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91.8 The Fan

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Battle for 91.8 The Fan - Chapter 4: The Continued Search


The beach on the shores outside the small town of Escini was beautiful tonight, with clear skies hanging overhead and a damp ground from the recently past storm. The entire area was silent, and almost calm with creatures still in hiding from the cold rain. A loud sound quickly began to echo across the area as something came bursting across the water, sending up a torrent of sand as it came to a stop abruptly. Waving her hands to get the sand away, Sin'lorien looked around at the area, completely soaked through to the bone. Shaking his hair around to try and dry his hair off slightly, he started towards the nearby farms which surrounded Escini and were the main source of commerse in the area. It was a long walk through the farmlands before he reached the main town of Escini. By the time he reached the town, the sun was just beginning to peak over the distant horizon, and farmers were already heading out to work. "If this town was a place where Kana had come to, it would be rather easy to blend in with the sheer amount of farmers that populated this area." muttered Sin'lorien to himself. "And that makes my job of finding her here that much more difficult."

Moving quickly through the town, observing the area, a single person came into visual range that caught his attention, and in a sudden blur of movement, vanished and appeared on a rooftop just above this person. "Continue the search for Kana. Search every house. Search every farm. If she is here, find her." said the figure. The soldier he was speaking too nodly quickly. "We'll find here, Solo sir." said the soldier before turning and running to join one of the many patrols that began searching the town. "Solo? If I remember the intelligence properly, that should be Marcus Solo." whispered Sin'lorien as he moved silently along the rooftop, positioning himself to see Marcus better.

Sin'lorien quietly followed Marcus as he started his own personal search of the town, interrogating houseowners down to the smallest detail to leave no stone unturned. As Marcus entered a small stone house near the edge of town, closest to the forest, Sin'lorien realized after looking that the building had no sign of any windows he could use to listen in, knowing that any info was more then enough reason to risk being seen, he moved towards the only entrance, positioning himself so that he could listen in. "Are you sure?" said Marcus faintly, to whoever he was speaking to. "Yes. They can smell him. They smell freedom." said a surprisingly high pitched and creepy voice. "Why didn't you try and stop him from following me?" said Marcus quickly. "I'm here to observe and nothing more. Don't expect me to make your life easier, on a whim." said the stranger. "If you truly want a small amount of help, then I will provide you with a point in the right direction."

Sin'lorien barely had a split to react safely just as a large object rushed towards him at an unnatural speed, destroying the entire wall where he was hiding himself. A split second was all he needed to avoid the attack, as he moved out of the way and came to a stop from his quick burst of speed a short distance from the building. "And here I thought I hadn't been seen yet." said Sin'lorien as he dusted off his clothes, and stood up straight, gazing towards the large hole in the building. Stepping out of the hole, two people emerged, the one Sin'lorien had been following this entire time, Marcus Solo, and another who he knew nothing about. A towering figure with odd purple colored skin, and piercing green eyes. In this mysterious person's hand was a extremely long chain, and attached to it, to Sin'lorien's surprise, was a cage full of what appeared to be wolfs. The wolfs began barking at Sin'lorien when they noticed him eyeing them in the cage. "So you're the one who been following me? Seems you didn't do good enough of a job." said Marcus, taking the sword off of his back, gripping it's handle tightly.

"You want to fight, don't you?" asked Sin'lorien as he looked around the area they were standing in. "You know our sides are at war. So yes. I want to fight." answered Marcus, swinging his sword towards Sin'lorien, launching a barrage of ghostly darts towards Sin'lorien. Grinning slightly, Sin'lorien waited til the last second before the darts hit him to move away, dodging them completely, and appearing behind Marcus, flicking the back of the man's head. "You missed." said Sin'lorien, as he vanished against when Marcus' temper went off the handle, and he spun around, trying to attack him, Sin'lorien constantly moving behind Marcus, flicking him repeatedly. "Well, I don't have time to stand around here playing with children. So I'll leave you with a parting gift, and be on my way." said Sin'lorien, Marcus taking one last swing at him, just as Sin'lorien began to run circles around Marcus at an incredibly high speed, creating a tornado on the spot. This sudden tornado tossed Marcus into the air, and he landed nearly forty yards away, landing in a tree. A ripple of dust and smoke marked the exit path that Sin'lorien had taken, as he dashed through the town, looking inside every building, and checking every inch for Kana, before taking off back to base. The entire town was in panic after Sin'lorien's escape, and the tall mysterious person that Marcus had been talking to was still rooted in place, as if unaffected by the recent developments. "Pathetic..." he said, and began to leave the town.

As usual, his office was rather quiet, with most of his recent patients having been sent back to their rooms to recover. Standing up and walking over to the nearby sink, Jinn turned the water on, and pulled a large portion of water into his hand before it could touch anything, and turned the faucet off when he had a fair amount of water. Pacing calmly around the room, Jinn focused on changing the waters shape, randomly turning into Ice, then back into water whenever the thought occured, regardless of the waters shape at the time. After a couple minutes of doing so, and with his attention completely focused on the water, Jinn didn't notice Kate come running into the room, running head first into his back as if barely noticing him. Falling face forward, Jinn's face went straight into the ball of water in his hands, which went ahead and exploded, drenching Jinn's clothes and the floor in the water. Pulling his head off his hand and off the ground, Jinn sat up, and looked behind him at Kate, who was crouched on the ground rubbing her forehead. "And yet, I'm not surprised that you were the one that ran into me." said Jinn, standing up and shaking his hair of the excess water. As he moved towards some towels near his bed at the back of the room, Jinn glanced over at Kate as she stood up.

"So what brings you here, Kate?" said Jinn quickly, before she could say anything. "I came to see if you could help me find better ways of using my magic in a battle." said Kate, hoping he wasn't busy, and with a quick glance around the room, realized he really wasn't. Jinn dried his hair off as he considered her request. "You do know I'm only good with Water and Ice based magic, right?" said Jinn, his entire head covered in the towel. "Yeah, but you still have more experience with Magic, and I need to learn anything I can if I want to win in battle." responded Kate. Jinn tossed the towel aside, the towel landing somewhere on the floor near his bed. "It seems rather slow right in here right now, so I don't see why not." said Jinn. "But we have to battle in the courtyard. It has a rather large pond there I'll likely need to use if I'm going to do much." Kate nodded and took off out the door without even waiting for Jinn. As he strolled slowly over to the door, he heard the sound of a large object hitting the ground, and stepped out to see Kate sprawled out on the ground, rubbing her forehead. Jinn shook his head and walked past her.

Entering the courtyard, Jinn approached the nearby pond and crouched down, running his hand gently through the water, feeling it move between his fingertips. Looking back as Kate caught up, she gave him a determined look, one that he rarely saw on her. Standing up, the water followed him, a ribbon of water circling around Jinn's arms. "Whenever your ready, show me what you've got. I will warn you, I won't hold back. It's your best chance of learning to be better." said Jinn. Kate nodded, snapping her fingers together, a small flame appearing on her thumb, which quickly grew in size, forming a ball of intense flames the size of her palm. Stepping backwards slightly, she tossed the Fireball at Jinn, starting this training off nice and simple. Jinn grinned, as the water unconciously rose and froze around him, blocking the fireball before it could cause any damage to him. "I told you I wasn't going to hold back." said Jinn quickly, as the ice around him exploded into thousands of small shards, and each shard shot towards Kate like daggers. Holding both of her hands forward, a reflective surface appear around her body, the shards of ice bouncing harmlessly off of her skin and shattering into nothing.

As the shield around her vanished, Kate jumped swiftly into the air, spinning around once, and kicking a circular disc of air towards Jinn. Waving his arm towards the attack, a stream of water burst out of the lake and shot towards the concentration of air, and was sliced right down the middle, barely affecting the wind as it continued towards Jinn. Changing the temperature of the water, it froze almost immediately, but was still unable to stop the attack. Realizing he needed something stronger, Jinn jumped backwards a few times, landing at the center of the pond. The air attack changing it's trajectory to continue towards it's intended target. Looking up at Kate, Jinn grinned as he quickly splashed below the surface of the water, and continued sinking until he reached the bottom. The air attack hit the surface of the water and pushed downwards towards Jinn's new location, cutting through the water with ease, until Jinn froze the entire surface of the pond from top to bottom, essentially stopping the attack in it's tracks.

The ice slowly returned to it's normal temperature, and when the water was back a normal density, Jinn swam to the surface, gasping for air as he broke the surface. Kate didn't wait for Jinn to recover anymore then he already had, as she pointed two fingers towards the pond, and a sudden bolt of electrical energy shot out of her hand, and hit the water, sending electricity rippling through the water, and through Jinn. As the pain rippled through his body, Jinn concentrated on the water around him, freezing it just enough to create a temporary shield around him to protect him from further harm. With some effort after that last attack, Jinn finally pulled himself out of the water and glancing up at Kate who was using her wind abilities to stay afloat in the air above the pond. "Fine. I'm going to push your limits now. I hope your ready, since you aren't holding back against me." Jinn walked slowly into the pond once again, and looked straight up into the sky where Kate was floating. "Rising Twin Dragons!" yelled Jinn as the water exploded around him, the shapes of two enormous water dragons, made up mostly of water with claws and teeth made of frozen ice, burst from the water, rising towards Kate.

"What the hell!" yelled Kate in surprise as she swung her arm towards one of the incoming dragons, releasing one of her usually hard to stop wind scythes towards it, and was surprised when it was completely eclipsed inside the dragon, causing little to no effect. Unable to think of a retaliation against this attack, Kate pulled her arms up in front of her face and waited for the attack hit her. After a few seconds with nothing happening, Kate looked out at the dragons hovering just out of reach, with Jinn standing on top of one of theirs head, his arms crossed across his chest, and a grin spread across his face. "There's your first problem. You have some powerful attacks, but when I confronted you with one attack of immense power, you froze up." said Jinn, taking off his glasses and cleaning them with his sleeve. "You need to learn the in's and out's of all of your attacks, so that regardless of the situation, you can think of at least one thing to help you in that situation. Like that shield you showed earlier. Why didn't you just use that?" said Jinn. "The power it would have required to block your attack was huge. I didn't think I would have been able to fully stop it." responded Kate quickly. "You can't always stop an attack. There will always be attacks that are much stronger then your own. Like when you hit me with that electrical attack, sometimes you just need to reduce the damage you recieve, to the best of your ability." Kate nodded, and dropped the ground, with Jinn following suit as his dragons burst into water, raining down on the ground like a gentle downpour. "Let's continue then, Shall we?"

Angus watched as Kana limped towards the door, and stood up to assist her. "You sure you should be walking around on that limp of yours?" said Angus, walking towards her. "If we don't leave now, we may run into some unwelcome company." responded Kana quickly, and noticed her hammer hanging from Angus' back. Motioning towards it with her hand, Angus remembered it, and pulled it off his back, handing it to her. "I found this down on the beach. Figured you let it slip away while swimming down that river." said Angus. "And we can leave now if you want, but you're not walking on that leg. You're more liable to get us caught that way." said Angus. "Very well. We'll wait until nightfall, then leave." said Kana, limping her way back over to the bed where she was resting.

Side effects of reading the above post may include nausea, headaches, itchiness, impotence, temporary blindness, weakness in knees, mild pregnancy, and a loss of faith in humanity. If death occurs, consult a mortician.

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan - Chapter 4: The Continued Search

Awesome! My character sounded so... so... cool! Great job, Jinn!

I approve.

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Zero Gravity

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan - Chapter 4: The Continued Search

another chapter, another good reading well done

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan - Chapter 4: The Continued Search

holy mashed potatoes batman another good chapter

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan - Chapter 4: The Continued Search

I approve

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan - Chapter 4: The Continued Search

im tooo tire to read

I'll read it later when i come back from school >-<

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan - Chapter 4: The Continued Search

Needs more me
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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan - Chapter 4: The Continued Search

I approve of this chapter! Got my character kinda what I wanted her to be. ^^
Need something new. Until then, Oshawott disguised as Piplup!

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