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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona D&D

UPDATE: Unfortunately, I will discontinue this for now. I understand the difficulties of trying to maintain a steady schedule for this kind of game. On top of that, it stopped being fun for me a while back. Sorry everyone.

This is a bit different from a standard RP. It doesn't take place in a thread, you don't write down novels to what you're doing, and you don't use your imagination as much. However, you definitely get a lot more interactivity.

Over the past year, I've been making a Tabletop version of Persona, the spinoff of Shin Megami Tensei. At first, I didn't have the materials to make a decent D&D style experience for the game, but with the advent of virtual tabletops, it is now possible with minimal tech.

The game itself is a little tricky to learn, but the majority of the difficult sections will be handled by me. It does require a lot of math, which I'll handle myself.

Tools You'll Need

Persona Tabletop Kit
Included is the Persona Player's Manual, Starting Personae, NPC names, and a character sheet. The actual character sheet is pointless and simply tells you what the criteria for making your character is.

This simulates the table environment

An avatar of your choosing. This must be submitted in PNG format.

And that's really all you'll need. I will only be able to use a maximum of about 4 players per session, as anyone whose played Persona knows why.

Current Profiles/Players

Username: Drago142222
Name: Van
Age: 18
Hair Colour: Blue
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Colour: Blue
Starting Persona: Angel
Arcana: Justice
Dual Wield? Yes/No
Weapon: Hand Gun
Username: JinnRemona
Name: Jinn Remona
Age: 21
Hair Colour: Black
Hair Length: Short
Eye Colour: Blue
Starting Persona: Taihou no Kaosu
Arcana: The Fool
Dual Wield? Yes/No
Username: Clive Enduro
Name: Ayumu Haruhara
Age: 16
Hair Color: Blue
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Violet
Starting Persona: Tomoe Gozen
Arcana: Chariot
Dual Wield? Yes/No
Weapon: Polearms
Username: Yugiboy360
Name: Renasa Renatosa
Age: 16
Hair Colour: Purple
Hair Length: Long
Eye Colour: Purple
Starting Persona: Penthesilea
Arcana: Empress
Dual Wield? Yes/No
Weapon: Customized Katana
Username: rocco.mendek
Name: Kazari Sake
Age: 18
Hair Color: light Grey
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Grey
Starting Persona: Eligor
Arcana: Tower
Dual Wield? Yes
Weapon: Claws
Username: anarchoelk
Name: Eruko Tsumura
Age: 16
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Brown
Starting Persona: Mokoi
Arcana: Death
Dual Wield? No
Weapon: Decorative (Fists)
Username: TehScribbles
Name: Crystal Izo
Age: 17
Hair Colour: Dark Red
Hair Length: Shoulder
Eye Colour: Ice blue
Starting Persona: Sarasvati
Arcana: Priestess
Dual Wield? Yes
Weapon: Dual Dagger
Username: Silentbob
Name: Bob
Age: 21
Hair Colour: Red
Hair Length: Short
Eye Colour: Brown
Starting Persona: Jiraiya
Arcana: Magician
Dual Wield? No
Weapon: Staff
Team 1
Time of Play: Monday @ 5PM
Clive Enduro

Team 2
Time of Play: Saturday @ 5PM
Jinn Remona

If you would like to join, make a post submitting your profile and avatar, and we'll make sure, if there's room, to add you to the session.
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