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CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES!!!!! NOW IN 3D!!!!! Updated Jul 27th, 2010

Well now that I've gotten that out of my system....

Anyone who actually pays attention to me will know lately I've been all over YuGiOh 5D's.
Now, I've seen the first 35 episodes in Japanese and after all 35 episodes I... brace yourself.... find it MUCH more entertaining then the original series.

Pros and Khans:
Khans (Because it's easier)
- Just about every duel, Yusei will always start with Speed Warrior (2 Star, 900 ATK that doubles it's ATK the turn it was summoned), which is prone for instant death once the turn is over.
- The Speed Duel (Card Games on Motorcycles), is confusing to boot, considering they barley explain the rules.
- Just like the original series, they're introducing a lot of main characters that I have trouble remembering, although unlike the original series, they're presence can affect the story line more then once.
- Purple Haired Midget, I have no idea what his name is, nor do I care, I hate him with a passion, he's a terrible character and his creator should feel bad. I want to jump up and down on him like Mario jumps on Goombas.
- Seems like everything is settled by a duel, where as in the original series, they used guns (Or in the American version's case, pointing fingers). But everything is settled in a duel, even with law enforcement. In the rules of a Speed Duel, the loser's bike busts on him and shuts down. This guy could rape, murder and steal, yet if HE wins a speed duel, he gets away. WHO DESIGNED THESE THINGS????
- Motorcycles tend to look silly.

- The Speed Duel, the name speaks for itself, it's fast paced and more strategic compared to a normal duel, where if they draw it, you know your effed. However in a Speed duel, your field is reduced from 5 Monster and Spell/Trap Zones, to three each. Each turn a player is awarded a "Speed Counter", how many speed counters you have decides what spell you can or cannot play. So it's mostly just Monster brawling and Traps (I love dem Traps). Taking direct damage can cause you to lose counters.
- It appears to be darker then the original series, there is a lot more pain and suffering in this series then it's preprocessors, Yusei takes a beating far worse then Jaden or Yugi. He's been shoved through purple fire, he's had lasers burn into his skin (his facial mark, the sign of a criminal in New Domino city), he's had a chunk of metal lodged in his stomach, he's taken a beating by police security.
- The story line improves over time, over the course of the series, events unfold, where as it was always, one simple task in Yugioh, 50-ish episodes of "Beat up Pegasus", another 50 episodes of "defeat Marik", another 50 of "beat the Aquaman guy" and another 50 of "WTFs my name". 5D's has twists and turns around every corner, once you think they have everything figured out. HELLO something different just happened.

Sadly the final Pro isn't all that impressive, being a gamer also, I know that people are afraid to try new things despite they're desperate cry for something new, they love the repetitiveness....

Now, compared to the English one, the thing I noticed the American version tried to slip in here, was the "Shadow Game" cliche. Now, anyone who's seen the original series know that [spoiler]in the tag duel between Lumis and Umbra and Yugi and Kaiba, the loser fell to his death, in the English version, underneath that sheet of glass was a portal to the Shadow Realm, despite Lumis shooting passed the "portal to the Shadow Realm" by a good 8 stories.[/spoiler] YuGiOh 5D's anime tried to turn the duels (In which Solid Vision, the technology of the duel disk) into physical duels, so if you take a direct hit from something with a sword, prepare to be gutted, where as in the English version, if you lose your lose yourself to the Shadows. The English version never did the original series any justice (few exceptions), and it's no better for the 5D's, it might also not help that Yusei is played by Frank Frankson and Jack is played by Ted Lewis, I feel like Tristan and Bakura (respectively) became the main characters. Akiza is played by a woman named Bella Hudson who doesn't seem to have any other experiences, she would've been great for the part..... if she didn't sound like she was incapable of changing emotions. In the english version, it's incredibly difficult to tell when shes mad, upset, happy or just spaced out, she sounds the SAME.

Well thats all I have to say, anyone else's thoughts?

EDIT: Just incase anyone wants to know the new YuGiOh Movie: "Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie: Super Fusion! Bonds that Transcend Time", will be released as "YuGiOh 3D: Bonds Beyond Time", a voiceless preview was revealed at Comic Con 2010, stating at the end of the teaser that another preview will be released at the World Championships this August. No released date for the film, it's planned to involve extra scenes to bypass the original's 50 minute length

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