanese elements in, and my mum was doing the promotion campaign for it, so we went to this convention and OMG, I'd never seem so much win in my life.

not only if i find what i know call my life, i also met the voice actors for Sasuke and Temari who where amazing and we got pictures of us posted on the main website.

it was the best weekend ever :)

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Re: Your best convention memory

I have a few favorite con memories. My first favorite is when I won best in show at Anime Salt lake...It gave me confidence in my sewing skills and now I just go for it. I didn't think I would be the kind to cry from happiness but I did. (Lizzy from Kuroshitsuji)

Secondly is when I made these girls cry. I know that sound's a bit odd but my cosplay group was cosplaying Ouran and we all went to a tea party. We ended up hosting it and giving out tea and treats. In the long run, the girls we were serving were so happy that we were all in character and didn't mind showering them with love.It made us all happy that knowing we could make someone else's con a great convention. It was worth going to Anime Oasis. I was cosplying Honey. If you were wondering.
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