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Anime and Video Tournament

Okay.. I see nothing going on in here. So, I guess I'll be the first to start up the Roleplay section. This one will be a simply roleplay, just to get everyone going.

Welcome to the first ever Anime and Video Game Tournament! Characters from all over the world are here to compete for the title of Anime and Game Tournament Champion. This is the first tournament with anime and video game characters fighting head-to-head. One character will shine while the rest return home in defeat.

Characters will fight in one-on-one matches every round. Weapons, powers, techniques, etc. are allowed. Battles are chosen randomly and cannot be changed. Whoever you fight, you fight. The winner of the match will move onto the next and one step closer to victory. So, good luck.

Who will make it to the top and earn the title of Anime and Video Game Tournament Champion?

1. No Godmodding. (Also in this category, No characters such as Lelouch and Light *one hit people*)
2. No immortal characters. (example: Ryuk)
3. Keep swearing to a minimum.
4. Try to roleplay the character(s) you selected as close as you can to their original.
5. If your character is announced as the next fighter, you must post within 24 hours of the time you are announced.
6. Battles will be 5 post minimum and max is whenever a character is defeated or surrenders.
7. You're allowed to have a max of 2 characters.
8. If your character loses, they're allowed to stay and watch the matches or leave. Don't spam while doing this.
9. Once the first battle starts, registration will be closed.
10. At least 12 people can register.
11. Type, "I've read all the rules." in bold. (don't need ")

Anime or Video Game?:
Name of Anime: (only if your character is from an anime)
Name of Video Game: (only if your character is from a video game)
Information About the Character (at least a paragraph):

Ok, here's my two characters.

Name: Dark Magician Girl
Anime or Video Game?: Anime
Name of Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh
Information About the Character: One of many monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh series. She has been used by a few people, but her main user is Yugi Moto. Magician Girl is a Dark Attribute Spellcaster monster. She can use several spell cards to gain her a powerboost or help defend herself. For the tournament, Dark Magician Girl can only use five spell cards. These selected cards can only be used once per round.

Name: Colette Brunel
Anime or Video Game: Video Game (and anime)
Name of Video Game: Tales of Symphonia
Information About the Character: Colette is one of several people who journeyed around Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. She is considered the Chosen of Sylvarant. Colette is a klutz at heart, tripping at the most unusually times. She tries not to get anyone to worry about her too much (this happening through her Chosen process). Her weapon of choice is Chakrams and has the ability to use the power she gained from the World Regeneration journey.

Dark Magician Girl and Colette - Kate
Azure Kite and Feitan - Stone
Agito and Misty - Eagle
Vegito - Zero
Demi-Fiend and Dad - Rocco
Need something new. Until then, Oshawott disguised as Piplup!

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