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Kanashimi: The Crying Reaper

Here's a bit of a story I had in my head for a while, and even started writing. At some point, I believe I stopped near the ninth chapter, and I've yet to complete it since. So figured, why not complete it on here? Also note, this has nothing to do with our glorious Kana.

I must also warn you that there will be some graphic scenes


Red paint sprays all over the walls of Animus High School, forming obscene words and illegible text. The boy holding the spray can is Jonathan Coarsen, the local bully and privileged child. His two buddies, Joey and Nathaniel, ride on the coattails of what is considered fame.
"Serves that teacher right, giving me an F," said Jonathan in a proud voice, "Doesn't he know who I am?" Before Jonathan could finish his slander, he heard a peculiar noise. It was sobbing. The sounds echoed down the empty and darkened halls of the school.

"What the hell?" wondered Jonathan. He looked towards Nathaniel. "Go check it out!"

"O-okay..." Nathaniel replied, heading down the hallway. He turned a corner and was now completely out of site.
A couple of minutes passed and Nathan hadn't returned.

"Where'd that dumbass go?" said Jonathan, sounding a little peeved. Suddenly, a scream was heard all the way down the hallway, echoing across the school. It was Nathaniel.

"Bet he just saw a spider or something" Joey said laughing. Joey looked up at Jonathan, confused that there wasn't a response from him. Jonathan's face was completely white. His eyes were widened as far as possible, with his mouth gaping wide, and his arms were shaking uncontrollably. Joey looked forward and realized why he had such a reaction.
A dark figure walked towards the two, with slow footsteps echoing down the hall. The figure's face was difficult to see, and appeared to be wearing a long, black hooded cloak. The figure stopped 8 feet in front of the two, and they looked down in horror to see what the figure had in it's hands. In it's right hand, it held a large scythe, the blade glistening in the moonlight. In it's left hand, held the head of Nathaniel by his hair.

"Oh God..." Jonathan muttered, with each syllable coming out stuttery.

The figure then dropped Nathaniel's blood soaked head, making a loud wet smack onto the floor, which echoed loudly throughout the halls. The figure then grabbed it's scythe with both hands and proceeded to approach the terrified teens. Joey turned to run, but the figure appeared before him in the blink of an eye. It then raised it's scythe over Joey's head, and with one swing, his head flies off and lands in front of Jonathan's feet, with Joey's cold, dead eyes. Jonathan screamed and tried to run towards the exit, but was stopped by the figure. The sudden appearance of it in front of him cause him to fall back. Jonathan lied there, frozen in fear as the figure raised it's scythe towards him. The figure said something in a soft, motherly voice as it dropped the scythe down.

"I'm sorry..."
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Re: Kanashimi: The Crying Reaper

thats quite the nice little tale there . . . . it leaves a somewhat desired feel towards the end of it

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