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Quostin Story (No Title Yet) Chapter 2 - Entering Mai

Chapter 2 Entering Mai

I am Mai. Currently, I’m currently being pinned against the wall by a creature that called a “Being”. There is also an idiot that decided to rush the Being, and most likely have shattered his left foot after kicking the Being. I look down at him, staring, wondering how he manage to get into this area. Looking back up, I notice that the Being is looking straight at me again after deciding that it should finish me off before I do anything. The bladed hand is being aimed at me again, and I sigh, deciding that I’m going to have to kill it since “It” isn’t planning on coming. I ready myself to dodge the bladed arm. The Being swings and I move my head to the right, and as soon as I did that, the bladed arm was already in front of me as if it knew I was going to dodge that way. My eyes stares at the blade, my body stiffens up and couldn’t move, and then the boy jumps right in front of me, blocking my vision. I hear a cry from the boy; the blade is stopped within inches from my face. I would have been killed if it wasn’t for the boy stopping the blade, my brain thinking about several things at once, not noticing that the claws got removed from my shoulder.
I stand there, unable to move, having never been in this situation before in my life, and then I hear a voice. I look up at the boy and he was smiling down at me, “I’m glad you are free,” he whispers to me, “Please escape from here…” My heart starts to beat faster when he said that to me. I have never felt this way before, and I’m questioning what it is. My eyes follow the boy as he falls to the ground; his chest was ripped open, bleeding fiercely. I see his eyes tearing up, and I feel a tingle in my body, and I close my eyes, my teeth biting down on my lips. I couldn’t hold in my emotions anymore, as my body growing hotter, my dark blue Aura emits from my body, pulsing with my heart, the Aura growing larger, surrounding my body.

I open my eyes and stares up at the Being before grabbing his bladed arm, focusing my Aura power around my arms as I pull back as hard as I can, ripping the arm off of the Being. The Being screams in pain as it takes a few steps back. My lips makes a grin, licking the blood off my lips, tasting my own blood as the Being growls at me in anger. The Being swings his claws from its other arm at me, missing me as I dodge to the left. I imagine a Blade around my right arm, my dark blue Aura forms it, solidifying into a flame-like blade. I swing my arm downwards, slicing the Being other arm off. The Being lets out another cry and tries to jump away, but I grab his leg and slam the Being whole body into the ground. I stand over him as he looks up at me in terror, swinging my flame-like blade at the Being neck, slicing it right off. In an instant, the body disappears; replacing the body is several white orbs, floating into the sky, before vanishing. The only thing that remains was the Being blood that covers the walls and ground.

The Aura around my arm and body disappears, with the exception of the Aura around my shoulder, which is stopping the bleeding. I look around the area, trying to find the boy, seeing him near the wall where I was before. I kneel next to him, “Hey!” I shout at him, “Wake up!” The boy barely opens his eyes, and smiles up at me, “I’m glad you are safe,” he said, “That’s all that matters right now.”

“What about you?” I responded, “You are going to die.” The boy smile turns into a frown, his eyes tearing up more.

“I was hoping that you wouldn’t bring something like that up.” His eyes turning red form the tears. His body starts to emit a faint light blue Aura, getting fainter as time goes on. “I don’t want to die…” The boy breaks out into a weak cry, before coughing, with blood coming out the side of his mouth.

“Are you willing to do anything to live?” I asked him seriously.

“Yes… willing to do… anything.” His eyes closes, his breathing becomes very shallow and his chest barely moving.

“Then, become my servant!” I look over him, seeing his wavy black hair, and his height being only about two inches taller than me. His eyes were a light blue color, which was odd for being Japanese, so I assume that he was only half Japanese. I watch his Aura pulse around his body, slowing down and becoming faint. I slow down my breathing, trying to have my Aura pulse the same as his. I grab a piece of broken glass around me and cut my palm, flinching in pain as the blood raise up to the cut, slowing pouring out of it. I move my hand over his chest, turning my hand so my palm faces his chest. The blood pours over his wound, and I close my eyes as I focus my energy into my Aura, guiding it over his body, before entering into his chest, straight to his heart. I use my Aura to keep his heart beating while more of my Aura goes into his body.

Without any warning, his own Aura grows massively, and starts to twirl around my own Aura. This Aura continues to grow bigger and bigger, as my Aura is overcome by his, and enters my body. I feel a very sharp pain in my chest, and falls to my knees, my hands go to my chest, looking for a wound, but couldn’t find any. My left foot starts to hurt, and my body aches. I close my eyes as I try to understand what is going on. How come my body is starting to feel all these pains when my shoulder should be the only part that hurts? I open my eyes and look at the boy, and notice that the same parts that hurt are the same parts that the boy has been hurt. He had shattered left foot, along with receiving a huge wound in his chest. The aching of his body is probably when he tried fighting the Being. I wiggle my left foot, and the pain stays the same. That is when I realize that the pain is mental, not physical. I try to stand up, but fall back to my knees, my hands going to my head. The pain is almost unbearable right now. If this is only some of the pain that the boy is feeling, I can’t imagine how he would feel if he was conscience. I look over his body again, his chest moving up and down, and his breathing seems to be back to normal. My Aura along with his still stays over his chest, but the wound isn’t healing, but it is protecting it from bleeding out. I decide that his Aura will keep his wound covered so I remove my Aura from his chest. His Aura continues to grow for a few more minutes, and then dies down, only covering his chest. The pain throughout my body isn’t as intense as it used to be, probably because his Aura is trying to heal his body.

My maid, Saki, appears from the above, her brown hair being blown upwards as she land, her green Aura surrounding her feet. She looks at me with her brown eyes, and then looks down at the boy. “You’re late,” I said to her with a tone, “Where were you?”

“S-sorry,” she replies nervously, looking away to avoid eye contact with me, “the Being on the other side of the city was much stronger than we thought, so it took more time to take it down.”

I sigh, getting to my feet, but still a little unstable, putting one of my hands against the wall, holding myself up. “Call someone to pick us up, and get one of our medical vans to take this boy with us.”

“Understood,” she said as she pulls out her cell phone and dials a few numbers, asking for the van and a car and hangs up. Within minutes, there are several girls in nurse uniforms with the stretcher, lifting the boy up onto it, and straps him down.

“Take him to the house, and treat his broken foot and his chest.” The nurses bow to me before taking off. I notice that his Aura disappears as he is pushed away, nothing protecting his wound anymore. “Let’s go Saki.” We head to the opening of the alley, able to walk better than I could before, and my head is clearer. I notice that the barrier around the alley entrance was still there, asking Saki to remove it as a black car pulls up to me. A woman gets out of the front seat and opens the door for me, allowing me to enter. I sit down, and cross my legs as Saki get in on the other side of the car. So many things are running through my mind and can’t figure out which one to focus on.

“Master, may I ask a question?” Saki asks, breaking my though process.

“What is it Saki?” I answer, looking over at her.

“Who is the boy? No one should have been in that alley. It was supposed to be closed off by the barrier.”

“That boy is an idiot. He decides to just show up out of nowhere, screaming before attacking the Being, shattering his left foot in the process. He then charged in front of me without thinking and stopping the Being blade with his chest, protecting me. He told me such a silly line afterward, saying that he is happy that I’m alright and told me to escape. Saying such a line made him look cool… until he fell down. I noticed a faint light blue Aura around him, and decided that he could be useful to have around, so I dispose the Being and injected my flames into him to keep him alive, but it seems that something happened when I did that.”

“What do you mean Master? What happened?” Saki said, not sure what to say.

“I could feel any pain that his body was suffering from and his own Aura twirls around mine and entered me. I believe that my Aura and his are connected, so any pain we receive, the other will feel also.”

“Wait, does that mean…” She stops and looks down.

“Yes, if he dies, I will most likely die also, and if I die, he will probably die with me. You could say that we are one now.”

“Why did you save him then? Your life is more important than his! He is probably a nobody, while you have to live up to your family name.”

“That is true, but that ‘nobody’ saved my life. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be able to continue to live up to my family name. Remember how I keep saying that it been boring? Well, I think I just found somebody to make things interesting again.” I smile wide, and look over at Saki, “I wonder what my sisters will think. I can’t wait.”

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Re: Quostin Story (No Title Yet) Chapter 2 - Entering Mai

Sorry it took so long to post Chapter 2...

You can get the whole story (chapter 1 and 2) at:

The chapter will probably have grammar mistakes since I only did a quick scan on it.

I did a few fixes and other things to Chapter 1 and updated it on that forum topic...

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Re: Quostin Story (No Title Yet) Chapter 2 - Entering Mai

I've skipped through and loads caught my eye... Im no author but I think personally your work is amazing ^-^

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