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Old 07-09-2010, 03:15 PM   #1

Très Bien!
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Top 5 Musical Artists

So, while browsing the section, I was disappoint not to find a thread over a list of favorite artists. So, here we go...just list your top 5 musicians and why.

5) ALI PROJECT - What else can I say...I love their look and I love their sound. And contrary to popular belief...their songs DO sound differend >.>

4) Blue Oyster Cult - I have always liked them, ever since I was little. They are one of my Grandpa's favorites...so he always had their music playing. Oh No...there goes Tokyo..Go Go Godzilla...Whooo!

3) The Killers - I'll admit, I didn't know about the Killers until they hit main stream with Mr. Brightside...but then again, I have no problems admitting I like pop music and the Top 40. I went out...bought their first album...and have bought all the rest of their's since. I have grown to like them very much so...yes.

2) Daft Punk - Electronic music has always appealed to me, so naturally Daft Punk would be on the list. I love their music, and they are pretty far out there with their shows...which is always a plus. Artists are supposed to be different...and Daft Punk definitley has their own sound, look, etc.

1) Lady Gaga - Surprising, I know it. I have been trolled time and time again, but her music is my favorite. The beats are catchy and there are meanings in her songs, although it might take a bit of interpreting to decipher them. Plus, songs that can have many different meanings are always better for people to put their own ideas into songs...which is what Gaga is all about...being yourself.

(This list is subject to change...as I am being rushed to go out to eat now.)

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Amui is a splendid one to behold Amui is a splendid one to behold
Re: Top 5 Musical Artists

5. Frédéric Chopin- Just so much depth and emotion to his music, i don't see how anyone could NOT like Chopin if they actually listened to him.
4. The Who- Who doesn't love The Who?!
3. Rage Against the Machine- Lots of meaning behind their music and TOM FREAKIN MORELLO HOLY CARP.
2. Velvet Revolver- Anyone who HASN'T heard of Velvet Revolver deserves to be eaten by a large Tiger with very sharp teeth.
1. Pearl Jam- See above

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Old 07-09-2010, 05:19 PM   #3
Duel Wields Staplers
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Re: Top 5 Musical Artists

5. Celldweller- I was introduced to them during college and I seriously can't get enough of them! I just want to dance to them! One day I will do colorguard to one of their songs!

4. Three days grace- Some say their only good live, but I like listening to them either way. Good music to sing too when your in the car!

3. Disturbed- Love their music, can't wait for their next album! There's just something about them that I can lsiten to them over and over again.

2. Muse- Each CD have a different theme, plus I love their lyrics. Back in 7th grade Meg told me about them. And I've loved them since then. Their songs are so...weird and different too.

1. 32 Leaves- I know every song lyrics by heart, I wish wish wish they would come play here..and it makes me sad I can't find their new CD for the life of me.

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Old 07-09-2010, 05:32 PM   #4

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Re: Top 5 Musical Artists

Ima do a top 3, cause I can't really think of many other bands.

3) The B52's - Most think of them as a cheap pop band from the 80's / 90's but I had the chance to see them live last year, and they are amazing. Their album Funplex is just as good as any of there previous work, if you like upbeat pop orientated music, I would suggest checking them out.

2) Kiss - They weremy favorite band for what seems like ages. I think I really got hooked on Strutter from the GTA: San Andreas soundtrack. Since then I have bought over 10 CD's and a few live concerts on DVD. The one band I reall want to go see live.

1) Kaiser Cheifs - My favorite band. Ever.
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Old 07-09-2010, 05:44 PM   #5
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twillÿ is on a distinguished road
Re: Top 5 Musical Artists

5. The Goo Goo Dolls - This has 90's written all over it. This was my era, they defined a lot of my childhood. I can remember hearing them on the radio as a kid and memorizing the words to their hits...lyrics I remember to this day, which is surprising with my bad memory. XD

4. Third Eye Blind - Yet another 90's band that stuck with my tastes throughout my entire life. One of the few 'non-punk rock' bands that I incorporated into my musical playing style. A lot of there songs helped me through some really tough times in my life. I also owe a lot of good memories and melodic riffs to this band. =]

3. Asian Kung-fu Generation - I listened to these guys A LOT back in high school and they helped sculpt my musical taste and further my apprectaition for j-rock. There is simply nothing but great things to be said about how positively they influenced me and helped me find myself.

2. the pillows - I first heard the pillows back when I was about 10 or 11. They were my first foot in the door with j-rock I have loved them for over a decade now. Not to mention, they are the entire soundtrack for one of the best anime in history. ^^ They also gave me my number one favorite song in the world; Crazy Sunshine. Random Twillÿ fact.

1. blink-182 - What can I say? These guys have been my biggest musical influence as far as my guitar playing is concerned and I have loved them since BEFORE they were mainstream; i.e- Cheshire Cat, Flyswatter and Buddha days. They will forever remain my favorite band. <3

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Old 07-13-2010, 05:46 AM   #6
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Re: Top 5 Musical Artists

5. Ensiferum
It has recently been brought to my attention how amazing folk metal is. Yeah, folk metal. I have no clue how this genre got started, but as soon as I heard these guys I was hooked.
--Stone Cold Metal from From Afar--

5. Pinback
Whenever it's sunny outside or if I'm just in a good mood, I put one of these guys' albums on and I'm set. Their songs aren't necessarily happy, but they just have a sound that just makes my day better.
--Penelope from Blue Screen Life--

3. Muse
You can sum up Muse in one word: Amazing. Every album is consistently mind blowing in it's awesomeness. The variety in their music is really surprising as well (in a good way).
--Bliss from Origin of Symmetry--

2. Pendulum
These guys rock. They started out making Drum and Bass, but are moving more mainstream. Generally, that's a bad thing to me, but they're doing it the right way. They're experimenting with new sounds and genres, but keeping their roots in DnB.
--Crush from Immersion--

1. The Faint
Hooray for bands you've probably never heard of before, right? These guys have really a really dark, often electronic sound. When I first heard them I was trying to figure out wtf I was listening to, but after a few more songs I decided they were literally the best thing ever.
--Worked Up So Sexual from Blank Wave Arcade--

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Old 07-14-2010, 12:30 PM   #7
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Re: Top 5 Musical Artists

5. Craig Armstrong

Craig Armstrong composes modern orchestra music, electronica, and film scores. The music he composes is very subtle and flows very well.

4. Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi Hamasaki is the first J-artist I listened to. She is one of the top japanese artists in Japan. She's also a fashion icon and has a large presence in the japanese entertainment industry. Her music is unique, entrancing, and stylish. She will always hold a special place in my heart.

3. High and Mighty Color

High and Mighty Color is a J-Rock Fusion group. When I listened to their first single, "Pride", it mind blowing. It's like mixing j-rock, j-pop, and rap all into one. They have a unique style. I was deeply saddended when Makii, female vocals, left the band. It's unfortunate the current group is disbanding.

2. Yoko Kanno

Yoko Kanno is a famous Japanese composers. She experiments and create her own soundtracks often influenced by many genres, including j-pop, jazz, classical, blues, rock, and electronic. Some of her best works can be heard in popular anime series, including Cowboy Bepop, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Wolf's Rain, The Vision of Escaflowne, RahXephon, and Macross Frontier. In fact, some of them are even aired on 918 and are rated highly.

1. Yuki Kajiura

See-Saw, FictionJunction, and Kalafina all have one thing in common. Yuki Kajiura composes, plays keyboard, and back-up vocals all three them.

Yuki Kajiura is my all-time favorite artist. All of her soundtracks are beautiful and mesmerizing. Mixing pop, classic, and new age, she takes music to a whole new level. She's also composed music for a lot of popular animes and video games, including .hack//SIGN, Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny, Madlax, Mai-Hime, Noir, Tsubasa Chronicle, and all three Xenosaga.


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Old 08-07-2010, 01:29 PM   #8

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Re: Top 5 Musical Artists

Alright I may as well get into this as well.

I'll go with an English list first then a Japanese list.


5. Christina Augilera
Christina has been a role model for me since I was so young so she has to be on this list.

4. Trading Yesterday/SafetySuit
There are certain songs that you hear from certain groups that pretty much touch your soul and Trading Yesterday as well as SafetySuit have done that to me so I chose them both instead of just one.

3. Rascal Flatts
Pretty much every song Rascal Flatts has made, I have heard, I love them with such a passion and they have so many good songs!

2. Nickelback
Same with Nickelback I've listened to pretty much every song they have made, Nickelback has a bigger influence on me than Rascal Flatts which is why it's second.

1. Queen (Freddie Mercury)
Freddie Mercury is a god among gods and a role model for any artist, I wish he were still alive and I love everything he ever did, without a doubt his music as well as the things he did made me adore him in every way, shape, and form. May he rest in peace.



5. Radwimps
He can't speak/sing proper english but you can tell what he's trying to say in his songs, it's adorable and beautiful and I love their music so much!

4. F(x)
I love them as well as their music, the girls are gorgeous, I'm in love with Amber, their music is incredibly catchy, and the more I find out about them the more I love!

3. Utada Hikaru
I remember 2 years ago I fell in love with her as well as her music, I looked up everything I could find on her and listened to all of her music, she is amazing and I want her to accomplish a transition to America but I don't think it will happen.

2. Angela Aki
A goddess of music, she is beyond incredible and a flawless beauty in so many ways, the only reason she isn't first is because Nobuo came into my life much sooner for bigger reasons.

1. Nobuo Uematsu
Too many memories thanks to Uematsu and I can't help but choose him as first, I know and love too many songs he has composed, nostalgia is a big thing for me and he brings it to the table every time I hear his music.

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Re: Top 5 Musical Artists

5. The Adventures Of Duane And BrandO
NERD ALERT!!! if you consider yourself a gamer or maybe a nerd then you probably heard about them
4. Daft Punk
One More Time!! its cuz i watched Interstella 5555 that i fell in love
3.Mindless Self Indulgence
meh, I like Punk Rock
2. Red Hot Chili Peppers
Hey Oh
1. Queen
Cause i'm having a good time!

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Old 08-07-2010, 07:39 PM   #10
Setzer Gabbiani
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Re: Top 5 Musical Artists

5) Jack Wall - For the Mass Effect soundtracks
4) Genesis - my first Cd was Invisible touch and they were probably the first tape I can remember listening to
3) Nobuo Uematsu - Final Fantasy 6 started me listening to video game music
2) Daft Punk - I first got into them because of Discovery and Interstella , and they are still awesome
1) Gackt (currently) - he has my top spot because of 0079-0088
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Re: Top 5 Musical Artists

dragonforce- I cant believe zp theart left
lucca turilli- finally he got his band back together for a new album
linkin park- cant wait for their next album
powerglove- all I can say is ftw
the killers- are we human or are we dancer?

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Leviathan Mist

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Re: Top 5 Musical Artists

Wow, I haven't really thought about it much. I know my favorite musical artist is Minori Chihara, and my two favorite composers are Junpei Fujita (the person who composes much of Minori Chihara's BGM, also composed some music for games such as Wild Arms XF) and Kenji Ito (composed the music to the SaGa game series and some of the Seiken Densetsu/Mana games) I wouldn't know how to rank them though, since they're all great artists in their own way. Elisa and Nobuo Uematsu would be up there too. I guess I should do it like this:

Most impressive composer: Kenji Ito
Best all-around composer: Nobuo Uematsu
Best voice: Elisa
Favorite all-around performer/composer: Minori Chihara / Junpei Fujita
This message paid for by the Mist Foundation for a Better Radio Experience, and brought to you in part by Renku.

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Wandering Witch
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Re: Top 5 Musical Artists

5. Led Zeppelin--do I really need to explain?
4. Sarah Brightman--incredible voice, and great live shows.
3. Stevie Nicks--probably the greatest living poet writing in English, and she sings, too!
2. Rin'--beautiful music, beautiful lyrics, beautiful band members; wow, did I mention beautiful?
1. Bjork--because she can kick your _ss, and her music already does!

OK, focusing on Japanese artists:
5. Rin'--see above
4. Aural Vampire--never you mind why. . .
3. Utada--discovered her music with Exodus cd--how can you not love the line: "You're easy-breezy and I'm Japanesy"?
2. Iruma Rioka--haunting vocals. I'd love to hear a duet with her and Sarah Brightman, both in full-Goth mode.
1. Sawa's Phool--the current musical project of Sawa, late of the group Sawa. Great writing and singing, and she's not too shabby on guitar, either!

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Re: Top 5 Musical Artists

@twilly - your list makes me feel like a teen again ^o^

It's hard for me to list just five! Ack. Here we go. I'll keep it to bands that I feel are "perfect" - in other words, I love every single thing they have ever done. LOVE.

1. Arcade Fire
2. Radiohead
3. The Shins
4. The Killers
5. Murder By Death


TV on the Radio gets an honorable mention, because they were so close. They would be #6.

I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT Modest Mouse!! They are in my top five! Probably would take out The Killers and replace it with Modest Mouse.

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Re: Top 5 Musical Artists

Well this is quite difficult for me. After roughly three bands, I start to go blank, and I don't really know anymore... XD Oh, wait, four. Plus some honorable mentions
Mindless Self Indulgence
Simple Plan
Three Days Grace
3 Doors Down
Avril Lavigne
The Offspring
No Doubt
Within Temptation

4.) Lady Gaga. I have this ODD feeling Jubi will yell at me for putting her at the bottom of the list, but she's in my top 4. Out of hundreds of bands I know. XD I love her music, and it's odd because I don't even know why... I always stick up for her, and I love her style. She's so unique, I don't care what people say. She struts what she has. I love her. XD Favorite Song? Probably Bad Romance, not going to lie.
3.) Paramore. Okay, I know, Paramore being number 3? What are you, insane? I find Paramore to be good. Thank GOD I knew who they were before Twilight. Hayley is such a good singer, and I've even seen them in concert twice now! ^.^ They're energetic, and I love the plethora of songs they have. Their most recent album, Brand New Eyes, has a lot of songs on there I like, namely Feeling Sorry and Ignorance. Sure, teenage RETARDS like Paramore, but I don't put them on a FREAKING PEDESTAL like most teenagers.
2.) My Chemical Romance. This may be surprising for some people to hear, since MyChem is actually the band that made my favorite song EVER, Famous Last Words. I love love LOVE their music! And unlike all the other bands I'm listing here, I actually know all their songs by heart. Surprising, right? I love their emoness, and how dark they are. Even the fact they seem a bit fake. I don't care, they're big, and I'm actually not a retard who's in love with the band and, again, puts them above the rest of the world. Favorite Songs by them would be Famous Last Words, It's Not a Fashion Statement It's a F*cking Death Wish, House Of Wolves, Demolition Lovers.
1.) Green Day. If you guys didn't guess this one, you're really out of it. I've been into Green Day from the first time I heard American Idiot when I was 11. Since then, I've listened to a handful of their other albums (Warning, Dookie, Nimrod, and then 21st Century Breakdown) but oddly enough I still haven't listened to a LOT of their music, namely a lot off of Insomniac, Kerplunk, etc. Still, I've been to two Green Day concerts, one I waited outside of in line for over 10 hours and another that I managed to bruise my legs at while hitting them against the chair behind me. I know most everything by heart, and this band has really grown, and their music really speaks for itself. Hey, if you have a musical for your Platinum album and a Rock Band game under your belt, you're pretty much set and have a nice little army behind you.
Last note, though. Green Day, unlike other bands, REALLY gets the fans into it! The fans get up on stage, they get to sing, play the music, stage dive, everything! Green Day also never loses an opportunity to get a pic with a fan who spots them. They're so cool, and they know how to have fun. I love them, and they've been a real inspiration to me.
Imma Moe Blob

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Type 1 Go
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Re: Top 5 Musical Artists

They're not really a specific order but I love
The Killers
Lupe Fiasco
||C O L O R E D B L A C K||
..Freedom without purpose sure feels like boredom.
[Next set: ?]

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Doesn't give a hoot
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Re: Top 5 Musical Artists

probably something like this...
5) Johnny Cash
4) Duke Ellington
3) Elvis Presley
2) Billy Joel
1) Danny Elfman
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Old 08-30-2010, 11:23 AM   #18
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Re: Top 5 Musical Artists

Wow, so hard to decide. I suppose the artists that have had the most influence on me, more importantly, my drumming were:

1)ONE OK ROCK -> Tomoya is an incredible drummer, no matter how many times I play their songs, it´s always a challenge, and always fun. The songs are just so well written and composed you have to love them.

2)UVERworld -> Shintarō is pretty much a household name in Jrock, the way he can combine his drumming with their beatboxing is mind blowing. Ever since I saw D-Technolife on Bleach, I´ve gotten all their albums and listen to them daily.

3)Naifu -> This is a band that I´ve been into ever since I saw "Mysterious". It´s a song with so much feel in it. Atsushi Yamaguchi, although not as well known as he deserves to be, is one of the best Jrock drummers I´ve heard. Challenging and fun to play, even more fun to listen to.

4)KISS -> Not a Jband, but Eric Carr was the one who got me behind the kit when I was 11. And I mean...c´mon, it´s Kiss.

5)Metallica -> Moved on to them from Kiss eventuelly when I was around 13. Hard, yet melodic, an incredible band. Nothing else matters. ^^

I could go on, but I have to stop here.
I´d rather stay quiet and look like a fool, than open my mouth and confrim it.

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