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PKMN Academy [PG to PG-13]

PKMN Academy

PKMN Academy (or Pokemon Academy) is a school built for young Pokemon trainers of new and old. In here, trainers are taught the basics of Pokemon. From raising them, to battles, even contests, the school has all a new trainer, even those who are already trainers, needs to learn.

The school is built with three floors (ground, first, and second). The ground floor consists of a gym used for indoor Pokemon battles, while outside has a blacktop with a few battle rings for outdoor battles. Further in the back portion of the school, a gated area called 'The Safari Zone'. This is used for the Environment Watch class. There's a nurse's office for both the trainer and Pokemon. The hallways are seven foot, four inches tall. Pokemon who are taller than this must stay in their pokeball. The academy also has two dorms for both male and female students that don't live near the school. Both are also three floors high with one hundred rooms per floor.

The academy consists of several classes with six blocks per day. There are five classes and a lunch period. The classes could be:
Pokemon Basics Battle and Training Contest 101 Pokemon Environment Watch Pokemon Care Travel Basics Pokemon Bonding
Each class/lunch period is one hour long, starting at eight in the morning and ending at two in the afternoon. Lunch is usually around blocks three or four.

Students will obtain Pokemon throughout the school year to use. On your first day, you'll obtain your second Pokemon in your first class. Whoever you get is decided by the person who signs-up before you. These are in their baby or basic stages. They cannot be in their first or second. Sometime in later days, you'll obtain a new one. How this is chosen, it'll be decided later.

Academy Rules
  • All students must have a Level five (5) Pokemon with them at all times.
  • No Legendary Pokemon are permitted in a student's party.
  • Students can only have one Pokemon out at a time.
  • No Pokemon whose height is/over 7'4 is permitted outside its Pokeball in hallways and classrooms. The gym is an exception.
  • No type of profanity is allowed.
  • Battles can only be taken place during lunch, gym, or outside the campus grounds.
  • All students must stay within the campus grounds till the end of the final class for each academy day.

Actual Roleplay Rules
  • NO MARY-SUES! *check a few posts down for what it means to me*
  • No Legendary Pokemon.
  • Keep swearing to a minimum. I don't want characters speaking such very foul language in this roleplay, especially since there could be younger characters in this.
  • Be realistic on the attacks for your Pokemon. Don't have a level 5 Squirtle with Hydro Pump. That's very silly for a level 40 move.
  • Proper English, please. No text language like: "Tht isnt like u." I will whack you with my paper fan for this type of sentence. That said, no smiley icons to express how your character feels.
  • Have at least three lines of text. Not three sentences. Not three words.
  • Follow all rules, including the forum rules.
  • Can have 1-3 characters per person. Random one appearance people don't count.
  • ((OOC:)) for OOC.
  • If you actually read this large amount of rules, place "Gotta catch 'em all!" at the top or bottom of your registration post.

Registration Form
Age: (Keep characters around 13-20)
History: (a paragraph or more about them before PKMN Academy)
Schedule: (can be made any way you want. Just needs the class number, class, and time)
Pokemon's Name: (can stay the same)
Pokemon's Gender:
Pokemon's Personality:
Pokemon's Appearance: (once again, can stay the same)

Name: Claire Harishi

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Appearance: Claire is five foot six inches tall (5'6) with light peach skin. She's skinny with a weight of 103 lbs. She has straight, long, shiny navy blue hair that goes five inches past her shoulder length. Her eye color is dark blue.

She wears a green T-shirt with two black strips at the end of each short-sleeve. Around her right wrist is a silver rose bracelet. A brown belt is hung around her waist with a small brown pouch attached to it. This is used to carry her pokeball for Torchic. A Bayleef, Shaymin, and Articuno keychain also dangle from one of the clips attached to the pouch. The top half of her legs are covered with a green short skirt that's attached to her shirt. Following under it is black skin tight shorts that end just above her knees. Finally, she has light brown sneakers.

History: Born in the Hoenn region, Claire has been interested in Pokemon since she was six. Her brother, who is three years older than her, got his first Pokemon at the age of eleven. She would play with her brother's Pokemon, Shinx, when given the chance. Her brother left for two journeys within her ages of eight and ten. Before his second journey, Claire was given a Torchic from him.

Within the first eight months, the two befriended each other. Just like her big brother, she wanted to go on a journey as well. The only problem is that she didn't know what to do. Claire decided to attend PKMN Academy in hopes of becoming a Pokemon trainer someday.

Personality: She's a very bright teenager. Most of her knowledge of Pokemon comes from her brother's pokedex which he also gave to her. Claire is an easy person to know and get along with. However, some of her cons affect her in different ways. Sometimes, she has troubles getting up by other people or things except her Torchic and herself. She also does get very impatient most of the time. Most of her arguments are with those who are rude or with her Torchic. Overall, she's a nice person who has many buttons people can easily push.

Party: Torchic

Pokemon: Torchic

Pokemon's Name: Torchic

Pokemon's Gender: Male

Pokemon's Personality: Torchic isn't a pushover Pokemon. He always likes to push itself to its limit during a battle. Claire and Torchic sometimes get in arguments over silly little things. This would usually lead it to disobeying her in battles. It prefers to stay out of its pokeball and enjoy the outside world. Though with its toughness, this orange little bird has a small sweet side to it.

Pokemon's Appearance
: There's no type of accessory on Torchic. It's just a regular Torchic that can be seen anywhere. Claire doesn't believe in dressing up a Pokemon.


Name: Naomi Walker

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Her height is at five foot, six inches (5'6) and her skin color is a light peach tone. She has straight brown hair down to her shoulders. Her hair bangs are all together on the left side of her forehead. Naomi has a white hat with a light red trimming around it. Her eyes are hazel.

On her skinny body, she has a light blue T-shirt with a blue strip at the end of the two short-sleeves. A belt is wrapped around her waist with one pouch attached to it. On her back she carries a green backpack. For her legs, she has dark blue shorts. Finishing it off, she has white ankle socks and black and white sneakers.

History: Born in the Johto region, Naomi has had a hobby for Pokemon since she was young. At the age of eleven, she became a trainer and went off on her journey. She competed in her first Pokemon League at the age of twelve, losing to her rival, Daisuke, in the top ten. Since then, she's been laying back and enjoying life at home with her Pokemon.

Three years later, Naomi found out about a school named PKMN Academy. She gave some thought into joining it. After a few days of thinking, she applied for the school and was accepted. Before she goes off on her next journey, she wanted to learn more things, like cooking, more information about Pokemon, how to take care of them in case of Poison or Burn, for her journey and best of all, her Pokemon. With her new Pokemon, Eevee, the two readied themselves for the new school. She left home her Taillow, Luxray, Roselia, Alakazam, and Riolu.

Personality: Naomi is a nice person. She has a huge knowledge on Pokemon thanks to her journey. She tries to avoid much arguments as she possibly can since she thinks they're a waste of time. She can remain patient as long as it doesn't affect her in any way. During battles, she likes to get very competitive and enjoy every fun moment. Even though they are still new to each other, Eevee and Naomi get along great and can communicate well. She tries and helps anyone who needs it.

Party: Eevee, Rapidash, and Dragonair

Pokemon: Eevee

Pokemon's Name: Eevee

Pokemon's Gender: Girl

Pokemon's Personality: Eevee is a sweet and innocent Pokemon. She has a cute side to her that makes her so loveable. She tries and uses this to her advantage in battles for a few moves. Other than that, she's very competitive, just like her master.

Pokemon's Appearance: The same as all regular Eevees.
Need something new. Until then, Oshawott disguised as Piplup!

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