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Lift (As in Eureka 7)

Okay so quite a few years ago "Lift" first started out as a Eureka 7 mod for Half-Life 2, and there were some pretty interesting gameplay mechanics in the works. Fast forward to now, and Lift is now running on the Unity engine, which means its free and anyone can play it.

This is just the first release so there's only team deathmath (but friendly fire is on) and one map has a co-op mode versus Corallians, Still, there's quite a bit to play around with. You can customize the colors of your LFO and its weapon loadout. The controls take a bit getting used to but it definitely feels like a pretty accurate simulation of the way the LFOs function in the series, more so than the official Eureka 7 games anyway.

I just found out yesterday that this game was released, so I thought I'd mention it here. It's been out for a few weeks though, so there's already a couple pretty experienced players.

It's definitely worth a look at if you're an Eureka 7

Here's a link to their Mod DB page http://www.moddb.com/games/lift-a-eureka-seven-mod
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