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Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!

Allowing Breaker to sit up, It is to be notaced that he did not move but I did, (forgot to type that I flew over to him... Sorry)
"Calm down, Breaker. As for attacking a dragon I am said dragon.... Skylark in his tranformed mode is beyond weak, even a flash grenade does that to him... He did not attack he simply flew over your head... And You did not move I did... Its called wings..."
I move my hand away and streched my wings in reply, looking sad as she reveled that she was a true dragon.
"Welcome to Decora, weary travelers, we have little time but I suppose I must tell you... We are in a solar system called Saratolby that is slightly imbued with magic and twin planets one blue and one red.

Decora is the blue, with five moons that collide once every ten thousand years.
Most humanoids have some type of magic, be it light and healing, neutral and elemental or dark and misterious (i know i cant spell)... These powers could be chosen at the age of ten thousand (Yes Decoras year speed is baisicly two weeks and a half in Earth time) and at which point they go into magic school to learn how to controll thier powers. Dragons rule the red planet, Yes dragons, and other types of mystical creatures lived there. They also had leaders and a few dragon Gods and Goddessses but the main one is Julie the Backhorn, the largest and most dangerous dragon of all time, she was also the first to be born of the universe, therethore had a rightfull place at the top and non dared to challenge her, 'sept those who dissagread with that and were stupid enough to get on her bad side. Julie is a neutral Dragon... "

I speak softly at first warming to the topic, my voice becoming stronger as I sit my wings folded.
"The armys are heading toward the Dragon caves in the north taking villages and towns as they go...
This quest is to find out who controlls these armys and help / defeat them if need be... "

I stay sat looking at the ground as the largest moon comes over head dominating most of the sky...

Skylark moves slowly his mistress and his lover and curls up in my lap, almost purring as I scatch him behind his ears...


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