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JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!

You look up and see a silluette of a normall looking teenage girl, her hair softly blowing this way and that in the breeze, As you walk towards her she looks up and a small gust of wind picks up about her. As the wind wipped round her hair colour changed from brown to orange, Dragon Wings protruded from her back and her skin went from tanned to an almost pale orange, even her clothes changed as you walked closer to this misterious person. You then realise that this gust of wind had a body, A small silver Western Europian Dragon, circled her as she changed forms, Its tail a little too long for its body, signifiing that this Dragon had transformed as well...
You come a few feet to this girl and the wind died instantly, the small dragon looking at you thoughtfully, as if thinking if you were an enermy. The girl pulled her head down to look at you, her eyes a Shining blue, like you get when the Sun hits a blue sea just right. These Eyes stare at you scrutanising you as if you were some lower being than her. Then with a small flap of her wings she speaks with a Age-less voice, almost mimicing your own.
"Greetings to thee', Mortal, I am Jessica Lionheart. You have joined me in the most crucial of times, There is an adventure to be had!."
With that she opened her wings to thier full span and flapped gently, as The small dragon zoomed round you nipping your ears in affection.
"Come Skylark. Come, umm, What was your name again?"
The dragon Called Skylark zoomed back to her as her eyes looked at you once again waiting for an answer...

(Anyone can join, feel free, I Will Narrate and be Jess and Sky at the same,
Newbies welcome, Oldies Welcome... I will start again when we have at least 3 peeps other than me on this momentus adventure, the more the merrier... Have Fun!)


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