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ULTIMO by Hiroyuki Takei and Stan Lee

I recently picked this series up on my Viz account. I remember the series having an interesting start, but I never picked it up because... for one, they took it out of the monthly Jump issues after half a volume, and secondly, I had no money to invest into the series itself.
Jump ahead four years and I'm currently caught up with the series (currently incomplete as of March 30th, 2013).

Let me just say, I LOVE this manga. You can tell immediately from the beginning that it's a Stan Lee work. If your familiar with Jump work, you'll notice the art immediately as Hiroyuki Takei, the artist behind Shaman King.
In short, it's about an mad scientist, named Roger Dunstan, who creates mechanical dolls call Karakuri Dôji (Doji for short), each one embedded with a different trait and ability, the trait of each Doji are represented by either a Seven Deadly Sin (Jeleousy, Rage, Lust, etc) or a Perfection (Patience, Wisdom, Love, etc), Dunstan's plan? The Hundred Machine Funeral, to determine which is stronger, good, or evil?
The purest of all good Doji, Ultimo and his master must defeat the foulest of all evil Doji, Vice and his master.
Starring as Roger Dunstan is Stan Lee who wishes he was THAT fit :P
Before I get into my thoughts on the series, I want to know who else has read this? Who are your favorite characters, favorite moments.



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