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Welcome to AT4W manga reviews (place holder name)

Hello and welcome to AT4W were bad comics....I mean manga burns heh heh. Yeah many of you might now this but that name is already taken by Linkara who does comic book reviews over at thatguywiththeglasses.com, and does a great job of it. What I wanted to do is review the absolutely horrendous manga that is coming out. The name is just a place holder,so if you think you have a great name for the show please message me.

With that of the way you are probably wondering what I am going to be reviewing, and here is a list of manga's I will be reviewing.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Time. One of the greatest video games of all time...didn't turn out to be a good manga.

Warriors the lost warrior. Yeah you probably have heard of this but never heard of this ... if that makes since. Warriors is a series of books where cats live in tribes inside a forest. While being sold to kids, the series is dark and gripping. So how could you mess this up, when you give it two a bunch of second rate hacks over at tokyopop to make a manga out of it.

Bleach. Oh boy let the hate mail begin, let me tell you boys and girls I got a lot to say about this abomination.
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at4w manga review

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