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Stephen King

Note his epic beard.

So, as he is one of my favorite authors, I thought I would start up a thread for people to discuss. (I know there are other fans of him besides me...like Kana )

Anyways, bring up whatever you like.

I will start with the obvious question of which is your favorite work by him...

Personally, my favorite story of his is The Shining. Now, if you have only seen the original movie, it it a completely different story, and I highly recommend the novel (not to say I didn't enjoy Kubrick's version). On the flip side, the TV mini-series that King produced lacked the good quality...but it followed the story he wrote a bit more closely.

Apparently, axes are more dramatic/terrifying than hammers. I think the hammer was just as scary in the book though. (Also, this brings up a thought...They replace the hammer with an axe in The Shining movie, and they replace the axe with a hammer in the film version of Misery...and I just noticed this as I wrote. )

Anyways, it is a grand story, and really lets you feel the terror. In fact, I think I will read it again soon.

I also like the Dark Tower quite a bit...but, that could be a whole other topic in and of itself .

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