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Hello everyone! Just hoped onto the forums to tell you all about one of my favorite bands.

Sakanaction is a Japanese rock/electropop band formed in 2005 by Ichirō Yamaguchi. The band is comprised of five members, Ichirō Yamaguchi (the vocalist and guitarist), Motoharu Iwadera(the guitarist), Ami Kusakari (the bassist), Emi Okazaki(the keyboardist) and Keiichi Ejima (the drummer). As of the last couple of years they have found mainstream success on the music charts as well as among the general public.

The first song I ever heard from them was a song called Bach no Senritsu o Yoru ni Kiita Sei Desu. I was not prepared for this song or the music video, their music was so unique and interesting. That's probably the best way I can describe them "Unique", I don't think I have ever heard another band with the same sound as sakanaction.

Here's a music video for Bach no Senritsu o.
Odd as it may seem this music video won the 2012 space shower music video award for best rock video and best video of the year.

I think this band is great and that more people should listen to them, If anyone out there likes bands with a rock/electropop sound then I encourage you to listen to them.

Before I leave I'll just put down some more music videos in case anyone is interested.

This song was used as the opening for a TV drama

This is their newest single that came out some time during the end of august

Well thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the music.
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Re: Sakanaction

Remember, you can request artist like Sakanaction on the "Request Artist" thread!

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