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Two Old Poems

Alright. So back when I was in high school, I was an extremely lonely person. Made fun of alot, so at the time, my self esteem was pretty much none existent. During this time, I remember writing two poems in the Journal Section on my Gaia Online account. So I figured I'd put them here. This first one, I have no idea what was going through my head, other then the thoughts of a girl I liked.

Like starlight gleaming off the surface of a lake,
your beauty shimmers within my eyes.
Magical touch, this unearthly grace
which pull at my hearts strings.
Entranced, enchanted as if with fae wings,
you float with a heart stopping face.
I watch and wait, not daring to speak,
for fear you be but a dream, a fantasy.
In stark silence your voice calls to me,
like a beautiful call on the winds.
From the darkness your light reaches me and lifts me up.
With skin like marble, pale smooth and sweet,
lips like lifes blood crimson, fiery red with passion,
you seem as a creature wrought from legend,
a woodland nymph whos beauty blind with but a glimpse.
You are the pinnacle of all which beauty is measured.
The wellspring of life, love and beauty,
you create in me this undying love and compassion.
This magical touch upon my heart this love that you share.
With humble pride and grateful tears,
I reach out to take your hand,
with dieing light ghostly image fading,
you pass through me without seeing me.
Now as for this second one, I'm not so happy with. It was at a time when I was alone quite alot. Alot of it is explained in the poem. So I'll just get it out of the way and stop talking.

I've been alone
My whole life
I just never knew
Until last night

When I'm with my friends
I feel wanted
But when I'm away
In the dead of night
A little voice says
They're not really my friends
They feel sorry for you
It says
That's why they're your friends
You'll always be alone
no one likes you
It says to me again

I know it's not true
I know they like me
But the voice won't give up
On making me feel alone
For years it's been saying this
And for years I've denied it
But the more it says it
The more I cave

You'll be alone
till the day you die
No girl likes you
They won't bother with a chance
It says to me
Hurting my will

This one was new
A few months in time
Making me feel more alone
But this time it's true
Girls don't give me a chance
"You're a good friend"
Is all they the say
But if they would give me a chance
They'd see I'm better then a friend

The voice has been talking
For years in time
Making me feel alone, unwanted
Every single time
I try to fight
I try to win
But I've began to cave,
Believing its words
I started doubting my friends
Wondering, are they really my friends?

It kills me inside
Not believing my friends
But the voice is strong
And it won't give in
No matter how much I yell
No matter how much I scream
It won't give up
And it won't give in.
So there you go. Two poems from back when I was in high school. Posted on Gaia around 2004, so nearly 7 years ago. Quite a long time ago.
Side effects of reading the above post may include nausea, headaches, itchiness, impotence, temporary blindness, weakness in knees, mild pregnancy, and a loss of faith in humanity. If death occurs, consult a mortician.

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Re: Two Old Poems

very good work.

Thank you for sharing.
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Re: Two Old Poems

Unrequited love bites. It's inspired some great poetry over the ages, but it still bites. (Ah, Ontario. I was wondering how the military recruiters missed you--they fill quotas with confused and lonely youth down here, then act like it's a mystery when they have to explain the high suicide rate amongst the troops...) Great imagery, btw, especially in the first poem.

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