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91.8 The Fan

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The Battle of 91.8 The Fan - Chapter 7: The Prophecy

First of all. I'd like to apoligize for lack of updates lately. I've had a pretty bad spout with finding the motivation to continue writing, and a fight with writer's block. It's been caused by a mix of the writer's block, and having difficulty working with characters I'm not extremely familiar with. So for those who are new to the series, or are returning after my adsense, I'll summerize what happened in the last two chapters. Also. Look to the bottom of the page for a short summary of each character involved in this chapter.

After a frantic search for the lost Kanashimi, Angus McAwesome eventually found her in the quiet town of Pelenini. Having been injured after being swept downstream, Kana and Angus were forced to wait until she had recovered enough to travel, but before they could get out of the town, another person had found them. This person was Darghan, founder of Xanitrius and master of all forms of poison. After a desperate fight with him, Angus and Kana were pushed to their limits in that current situation, before being saved by a stranger wielding fire, giving them enough time to escape safely. A few months past after Kana and Angus escaped from Pelenini, and word of a powerful Dragon arrived in Euphanthene. This wasn't the first rumor about a powerful dragon of this nature, but it was the closest to home, and that worried Kana. Meanwhile, there was an uproar within the training area of the military building at the center of Euphanthene, where a rogue robot was being subdued by the robots creator Henry along with Marc, Kate and the doctor Jinn. They successfully destroyed the robot, and the training room in the process, and after reporting the incident to Kana, were all sent to investigate the rumor of the Dragon.

Chapter 7: The Prophecy

Deep within the forest of Agosaea, a powerful roar echoed across the usually quiet terrain. Walking towards that roar, a small group of people talked amongst themselves, armed to the teeth incase whatever they were approaching was aggressive. Leading this small group of people was the highest authority in the area, and leader of Xanitrius, Darghan himself. Walking beside him as usual was his second in command, Remy, who was in his element within this lush forest. Behind them walked a group of mercenaries that Xanitrius had hired many times in the past to do dirty work for them. "So we're been hired to do guard duty? I was hoping for a fight today." said Taikutsu sternly, spinning her firearm in her hand. "If they are paying us to sit on our asses, then it's their loss." said Syhshen quickly in responce. Renasa looked at them both, standing between them quietly. "Did they...mention what we would be guarding?" she said softly. Taikutsu looked back at her. "No, but for the amount they are paying us to keep this safe, I'm assuming it's something pretty important." said Taikutsu. As these words escaped his mouth, and loud, piercing noise echoed around them, shaking the ground below their feet. "W-what?" muttered Taikutsu softly, looking over at Darghan. "The Dragon is nearby." said Darghan, the pace of his walk barely even breaking from it's normal, while Remy only looked around, curious as to it's direction. "Dragon? You never said anything about fighting a dragon..." said Taikutsu, looking at Darghan. "No. I didn't. It didn't seem that important." said Darghan calmly. Stopping briefly, he looked at the trio. "We're here to capture the Dark Dragon. I brought you three, along with Remy, to subdue the creature for me. That is all." said Darghan, and quickly turned and resumed his walk into the forest. "He makes it sound so simple." said Taikutsu.

It was another fifteen minutes before they began to reach their target, as the trees around looked more and more decayed and dead the further in they went. Remy looked at the trees, not liking the condition of them. "What a waste of a good weapon." said Remy quickly, before catching up with Darghan. Darghan stopped before Remy could catch up. "There." said Darghan as a creature landed near them, letting out a roar that made most of them cover their ears to block out the loud noise. "The Shadow Dragon." muttered Darghan, the dragon's roar issueing a silence over the area like none of them had ever heard. Wasting no time waiting for the others, Remy's skin turned into a thick bark, and he waved his hand, launching a barrage of powerful seeds towards the dragon. Waving one of it's wings, the dragon let out a strong gust of wind that scattered Remy's attack, and kicked a large amount of dirt into the air. Before Remy could react any further, Syhshen dashed past him, his Dai-Katana held gingerly in his right hand. Swinging it forward with incredible strength, he practically cut the air in front of him, splitting the cloud of dirt right down the center and hitting the dragon hidden within, staggering it. As it's anger began to rise, the mass of black flame started growing within it's mouth, and with a mighty roar, unleashed the attack towards the group. Raising her hands in front of her, water began to rush forward past Renasa and Taikutsu and formed a wall of dense water in front of Syhshen, temporarily blocking the powerful fire attack. Raising her sniper rifle, Taikutsu took careful aim for where she last saw the dragon's mouth, and with incredible skill, fire a single shot forward, which pierced the wall of water with relative ease and passed through the fire attack. The single bullet entered the dragon's mouth, damaging it enough to stop its fire attack and forcing it to back up and recover.

"Quit wasting time, Remy." said Darghan as he appeared as Remy's side. "If you say so." said Remy, who crouched low to place his hands on the ground. "This one is gonna be big. You idiots, keep attacking." said Remy, glacing at the other three who were standing nearby. They move in front of him, preparing for anything the dragon might throw at them. Extending it's wings, the Dragon took off into the sky with one large beating of it's wings. Once the dragon had reached a good height above his attackers, it began to hover, fire burning with its mouth once more, but with much greater intensity. "Let's get up there, Syhshen." said Taikutsu as Syhshen nodded in agreement. Grabbing ahold of his shoulder, Syhshen vanished from the spot, taking Taikutsu with him, and reappeared on the back of the dragon. Without another word, they split up. Taikutsu headed straight for the head as Syhshen headed for it's right wing. Moving carefully, Taikutsu got onto top of the dragons head, and placed the barrel of her sniper rifle against the top of it's head. Feeling her there, the Dragon began to shake its head, but Taikutsu was prepared and didn't falter from her position. She quickly began to fire both the sniper rifle and the shotgun into the top of the dragons head until she ran out of ammo. The dragon's scales were protecting it from most of the damage, but the close proximity was allowing for visable damage to appear, with more damage appearing greater with each shot. When she ran out of ammo with her current weapon, she decided not to change the ammo and instead switched to her handgun, which was capable of just as powerful damage at this range, and was also easier to reload. She began to fire as Syhshen jumped onto the dragons wing and with one large swing of his Dai-Katana, unleashed his Dianli Bagong and greatly damaged the wing, but caused the dragon to easily toss him off. Going into a spin, the dragon tossed Taikutsu off its head as well, and with some difficulty, rose higher into the air and finished it's attack.

Just as it unleashed the massive flame attack, massive tree roots burst from the ground below it and rose quickly into the air, blockng the attack as if it were nothing. As Syhshen appeared beside Renasa with Taikutsu, they all looked down to see Remy's hands completely turned to wood and ingrained the surrounding earth. When the dragons attack was snuffed out, the roots began to shoot up at the dragon, entangling it and forcing it into a position where it could no longer move nor attack. Smiling, Remy pushed harder into the ground as the roots swung down, pulling the dragon along for the ride and slammed it hard into the ground below, causing the ground to shake from the impact. The roots retracted into the ground immediately once the dust cleared and Darghan moved forward silently, hopping up onto the dragons nose and standing before it's now open eyes. "Good to see you too, old friend." said Darghan. "With great difficulty, the Dragon spoke back. "You will not be allowed to fulfill the prophecy I spoke of so long ago." said the Shadow Dragon. "I'll be the judge of that." said Darghan.

On the other side of the planet, entering through one of the few entrances into the massive Mount Stillayne that separated the merchant city of Estis from the Tyroveos Desert, Mark led a small group in search of a dragon that had been rumored to be nesting here. Travelling along with him was Kate, a yound magic user prone to accidents, Jinn, the lead medic in Euphanthene and Henry, a master magical engineer and inventor. They began their search for the dragon along the main travel path that was dug into the mountain. Climbing on top of a large rock that sat at the side of the path, Kate peered down the path cheerfully. "Do you think it'll appear here?" asked Kate curiously, glancing at Mark for a responce. "I'm not sure. If the rumors about the dragon were from normal passerbyers, then this path would be the most logical location for it to be, otherwise we'll have to go up the mountain to continue the search." responded Mark to her inquiry. "Is there a path that goes higher up the mountain?" said Henry, appearing behind Mark silently, as if he had been gliding through the air. "No. We'll have to find an alternative to reach the higher areas.

Stepping forward suddenly, his eyes focused in one direction of the tunnel, Mark spoke, "He's back." Flowing along the ground, a single object moved towards them, most notible because of the way light reflected off of it, making it easy to track with the bare eye. As the form moved closer, it became apparant that it was a mass of clear liquid. Stopping just in front of Mark, the liquid quickly rose off the ground and began taking shape. Changing from liquid into a more human form, Jinn materialized and blinked some water out of his eyes. "These tunnels are clear." said Jinn quickly to Mark. Shaking his head, Mark looked around the tunnel. "Alright. We'll have to go up then." said Mark as he turned to head out of the tunnel. "I'll handle that one." said Henry as he pulled a small controller from his coat. Collapsing the wall behind them, the same creation that they fought to get them in this situation appeared, now armed with two massive drills for hands. Stepping into the widest part of the tunnel, it sat down and shut off. "That tunnel should lead us much further upwards." said Henry, smiling to himself. "How long were you planning that?" said Mark as he walked past Henry and examined the newly created tunnel that sloped upwards. "Since we first arrived. I began planning ahead figuring we may have to go upwards. I was right." said Henry. Mark sighed and headed inside with Henry, now followed by Kate and Jinn.
Side effects of reading the above post may include nausea, headaches, itchiness, impotence, temporary blindness, weakness in knees, mild pregnancy, and a loss of faith in humanity. If death occurs, consult a mortician.

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Re: The Battle of 91.8 The Fan - Chapter 7: The Prophecy

Another great installment Jinn, glad to see the story continuing also cant wait for Mathias to heal back up and get back into the action.

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Re: The Battle of 91.8 The Fan - Chapter 7: The Prophecy

Aww YES! This made my less-than-stellar day! Thanks for picking this back up! Also, Henry.... Yes. *is pleased*

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Re: The Battle of 91.8 The Fan - Chapter 7: The Prophecy

this is my first time reading this story and I like it
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Re: The Battle of 91.8 The Fan - Chapter 7: The Prophecy

Haha, I was just thinking about this the other day. Glad to see you're doing it again

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