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91.8 The Fan

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Battle for 91.8 The Fan - Chapter 3: The Search


(Alright. In regards to everyone wanting alittle more detail about characters, I'm going to start including a "Characters in this Chapter" section in each chapter after this one, which will have a short description about a character and anything that's happened to them in previous chapters. If this sounds bad, speak up. I don't think I'm good with this kind of thing. Also, I apologize now, because I lost a large portion of what I had previous written when I kind of knock my computer out of commission shortly and had forgotten to save. This chapter isn't everything I wanted it to be, as I had to slightly rush it. Anyway, Enjoy.)

Chapter 3: The Search

A week has gone by since the disappearance of Kana, the Fuhrer of the Kingdom of Euphanthene. The moment this news came to his ears, Captain Angus quickly took off before anyone else had begun to formulate a search plan. Disregarding his actions, Marc gathered a group of soldiers from their ranks, and commanded them to different villages both within and outside of their territory, choosing the towns one would be most likely to wash up on. Pacing around the room with a worried expression on his face, he waited for any word from the men he sent out to arrive about the Fuhrer. Watching him walk back and forth, Jinn sighed. "You know. You could always be out there looking as well. Myself or Henry can easily handle anything that comes up while you're out there." said Jinn, as he glanced over at Henry, who didn't even respond when his name was called, his face buried into a large metal contraption that he had been working on for weeks now. "Well. If we can get him away from that thing, I guess." said Jinn, and he looked back at Marc. "So go. Get out of here already." said Jinn. Marc stopped and looked at him. "I would have already, but I need to stay here. If something big happens, Someone needs to be here with enough command to order the everyone to respond effectively, and Henry isn't the most battle ready person around." said Marc, resuming his walk. "Well, then all we can do is wait, and trust the people you sent out." said Jinn, smiling gently. Marc nodded in responce, "Yeah. It's in their hands now." said Marc.

The smell of the ocean was strong in the small town of Sibalaia on the outskirts of Xanitrius Territory. It was a beautiful evening in the town, and the moon shined brightly in the sky as a pale, thin man moved swiftly through the shadows, looking into the houses as he passed. This man was Viridis Levitas, a Captain within the Kingdom of Euphanthene, and he was searching for their lost Fuhrer. Coming to a quiet, empty street that was brightly illuminated by the overhead moon, Viridis looked around cautiously, before starting across. He had barely made it halfway across the street when a single throwing knife impacted the ground in front of him, halting his movement forward.

Viridis slowly turned towards the direction the knife came from, and his eyes stopped on a figured silhouetted against the bright background, who was slowly walking towards him. As the figure got closer, Viridis was able to pick up small features about the person to reconize him based on the intelligence reports of the enemy. The man approaching him was known only by the name, Bob, and was a rather swift and silent fighter. Mostly known for weilding only his fists in a fight, he's been seen brandishing a katana and an assortment of throwing knives as well. Unbuckling the hook that held his cloak up, Viridis tossed it aside and turned towards him. "I knew it was too much to ask not to encounter a powerful enemy within their own territory." said Viridis as he examined the chainmail gloves on his hands, making sure they were not damaged from any previous battles, just as a spark of electrical energy spark around them.

When both of them entered a range of each other that allowed them both to attack easily, Bob took the first strike and rushed forward quickly, throwing a knife towards Viridis before changing direction and sliding to a stop somewhere beside Viridis. Keeping his eyes on Bob as he moved, Viridis observed his movements carefully, and easily knocked the throwing knife out of the air with his left hand, and readied his right hand to defend and counter in response to Bob stopping beside him. Viridis slashed towards Bob, leaving a trail of electricity in the shape of his clawed gauntlet hanging in the air between him and Bob, as Bob took a few steps away cautiously. Bringing his left hand over and placing it gently on his right elbow as a support, a spherical sized ball of electrical energy appeared in Viridis' hand, and launched it towards Bob just as the electrical claw that was hanging in the air began to disperse. Taking out his Katana and thrusting it into the ground in the path of the attack, Bob ran in a small circle towards Viridis, and while he was still recovering from using his attack, began to strike him in a swift fury to punches.

The ball of energy hit the sword and followed the metal, instantly being grounded and dispersed into the earth below. When he sensed he was getting slower as his rush of attacks started to end, Bob jumped back a few feet and pulled out two throwing knives and heaved them at Viridis. Viridis staggered in pain for a few seconds, and looked up to the incoming knives. Pulling both his arms back, his hands started to charge with electrical energy, and he swung them towards Bob, releasing a shockwave of energy towards Bob. Bob was still recovering from the amount of energy he put into his last barrage of attacks, and was struck by the attack thrown by Viridis, a wave of electricity bursting through Bob's body, knocking him back a great distance, and knocking him unconcious. Breathing a sigh of relief, Viridis took the chance to leave the scene before Bob could recover, grabbing his cloak and vanishing into the shadows between the buildings. No sign of Kanashimi would be found in this town, so Viridis was forced to return with no info, but a story to be told.

Unlike the clear skies in Sibalaia, the skies over the Ancient Ruins were dark and cloudy. A storm was brewing over this area, and that didn't sit well with Zale, who had been told to head for Swandene in search of the Fuhrer alongside the wolf named Frost. "This place is rather creepy." said Frost as he walked through the mud towards the ruins ahead of them. "Yeah. Ruins tend to give off that type of vibe." said Zale, just as a light drizzle started to come down. "We should pick up the pace and make it to the ruins and find shelter. I hate hard rain, and by the looks of the clouds, it's going to pour hard." said Zale, picking up his pace towards the ruins ahead. As they arrived, Zale quickly found sufficient cover under and large rock structure, and took the guitar, The 181, off his back. Frost walked in and sat down near the wall. Sitting down against the wall, Zale began to play a calm music on his guitar which disappeared into the rain and it really began to rain hard.

Almost an hour passed by of the rain before it began to lighten up, the hard rain returning to a light drizzle. Having watched the area nearly the entire time, Frost stood up onto all four legs, and looked curiously out into the clearing storm. Frost began to lightly growl as Zale looked up from his guitar and stopped playing music, wondering what was up. "You see something you don't like?" said Zale quickly. "No. I don't know what it is. It's approaching us slowly though." said Frost, as he motioned towards the silhouette moving through the light rain towards them. Standing up, Zale moved closer, and as it came closer, it's appearance became more apparant. The person's skin was rotting, it's skin missing pieces all over it's body where it's bones were revealed, with some pieces of skin and muscle just hanging in places they shouldn't be. Zale didn't wait a second long, and let out a loud bass solo which hit the creature with enough force to knock it into the air and off it's feet. "What is it?" said Zale as he looked at Frost, who was peering around them. "We're surrounded." said Frost quickly. Zale looked around in responce to this statement, and realized Frost was right. They were everywhere.

"So you came seeking the same thing I did." said a creepy voice from ahead of them. Looking up, Zale noticed the thin frame of a tall man standing on top of a large rock opposite the creatures descending on them. "You're the one behind these...things, aren't you?" said Zale quickly, as his guitar began to spark with electricity, and he changed the way he was holding it. "Yes. It would seem so. You don't enjoy the company of my beautiful friends?" said Necro. "That's all I needed to know. Frost. Watch my back." said Zale as he dashed forward, the undead creatures moving towards him even quicker as if being pulled towards him, and as they came within range, Zale quickly struck them down in a flurry of swings from his 181, which was now electricly charged. Grinning as Zale got closer with each swing, Necro pulled more undead creatures from the ground, and send them towards Zale, simply humouring himself at the sight unfolding before him. "I would be enjoying myself if you weren't doing all this for no reason." said Necro, as Frost landed beside him, having manuveured through the creatures to get closer. Frost jumped at Necro, trying to take a bite out of Necro's neck, but Necro wouldn't be caught off guard that easily, and simply bend backwards, watching the wolf jumped right in front of him face, before three undead creatures appeared in front of him, shielding him.

"Now now. You're not here to fight me today." taunted Necro. Frost growled as Zale appeared falling from above, and crushed the undead in a massive swing of his guitar, before trying to swing towards Necro, who easily began backflipping swifting, avoiding each swing. When Zale slowed down, Necro provided three more undead to resume shielding him. "I think this about concludes this fight." said Necro, as nearly three dozen creatures began descending upon Frost and Necro. "Don't go dying on me." said Necro, turning around and walking away, vanishing behind some rocks. Looking around at the creatures, Zale returned his guitar to how he usually held it, and looked down at Frost. "We'll have to escape. These things are more annoying then they look." said Zale. Stringing together a long bass solo, Zale punched a hole through the circle of creatures that had surrounded him, and dashing through while they had a chance, Zale and Frost made their escape and headed back to headquarters.

Returning to where Kana had last been seen, Mathias had been ordered to wait at the Tradis Bridge and look for any info within the two towns on each side of the river. Though this was a very boring mission, Mathias didn't argue as it got him out and about. Unfortunately for him, this wouldn't be as simple as it was supposd to be, as when Mathias began to cross the Tradis bridge to head to Hibesand to continue his search, he was confronted by massive man, who glared at him from the center of the bridge, his right hand on the hilt of the sword that was strapped to his back. As Mathias got close, the man spoke up. "You seek Kana?" he said in a deep tone. Mathias didn't need to reply to know this wasn't going to end well. Taking a safety step back, Mathias placed his hands on the hilts of his claymores, swinging them forward, taking a battle stance. Watching Mathias do this, the man spoke again. "That answers my question. I am Guts. I've been told to stay here and slow down anyone who is search for Kana." said Guts quickly, swinging his weapon, the Dragonslayer, forward, smashing it into the ground.

"Good. I've been itching for a fight since I left the headquaters." said Mathias, and without much more talking, jumped towards, letting loose a loud roar, "Double Edged Mayhem!" bellowed Mathias as he landed just in front of Guts, swinging his claymores in very precise movements, all to strike Guts in vital locations. Watching the movement of the claymores, Guts used both his metallic arm and his Dragonslayer to deflect the attack, and instantly started counterattacking. This put Mathias on the defensive for a short time, before he starting began to focus his X Factor on Guts, which allowed him to quickly learn his fighting style. It was his way of getting through an enemies attack and defence easily without expending too much energy. As he did this, he started to actually land blows against Guts, who after a few blows to his actual body, staggered backwards slightly. "You learn quickly. I like that." said Guts, swinging his arm forward towards Mathias. A arrow quickly shot out of the wrist of his artificial arm, launching towards Mathias at an amazing speed. Mathias quickly placed his claymores in the ground and crossed them into an X shape, the arrow harmlessly bouncing off of them.

"That was fast, but I was faster." said Mathias, his eyes never losing sight of Guts. "Then I'll do something new." said Guts, as he shot a barrage of arrows towards Mathias, followed quickly by a cannonball fired from the palm of his hand. Mathias altered the position of his claymores in responce to each arrow, and began to position them to stop the cannonball, until Guts reached out, and used his magnetic grip at the last second to slightly pull and deviate the course the cannonball was following, forcing it to slam into the hand of Mathias which was clenched around the hilt of one of his claymores, almost instantly shattering the bones within his right hand. Crying out in pain, Mathias pulled his hand away from his claymores and held it close to his chest, the pain of all the shattered bones breaking his concentration, and his reaction time to anything Guts was doing was lost. Guts swung his Dragonslayer back onto his back. "I was only told to stall anyone seeking Kana. Not kill them." said Guts, returning to his spot at the center of the bridge. Looking back, he glared at Mathias. "Leave. Now, or I will be forced to injure you further." said Guts. Mathias nursed his hand as he considered his options in this fight. With his hand completely broken, he's essentially lost half of his attack power, and against such a powerful foe, continuing this fight would be fruitless, and potentially more dangerous then before. Taking his claymores in his left hand, Mathias slowly back away back towards Eurantea. "We'll finish this another time." said Mathias quickly, and Guts simply ignored his statement.

"Kana, Wake up." said Angus quietly, crouching beside the bed where she rested. Waking up slowly, she was surprised to see him there, "How did you find me?" said Kana, as she sat up. "What, no hello?" said Angus, in a smartass tone of voice. "Fine. Hello. Answer the question." said Kana quickly. "It wasn't hard. I just followed my gut. It lead me here." said Angus. Kana stood up from the bed and approached the door. "That's not good then. If you found me so easily, they will as well." said Kana.

Side effects of reading the above post may include nausea, headaches, itchiness, impotence, temporary blindness, weakness in knees, mild pregnancy, and a loss of faith in humanity. If death occurs, consult a mortician.

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan - Chapter 3: The Search

I do like the idea of having a recap of the characters. If possible it would be awesome if you could note what forum members they are in that one.

Also, I really liked this chapter... it seemed more expansive, gotta say the best one yet!

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan - Chapter 3: The Search

PiSsEdSiLeNtBoB applauds, now then, does anyone have an asprin for bob, bob's head hurts.

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan - Chapter 3: The Search

Huzzah! Henry has made his debut!!! *approving grin*
I like the changes you implemented this chapter. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next chapter (Hopefully with more Henry? Hint hint nudge nudge)

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan - Chapter 3: The Search

Lovely expanse on the fight scenes i must say i enjoyed it
even if it was a tad rushed ;3

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan - Chapter 3: The Search

it twas good way to go

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan - Chapter 3: The Search

somehow you've magically captured the wonderfully sarcastic nature of Angus McAwesome

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Rating: AWESOME!
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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan - Chapter 3: The Search

A lot more fight details in this one, awesome! Also the detailed character logs sound really useful - as Kana says, include forum member names so we know who's who ^^.

Zale kicked some zombie butt in this chapter, nice to see him make an explosive debut!

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan - Chapter 3: The Search

+ Rep for you. Awesome part 3~!
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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan - Chapter 3: The Search


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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan - Chapter 3: The Search

omg the was freaking awesome cant wait for mathias and guts to finish their little dispute

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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan - Chapter 3: The Search

Very good! I'll agree with others, you should add the forum member's name to whom the character's belong to. More detailed than the other two chapters.

You have my invisible seal of awesome. *thumbs up*
Need something new. Until then, Oshawott disguised as Piplup!

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