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Sol Squadron-A Mecha RP

3 years from now, you will be part of a mech patrol squad over the city of Warsaw on behalf of the USAF while the ambassador of the United States mediates negotiations between the International Supremacy Association and the European Union. For a year, this organization has assimilated almost every rebel organization and third world country in the world. They believe in a vision of world peace through conquest and an iron-fisted rule. Already, they have complete control of the Middle East, South America, The Middle American Union, Greece, Turkey, and the majority of Southern Africa. Now Poland wishes to secede from the EU and join the ISA, but the EU doesn't want to let them go.

All this has set the stage for World War III, and while you're on patrol, the curtain rises. You are swept up into devastation, corruption, and all the other terrible things a world has to offer. No one is safe anywhere, and more factions join this melee every day. Mechs are the newest thing to arrive in war, and your squadron gets sent to the front lines of some of the biggest battles in human history. But, as in all wars, things are not as they seem. Someone is pulling the strings of the nations, drawing this war on, and your squadron gets a little too close to their operation.

Welcome to Sol Squadron of the 200th Mechanized Airborne. Suit up, hit the plug, and roll out.


Name: (Full name please)

Age: (18-21)

Callsign: (This is a one word name will be what you are referred to as while on missions. A good callsign usually has something to do with your history.)

Rank: (You will start as a airman and work your way up)

Appearance: (What you look like. You usually will have your flight suit on most of the time, but also include what they wear while off duty. Also, keep in mind that this IS a military, so there will be restrictions on things like hair and jewelry.)

Personality: (Who you are shouldn't change in or out of the plug.)

Background: (300 words or more, please.)


Mech Name: (The name you give your mech. Keep in mind: All of our mechs are the same model, but I want you to personalize this. For the record, YES, you can name your mech Gurren Lagann, if you want me to laugh at you.)

Color scheme: (I'll have a template up after the first round so you can choose something other than the drab olive green.)

Weapon Selections: (You can fill one spot after each mission. Keep in mind, if you want to change something, that will be your choice.)
R: (Right Arm [Melee or Ranged Weapon])
L: (Left Arm [Melee or Ranged Weapon])
S: (Shoulder [Ranged Weapon Only])


Defensive Deployments: (You can fill one spot after each mission. Keep in mind, if you want to change something, that will be your choice)
B: (Back [Chaff Launchers, Flares])
H: (Head [Jamming, Hacking])
D: (Drone [Recon, Repair])

((I'll be posting a but about the mechs after this post, just to give you a groundwork idea. After we do the first mission, I'll be posting the shops so you can upgrade and customize your mechs. For now, though, we start off with only three attachments, which I'll talk about during the first mission. Below is my own application which will also give you a good idea of what I'm looking for. Enjoy!!))

Name: Bartholomew Deacon

Age: 20

Callsign: Anvil

Rank: Airman

Appearance: Under some buzzed brown hair, Bartholomew stands at 5' 11" and has a tanned face set with ice-blue eyes and a nose that always has one of those bandages on it. Upon first look, someone would label him as "scruffy", with his odd little grin and a perpetually lazy look on his face.

Off duty, he usually just wears a simple brown shirt and jeans under a black suit jacket. Bart is a man of awfully simple tastes.

Personality: Bartholomew is a victim of what most people like to call, "boredom". So why would he become a soldier? Because it keeps him busy. The entire reason he flies is because of his utter boredom with the world. Flying is exciting, the missions keep him in top form, and there's always something to do.

Background: First and foremost, Bartholomew didn't like flying until he was 12.

He was born on a farm in a town called Eureka, Washington, where his father tried to train him to dust crops. Unfortunately for Bartholomew, his father was drunk seventy percent of the time, so the flights were quite....scarring. In once incident, Bart smacked the bridge of his nose on the dashboard, digging a massive cut into it. He continually wears a bandage over the scar to hide his shame. Bart still loved his father, however, because raising five kids (two boys, three girls) after his wife died giving birth to Bartholomew is quite a task, and his father did his job with gusto. His father was a great man attending every event his kids were in and keeping them out of trouble. Bartholomew, however, remembered his father for one this-his metallurgic art.

Every few days, in a large shed behind the house, his father would (while sober) wander off and slip inside, only to emerge later, every now and then bringing forth a beautiful piece of art. Bartholomew eventually began to learn from his father around his eighth birthday, and was producing art a little before his ninth. As he grew, Bart and his father became closer until he passed away when Bart of 12 of alcohol poisoning.

To help him deal with the grief, his brother (the oldest sibling) and oldest sister took him and his siblings to Greece. He was clinging for dear life to his seat the entire way.

During his week in Greece, he met a young girl. Bart, on the precipice of puberty, spent every day with her until it was time for him to go. They explored every cave, temple, and woodland area surrounding Athens during the days, all culminating in nights of fun at an arcade or at her father's mansion. The final night, she gave him half of a broken heart medal and kissed him as they watched the stars in a vineyard. On the flight back, Bart's next younger sister swore he was glowing with happiness, and didn't even care how high they were in the sky.

As he grew, Bartholomew became more bored with the normal stuff in life. He spend most of his days either studying or making art, and his siblings joked that Greece had spoiled him. When the time came around to choose a career, he jumped into the USAF with hopes of alleviating boredom.

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Re: Sol Squadron-A Mecha RP

The Lockheed-Martin FREEDOM Class Mechs

The FREEDOM line of mechs are the latest creations of Lockheed Martin, ushering in a new era of warfare. With a land speed upwards of 180 MPH, 10 inches of super-titanium armor plating, and powered by the Giallo-Gibson Fusion Core, the FREEDOM line is the finest mech ever designed by man. However, it's greatest potential is in it's great area of customization. It can be adapted to almost any weapon created within the last few years, any color scheme, and adjusted for almost any mission. This makes it the ideal mech for military use.

"FREEDOM" Class Mech

Plug Cross-Section

Standard Issue Equipment
Weapon Selections:
R: "Greaser" Mech Switchblade
L: "Ulysses" SMG
M: None

Booster: None

Defensive Deployments:
B: 3x Flares
H: None
D: None

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