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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

<SenpuuTribal> HAKU-CHAN IS SO SMART!!!!
<SenpuuTribal> *bows* PRAISE BE TO HAKU!

<Cameron> I like Vee
<Cameron> She sings and has a pretty voice!

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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

<Aeri> So like, I've been voted in by my friends and family (*cough*traitors*cough*) to become a contestant in the Miss Pahrump pageant.
<twilly> You too?!
<xxjellybeanzxx> Pahrump?
<Aeri> I think I would have to be more reserved and lady-like than you think to have a chance at that
* Aeri sniffs
<Aeri> twilly = Miss Pahrump 2011
<Zero_Gravity> jelly should totally open up
[01:45] <Aeri> xxjellybeanzxx: the town I live in, remember?
<twilly> Yeah I know. I'm on a diet for this one. I think I have a chance.
<xxjellybeanzxx> Oh.
* Aeri s
<Aeri> with your metabolism girl, you don't need a diet
<xxjellybeanzxx> Zero_Gravity: Jelly will not.
<Zero_Gravity> >:c
jelly = no fun
<Aeri> if you did, you'd look like a stick, and it would your bikini contest event v_v
*would hurt
[01:46] Ah. I don't even know what this pageant entails. Is it nearly as serious as Miss United States?
<Renku|Drawing> XD Pfff Zero
<twilly> Pfft. Not with these lumps.
I am for sure gonna win
<Aeri> ; A ; I might as well get fake boobs now; twilly totally has me beat in that area
[01:47] <Renku|Drawing> XD
<Aeri> but twilly
<twilly> Yup. Might as well as give up now.
<Aeri> you have NOTHING on my ♫♫♫ >:D
* Renku|Drawing is laughing so hard
<Aeri> I grew up in the projects and have the as of a black girl >:D
So I'm totally not giving up yet
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=-= Mode #918thefan +v Sailor-Moon by GlaD0S
<Aeri> 0MOON
<twilly> Where you live doesn't make your bum what it is.
<Renku|Drawing> XD Moon~!
=-= Mode #918thefan +o Sailor-Moon by GlaD0S
[01:48] <xxjellybeanzxx> Twilly is so pretty and just looks /amazing/ in a skirt. owo
* Zero_Gravity wears a skirt
<Zero_Gravity> :D
<twilly> I was born with this bootay.
<Aeri> Sailor-Moon: Who would win the title of Miss Pahrump 2011, me or twilly?!
<Sailor-Moon> AERI
<Zero_Gravity> Moon
<Sailor-Moon> wtf
<Quostin> i want to play starcraft 2...
but my laptop is so slow. :(
<Aeri> D:< You know it has to be me
<Sailor-Moon> I typed what i was reading, bc some other message popped up
<Renku|Drawing> XD
<twilly> Aeri is just sad my butt is cuter than hers.
[01:49] <Aeri> No WAY BETCH
You may have more tits than I do
but you cannot NOT touch my butt
<NeonX> I say twilly
<Aeri> tish
<twilly> Psssshah!
* Aeri snaps
<twilly> Girl please.
<Aeri> Oh no you di'n't
<NeonX> Oh yes he did.
<twilly> Mmmmmhmmmmmmmmmmmm!
<Aeri> Oh snap
[01:50] xxjellybeanzxx: girl hold my earrings, somethin's about to go down here
* Zero_Gravity rolls about
-->| SenpuuTribal (qwebirc@Rizon-8043B4F0.lns3.woo.bigpond.net.au) has joined #918thefan
=-= Mode #918thefan +v SenpuuTribal by GlaD0S
<xxjellybeanzxx> XD
* xxjellybeanzxx holds Aeri's earrings.
<Renku|Drawing> XD Saney~!
=-= NeonX is now known as Neon|Sleep
<SenpuuTribal> Hey Renku
<Neon|Sleep> I bet on twilly
<twilly> You might have a butt, we can agree on that... but you don't have a badonkadonk like me, yo. Uh! What?!
[01:51] <SenpuuTribal> o.o
<Zero_Gravity> <___<
<Renku|Drawing> XD
<Aeri> Uh! What?! Is right, girlfriend. You don't know WHAT chu talkin about!
* Renku|Drawing is dying here
<twilly> Girlfriend be crazy.
<Aeri> And look at that frizzy-♫♫♫ moptop you got there, girlfriend, what IS that? I bet you lose stuff in there every day.
<SenpuuTribal> 20$ says Twill will get rolled.
<Neon|Sleep> Girlfriend be trifling and lunching.
=-= Sailor-Moon has changed the topic to “http://918thefan.com |DJ Moon is taking requests first, and taking names later! Tune in now! | Newest Posts: POKEMON ROUND TABLE http://918thefan.com/2011/eagleeyes-...tion-solution/ HEY YOU! ENTER THIS CONTEST! http://918thefan.com/2011/contest-fa...a-giveaway/”
<twilly> Oh lawd, hunny. You just jealous I got more volume than you!
[01:52] <Zero_Gravity> $30 says Aeri caves in and kicks twilly in the man hood for the win
<twilly> Ouch... need some ice for that burn?
<SenpuuTribal> Touche..
<xxjellybeanzxx> Is it wrong that I'm reading all of this in a stereotypical 'ghetto' accent?
<SenpuuTribal> Sadly...No
<Aeri> UH I don't need your, uh "VOLUME" when I got my straight, SHINE, baby gurl. My hair is so soft people ask me if I stole it from a unircorn
<twilly> ^ What we're aiming for.
* Zero_Gravity shrugs
<Aeri> *unicorn >_>
<xxjellybeanzxx> I'm betting Aeri can take twillz on, easy.
<Renku|Drawing> XD No. I am too
[01:53] <Neon|Sleep> Yeah, that's what they're aiming for jelly, lol.
<xxjellybeanzxx> I figured, but still. XD
Hi. owo
<Neon|Sleep> Girlfriend be such a bamma.
<SenpuuTribal> Well have fun...doing whatever the hell it is your doing, i need fuel for my stomachs ((thats right, theres a S there<.<)) so i be back!
<Sailor-Moon> JELLYB
<twilly> A unicorn's ♫♫♫ maybe, cause girl that ♫♫♫♫ be dank as hell. A little humidity and you're all over, babe. Mine just keeps gaianing umph.
<xxjellybeanzxx> xDDDDDDDDD
[01:54] <Renku|Drawing> XD I'm going to chat quote this no- XD in a bit
<Sailor-Moon> LAWL
<Neon|Sleep> Lol he just carried your ♫♫♫, Aeri
<Aeri> Uh, yeah, like, whatEVER BETCH, you know who can't walk like I do. Little mama, I OWN that catwalk. Years of dance taught me how to dance, walk, run, and HIKE in them stilettos baby gurl, and you trip as soon as the first breeze touches that "umph" of yours, cause FIRSS of all, you got NO grace, or balance WHATsoEVER, and second, that fro is so big and heavy it must knock you over all the...
...time. So. good luck with gettin grades from those judges out there sweetpea
* Aeri smacks her lips
[01:59] <twilly> Oh no you diiiiiiiidn't! Girl, I was walking all over these hoes before you were even thought about! Catwalk, pfft, that's child games, gurl! When I strut my stuff, we call that a TIGER PROWL, baby! You are a youngin' and I like yer spunk, but if you wanna party with the cougars girl, you need more than a quick thought and purdy lil' mouth. Psssshah!
<Hiiragi> .k twilly vanilla ice. exit stage left!
=-= twilly was booted from #918thefan by GlaD0S (vanilla ice. exit stage left!)
-->| twilly (~twilly@Rizon-9DA684F6.lv.lv.cox.net) has joined #918thefan
<GlaD0S> [twilly] Fuko and Twilly, sitting in a tree.. S-T-A-R-F-I-S-H!
=-= Mode #918thefan +o twilly by GlaD0S
[02:00] <Sailor-Moon> LAWL
<twilly> lol
<Aeri> Ugh, well, you're right about something. I'm young. And you ARE a cougar. Girl, you are so old, boys RUN when they see you walking by. Man I heard of a MILF, but you darling are definitely a GILF. THAT'S why I'll be winning, because I'm young and fresh, and you, are dust.
* Aeri snaps
[02:01] <Sailor-Moon> LMFAO
<The_Tenth_Doctor> XD I just snorted so hard, it actually hurt. I think I came in at the right time tonight.
[02:02] <Aeri> The_Tenth_Doctor: actually a bit late; you missed most of it
Sailor-Moon: xxjellybeanzxx Renku|Drawing chat quotes I'm thinking?
[02:03] <Sailor-Moon> YES
<Renku|Drawing> XD I am
<xxjellybeanzxx> DEFINITELY.
<The_Tenth_Doctor> Aeri: Oh, well thanks for mentioning it, but it's still quite entertaining.
<Aeri> Sailor-Moon: ah, you missed a bit though. I'll do it. xD
<Renku|Drawing> XD Imma post if you're done
<Aeri> Well it does seem to me as though that skanky ho over there has resigned to defeat
[02:04] * Aeri polishes her perfectly manicured nails on her blouse
blows on them
<twilly> Betch please! When have you ever heard of an amateur out-performing a professional such as muah? NEVER! I'll walk thee stilettos up and down your jank ♫♫♫! Something you don't understand is what all these judges are gonna want, and that is experience, and hun, well... you just ain't got that.
[02:06] <Aeri> Uh, girl, you ain't got the legs for those heels, even with experience. And baby gurl, a bit of advice? You might want to talk to your manicurist about praying for your cuticle beds. What are you, a boy? Ugh, your hands look like you do nothing but hard labor all day. and calluses on your FINGERTIPS? What? Girlfriend are you trying to be a musician? You can't win MISS Pahrump like that hunbun.
[02:07] <twilly> Hunbun? XD
[02:08] <Sailor-Moon> lololololol
<twilly> lol
<Aeri> ._. you haven't heard that one before?
<Renku|Drawing> XD
<twilly> No, I haven't... grandma.
<Sailor-Moon> OOOOOH
|<-- cdoublej has left irc.rizon.net (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
<Aeri> What? I thought we established YOU were the cougar/GILF with the extra experience?
[02:09] Or are you taking back all that big talk you made at me earlier
<twilly> Apparently I was mistaken. You definitely have the droopier boobs.
<Aeri> Cause all bark and no bite never won ANYBODY a pageant, much less you or me sweetheart
Oh, what?
Excuse me?
I know you just did NOT.
<twilly> Ya'heard me
<Sailor-Moon> oh boy XD
[02:10] <twilly> Droopy ♫♫♫ hanging there flappin' in the wind fried eggs on a nail floppy boobies.
<Renku|Drawing> XD Oh gosh
<Aeri> Um, no, I have these nice little B's up here that aren't big enough to droop or sag next to your.. what are those? Double G's? betch PLEASE.
You are just about to make me angry, and then I will have to rip that nappy ♫♫♫ weave out your head.
[02:11] * Sailor-Moon is nearly rolling on the floor, and can't breathe
<xxjellybeanzxx> And now I'm bored.
<The_Tenth_Doctor> I find it amusing you called Twilly a Grandma and just mentioned double G's. Fitting, I'd think.
<twilly> At least my hurrr be real, ya bald-headed wig-wearin floozie.
<Sailor-Moon> *snort*
<Renku|Drawing> Oooo~
[02:12] He went there!
|<-- JinnRemona has left irc.rizon.net (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
<The_Tenth_Doctor> Every time I think it can't get any worse, it does. XD I can't breathe, I'm laughing so hard. XD
<xxjellybeanzxx> XD
<Renku|Drawing> XD IK
<Aeri> I'm not even going to MENTION who MIGHT have paid for that giant monstrosities; who had to sleep with to get them, skank. And please, this hair was BORN like this. Look at both of my parents. What? European. Strongly Italian. Thick, long brown hair runs in my family
so don't even START with me, before I have to deal with you physically.
[02:13] <xxjellybeanzxx> So violent, Aeri.
[02:14] <Aeri> I do what I have to to put ho's in dey place.
<Aeri> T_T
<xxjellybeanzxx> Why you cry?
<Aeri> No cry, serious face.
[02:15] TT_TT is cry.
<xxjellybeanzxx> >>
<twilly> european is right, ya non-shaving ♫♫♫ stank-hoe! Don't make me go all Aretha Franklin on yo ♫♫♫ child. You've been beat, now sit down and let me learn ya somethin' about bein' a pageant winner.
[02:16] <Renku|Drawing> D: Your fighting is ripping us apart~!
<Sailor-Moon> *dying laughing* Oh, this deserves an on air mention XDDDD
<Aeri> Oh, right, how many pageants have you won? Miss Geezer of 1832? That's what I thought, hunny.
[02:17] <Renku|Drawing> XD Mention the Chat quote link when their done
[02:18] <xxjellybeanzxx> Well, none of this really matters, coz Imma swamp their asses, seeing as /I'm/ prettier than the both of them combined. owo
<Sailor-Moon> ....
<xxjellybeanzxx> x3
<Sailor-Moon> oh god, dont Jelly
* Renku|Drawing is now thinking of Farly Odd Parents
<xxjellybeanzxx> Oh, but I just did.
<twilly> Protip: People who call themselves pretty generally aren't.
<Aeri> Oh, WHAT, now you're insulting my HERITAGE, AW HELL NAW, it is ON, now. For your information I was Prom Queen my FRESHMAN year of High School, Uh-huh. I'm THAT hot.
[02:19] <xxjellybeanzxx> Or you're jailbait.
<Renku|Drawing> Lets Vote!
<xxjellybeanzxx> Don't drop the soap, Aeri!
<Renku|Drawing> Oh gosh Jelly!
<xxjellybeanzxx> xDD
[02:20] <Aeri> twilly: xDDD okay okay, truce?
<xxjellybeanzxx> I have my own fanclub! >:U Of course I'll win over them.
<Renku|Drawing> Which I think is done
<twilly> Must of been a real choice, them having to choose between all 4 of you out in that hicktown! Let's see, Skank-hoe nappy head, the goat, Granny-Smith or the Ice Sculpture? I guess we'll give it to her, she does have a dress on right? It kinda looks like tablecloth.
<xxjellybeanzxx> Sailor-Moon: You should join my fanclub. owo
<Renku|Drawing> CHAT QUOTE
<Aeri> WHAT
[02:21] excuse me, I grew up in DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES, SLUT, I did not grow up some "HICKTOWN" like you say
[02:22] <xxjellybeanzxx> Guuuuurl.
You got told.
<twilly> Betch, you're a California girl in your dreams. Get back to herding the cattle and I'll call you when supper is done.
<xxjellybeanzxx> ...
<Aeri> Uh-huh, right? Will there be sammiches when I get back in?
<xxjellybeanzxx> Apparently.
<Renku|Drawing> XD Twilly's in the kitchen like a WOMAN!
<Aeri> because that's what you ARE, a ho who needs to stay in the KITCHEN
<xxjellybeanzxx> TWILLY, MAKE ME A SAMMICH.
<twilly> I think you have some cow-s*** on your lip, oh wait nah, that's a stache.
<Aeri> and make me a SAMMICH WOMAN
<twilly> Girl get that checked out
[02:23] <xxjellybeanzxx> OOOOHHHH
Guuuurl. That's just /bad/.
[02:24] You kiss your mama with that mouth?
<Aeri> A stache? really? that's it? Hunny, if I was in a pageant and I had a stache, don't you think it would be waxed? I'm not sloppy and careless about this competition like you.
[02:25] <twilly> Alright gurl, I'm hanging up now. See ya Sunday hun, we still going to tanning salon?
<Renku|Drawing> XD I like how she didn't deny it
<twilly> ^ How quickly girls change feelings
<xxjellybeanzxx> XD
<twilly> Budum-tish
<Aeri> Yeah, girl, we gotta make that appointment on Sunday on look gooooooood for those judges, ya hurd?
<xxjellybeanzxx> ♥
<twilly> Well that was fun. Aeri, we should of totally changed our names to Shaniqua and Shanaynay or something
<Aeri> So, like... what just happened
<Renku|Drawing> XD I love you guys so much
<xxjellybeanzxx> xDDD
<Aeri> I seriously have no idea what just happened
<twilly> Me either
<xxjellybeanzxx> It's all right
I don't think anyone does.
<Sailor-Moon> LOLOL
[02:27] it was epic
<Renku|Drawing> Your inner Black girls came out
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Renku is meh
Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

<xxjellybeanzxx> http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphot..._1372197_n.jpg
<Aeri> must not do unless with friends in daylight and burning sage
[03:08] xxjellybeanzxx: NOT CLICKING
<twilly> AWESOME!
<Kyondesu> lol
-->| Kanashimi_ (~Kanashimi@Rizon-966BD8FC.lv.lv.cox.net) has joined #918thefan
=-= Mode #918thefan +v Kanashimi_ by GlaD0S
<Sailor-Moon> Kannaaaa
<xxjellybeanzxx> Aeri: Butbut she has bows in her hair.
<Renku|Drawing> LOLOLOLOL
|<-- Kanashimi has left irc.rizon.net (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
<Kyondesu> I love it
<xxjellybeanzxx> Well, a bow.
* Aeri has to click now
<xxjellybeanzxx> And she has a loli and she's blushing.
<Renku|Drawing> D: Aww it's almost over
<xxjellybeanzxx> It's not scary anymore. XD
[03:09] <Aeri> xxjellybeanzxx: that's one's easier to look at
<Sailor-Moon> And no, its not
<The_Tenth_Doctor> XD That's adorable.
<twilly> I told you guys, she is super kawaii
<xxjellybeanzxx> Sailor-Moon: It's from Supernatural.
<Sailor-Moon> oooh
<twilly> Now back off, she's mine
<Neon|Sleep> Oh, supernatural.
<xxjellybeanzxx> xDDD
<Aeri> xDDDDD
<Neon|Sleep> IS CHUCK GOD
<Sailor-Moon> i dont want that creepy brat
* Aeri kidnaps twills' future gf
<Neon|Sleep> http://www.supernaturalwiki.com/inde...=Chuck_Shurley
[03:10] * Neon|Sleep hails
[03:11] <twilly> Totally uploaded to my FB now
<xxjellybeanzxx> xDD
<twilly> That is the best
<xxjellybeanzxx> You're welcome. XD
[03:12] It was hard to draw with just the touch pad on a laptop. XD
<twilly> You did an awesome job.
<xxjellybeanzxx> Thank yah, darlin'.
<twilly> I am going to put that in my wallet and on my phone so girls know I'm happily taken.
<xxjellybeanzxx> xDDDDDD
[03:13] Blendermouth is a beauty, isn't she? XD
<Aeri> .....
<twilly> Her beauty knows no limits.
<xxjellybeanzxx> She is divine.
[03:14] |<-- Neon|Sleep has left irc.rizon.net (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
<twilly> When I gaze into her eyes, it's like I'm gazing into the dark abyss, the depths of my soul, even. Our love is pretty deep.
<xxjellybeanzxx> Sailor-Moon: Have you seen the edited picture of Blendermouth?
Wow, Shanaynay. I wish I could have that kind of romance with someone.
-->| Kajiki (~raug@yuri.no.kyoukai) has joined #918thefan
[03:15] =-= Mode #918thefan +ao Kajiki Kajiki by GlaD0S
* xxjellybeanzxx sighs whistfully.
<Sailor-Moon> yeah
<twilly> One day, jelly, one day
<xxjellybeanzxx> One can only hope and dream!
<twilly> A love like hers and mine only comes once or twice a millenia
<xxjellybeanzxx> True, true.
[03:16] * xxjellybeanzxx nods.
<xxjellybeanzxx> When's the wedding going to be??
[03:17] I can't wait to see your guys' kids. owo
<Sailor-Moon> Any other requests?
<twilly> We haven't put a date on it, but we'd like all of you to be there. It would mean a lot to her and I. We even have Slendy as my best man! It is going to be a time, let me tell you.
[03:18] <xxjellybeanzxx> Sounds so fun!
<twilly> Our kids are gonna be afro-blenders.
<xxjellybeanzxx> I'll definitely be there!
Especially since Blendermouth and I go /way/ back.
[03:19] <twilly> lol
So anyways
I think we killed everyone
<xxjellybeanzxx> I think we did. XD
<twilly> Zombie-wife, bring them back to life with your magical girl powers!
<Renku|Drawing> o.o
<xxjellybeanzxx> They're still staring in awe at Blendermouth's beauty.
[03:20] <twilly> ^
I do not blame them
<Renku|Drawing> XD I'm trying to find out what she is
<xxjellybeanzxx> .nowplaying
<Brie> Now Playing: Cristina Vee - Super Driver (English Version)
<xxjellybeanzxx> Ugh, Vee. ><
<Kyondesu> ...
<xxjellybeanzxx> ?
* Kyondesu does not like the english ver of this song
[03:21] <xxjellybeanzxx> .nowplaying
<Brie> Now Playing: Ali Project - National Awakening Catharsis
[03:22] <Kyondesu> :D
<xxjellybeanzxx> Sailor-Moon: Did you put in my requests? I haven't heard them yet.
Theonly one I heard was still dol.
*The only
*Still Doll
<Sailor-Moon> it played a while back
<twilly> Okay, I think I need to go hop out of my clothes and into my bed. For real this time.
I need sleep. D:
[03:23] <Sailor-Moon> i couldnt find the other one
<twilly> You gys need to stop being so interesting!
<xxjellybeanzxx> ? I gave you more before that.
I said I'm Alive! by Becca, Jelly Beans, and Uso by SID.
<Sailor-Moon> noooo, you asked me if we had any Cheiko Kawabe stuff
<xxjellybeanzxx> Shanaynay, go have wonderful dreams of Blendermouth!
<Sailor-Moon> oh those are in there lol
<xxjellybeanzxx> lol k?
[03:24] <Renku|Drawing> OK TWILLY'S WIFE IS A Changeling!
<xxjellybeanzxx> NO.
<twilly> My friend just called me the world's 3rd largest consumer of sugar. T_T Is that true?
<xxjellybeanzxx> ...Is that a bad thing?
<Renku|Drawing> \^
<twilly> I don't think so. :3
<xxjellybeanzxx> Coz, you know, I would call that a personal achievement.
[03:25] <twilly> I am having a hard time making it to be though, I had some poptarts and cupcakes not too long ago..
<xxjellybeanzxx> XD
Have Blendermouth sing you to sleep.
<twilly> She has the voice of an angel.
<xxjellybeanzxx> That should be interesting.
<Renku|Drawing> o.o I think Aeri passed out
<twilly> ^
<Aeri> no way
[03:26] <xxjellybeanzxx> lol
<Brie> Now Playing: See-Saw - A Stray Child
<twilly> Don't worry, I'll send zombie-wife over there to revive her.
Oh, nvm.
<Renku|Drawing> Where you been then
<Aeri> twilly: giggity?
<xxjellybeanzxx> Is it wrong that I'm over here, doing my nails?
<twilly> ?
<Renku|Drawing> XD
<twilly> Jelly: No. Is it wrong that I'm over her doing mine?
<xxjellybeanzxx> Of course not, Shanaynay.
[03:27] Imma start calling you Naynay. Or something shorter. XD
<Aeri> Is it wrong that I'm over here--oh wait, nevermind
<xxjellybeanzxx> LOL
* xxjellybeanzxx 's mind went right for the gutter.
<twilly> Oh boy
<Renku|Drawing> XD
<Aeri> ...
* Aeri giggles
<twilly> Zombie-wife, avert your eyes.
<xxjellybeanzxx> XD
[03:28] <Aeri> O_O
<Sailor-Moon> you guys are more gutter balls than i am
<Renku|Drawing> What eyes >>
<xxjellybeanzxx> ^
<Sailor-Moon> ^^
<Aeri> LOL
<Renku|Drawing> XD hehr
<twilly> You have to love her to see them.
<Aeri> o.o
=-= xxjellybeanzxx is now known as Blendermouth
<Aeri> What? no
<twilly> D:
<Blendermouth> Hraaagh
<twilly> WIFEY
<Aeri> Blendermouth and I are having plenty of fun at my place
<Blendermouth> Graaah
<Renku|Drawing> D: But I love eye-less peeps~!
<Aeri> Blendermouth: right?
[03:29] * twilly cuddles with Blendermouth
<Blendermouth> Haagh
<Aeri> see? that was a yes
* Blendermouth noms on husband's head.
<twilly> ...little to the left.
* Blendermouth noms a little to the left.
<twilly> XD
* Aeri dies laughing
<Renku|Drawing> Aeri
<Sailor-Moon> LOL
<Renku|Drawing> Aeri
<twilly> You are the best zombie-wife ever.
<Blendermouth> graaahhgh
<Aeri> yeah Ren?
[03:30] <Renku|Drawing> Quote it
<twilly> And I love you long time.
<Renku|Drawing> *this
<Aeri> indeed
<The_Tenth_Doctor> XD I just died laughing at that... oh you guys....
<Blendermouth> hrghghaaghgh
<Renku|Drawing> With the link
[03:31] <twilly> Blendermouth, look what I got for you!
* Blendermouth drools because of the absence of lips.
* twilly pulls out a lollipop
<Blendermouth> O.O
* Blendermouth noms the lolli
|<-- netforce has left irc.rizon.net (Remote host closed the connection)
<twilly> It is your favorite flavor, hunny.
[03:32] <Blendermouth> graaagghghghrrrghgha
<twilly> Awww...
You're so cute when you drool.
<Blendermouth> hhhrghgnghghnnnghh
<Aeri> Jesus, someone tell me when it's over
<Blendermouth> ...
* Blendermouth noms on Aeri's arm.
<Renku|Drawing> XD
<Aeri> See?
[03:33] Told you she likes me
<twilly> Oh really, zombie-wife?
* Blendermouth takes a chunk out of Aeri's arm.
<twilly> Well
<Renku|Drawing> o.o
* Kyondesu watches from the shadows
<twilly> I guess we can make room if you want
* Blendermouth gives the chunk of flesh to husband.
<Renku|Drawing> :O
[03:34] <Aeri> So uh
<twilly> Hun, I can't.. you know I don't eat meat. Here, I'll chew it for you though and make you a slurpie.
<Renku|Drawing> Only thing better then a chunk of flesh is an eyeball
<Aeri> ...and she can drink it out of your mouth?
* Aeri spews
<twilly> PFT
You think we are uncivil or something?
<Sailor-Moon> ......reminds me of Ouran....
* twilly hands Blendermouth a cup
[03:35] <Aeri> or something ._.
<twilly> Sheesh
<The_Tenth_Doctor> Moon, get out of my head.
<Sailor-Moon> LAWL no
* Blendermouth noms on the cup.
<Sailor-Moon> I like it here ^_^
<The_Tenth_Doctor> XD Lol... fine... ;D
<Sailor-Moon> ;D
<Blendermouth> hhrrrrrghhhghgnnnnghghgrrrerrr
[03:36] * twilly loves Blendermouth so much
<twilly> You
* Aeri suddenly develops blendermouth zombie virus through hole in arm
<twilly> <3
=-= Aeri is now known as Blendermouth2
<Blendermouth> gggrrraaaghhhh
<twilly> HOLY SH*T
<Renku|Drawing> :O
<twilly> SCORE! TWINS!
<Renku|Drawing> XD
* Blendermouth stares at Blendermouth2.
[03:37] * Blendermouth2 stares back at Blendermouth
* Blendermouth attacks.
<twilly> Go go Blendermouth Twins fanfics!
* Blendermouth2 noms
<Renku|Drawing> lol
<Blendermouth2> huuuuururuurrhgbba;skjdhfb;glglgllll
* Blendermouth noms on Blendermouth2's face.
<Renku|Drawing> :O No she didn't!
* Blendermouth2 noms on Blendermouth's thigh
[03:38] <Sailor-Moon> ....
* Blendermouth rips off Blendermouth2's weave.
<Sailor-Moon> LOL
<Renku|Drawing> >> Where is that mud?
* Blendermouth2 has no weave to rip off. Licks Blendermouth
[03:39] <twilly> This is awesome
* Blendermouth2 with her BARBED TONGUE OF DOOM
<Blendermouth2> NNNNGHBLASHhggbNNNNN
[03:40] * Blendermouth noms on Blendermouth2's eyesocket.
<Renku|Drawing> :D
* Blendermouth2 noms on Blendermouth's husband. WHAT NOW?
* Blendermouth pushes Blendermouth2 away. ♫♫♫♫♫, BACK OFF MY MAN.
<Blendermouth2> NNNnhuheutdgAHHHGAHHDGGBBBBBBNN
[03:41] <Blendermouth> HRRRRRGADERRRRRR
<twilly> Girls
[03:42] <twilly> Calm down... I have TWO halves of a brain!
<Blendermouth> KRRGGHGH
* Blendermouth noms all over husband.
<Blendermouth2> ...nghblkghj
* Blendermouth2 noms on Blendermouth
* twilly hands Blendermouth and Blendermouth2 his brain loaves.
[03:43] <Blendermouth2> ..nsgdhbbbsb!!!!
* Blendermouth noms on the brains and pushes Blendermouth2 into a mud puddle.
<Renku|Drawing> XD Can this be considered porn?
<twilly> Soft-core at best
<The_Tenth_Doctor> I'm almost curious to ask of there will be a version of this on the Girls Gone Zombies: Blendermouths in the Bahamas edition....
* Blendermouth2 noms her brain half before Blendermouth can STEAL it. Splashes Blendermouth with the mud
<twilly> LOL
<Renku|Drawing> XD
<twilly> The_Tenth_Doctor just made my night.
[03:44] |<-- HeikaHaku has left irc.rizon.net (Quit: If you strike me down, I will become *cough* Well, that was unexpected. *dies*)
<Renku|Drawing> XD There's the mud
<The_Tenth_Doctor> twilly: Why thank you. Glad I could be amusing! X3
* Blendermouth holds Blendermouth2 face down in the mud.
* Blendermouth2 grabs Blendermouth by the arms and flips her in the puddle, then rubs the mud in her face
* Blendermouth bites at Blendermouth2's neck and flips her over, pinning her down.
<twilly> This turned from a nomming fest to a wrestling match
<Renku|Drawing> >>
[03:46] (^.^)b
<twilly> ^
<Blendermouth> :|b
* Blendermouth2 flings mud in Blendermouth's eye sockets
<Blendermouth> RAAAAAAAGH
* Blendermouth shoves rocks into Blendermouth2's mouth.
* Blendermouth2 blends them effectively
* Blendermouth sticks rocks in Blendermouth2's eyesockets.
[03:47] * Blendermouth2 flails and scratches every inch of Blendermouth she can reach
[03:48] * Blendermouth gives something that sounds like a laugh, ties Blendermouth2 to a tree, then noms all over husband.
<twilly> Alright, zombie-wives. I really am going to go to bed now. I'll wait up for you. ;)
* Blendermouth2 destroys bonds and comes bounding after on all fours
<Renku|Drawing> XD Twilly, will you remember this tomorrow?
[03:49] * twilly hands his lovelies more two more lollipops and heads to sleep.
<twilly> Renku: I sure hope so.
<Renku|Drawing> XD
<twilly> Anyways, night guys. :3
|<-- twilly has left irc.rizon.net (Quit: Off, off and away!!! *crashing sounds* ...okay, so this PARTICULAR starfish can't fly. Who knew?)
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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

<&Kanashimi> Feel so better after sleep
* &Kanashimi rolls
* @EagleEyes rolls Kana with a stick
<+Renku> Sleep is good
* &Kanashimi breaks stick in half with her laser eyes
<@EagleEyes> O_O
* @EagleEyes backs away slowly
<&Kanashimi> *_*
<+Renku> o.o That must of been one hell of a sleep
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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

* GlaD0S gives voice to Cerulaine
<Zero_Gravity> OH GAWD ITS CERU
* Zero_Gravity puts her stuff back
<Rainbow-Dash> SWEET BUTTER BEANS CERU A NEW PONYBEAT IS OUT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=WR0yXVcmP_k
<K6K> CERU! :D
<velociraptor_nerd> Ceru is alive?
* Fluttershy couhgs.
<Fluttershy> *coughs
<Cerulaine> Hi lol
* HATCH (qwebirc@Rizon-2403DEAA.san.res.rr.com) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives voice to HATCH
<K6K> Hi Ceru :D long time no see
<velociraptor_nerd> omg its a HATCH
<Cerulaine> ^^
* GlaD0S gives channel operator status to Cerulaine
<NeonX> Ohai Ceru. I see you're feeling better.
<Cerulaine> Yeah
<Cerulaine> I still have slight congestion
<K6K> I heard you weren't feeling well, glad to hear you're doing better *hugs*
<Cerulaine> But now I'm gone because I have school work to do
<Cerulaine> Trying to catch up
<Cerulaine> What with being sick and the move
<Cerulaine> Have to work my entire spring break
<K6K> I heard you were going to be djing tonight, so I wanted to be on for your show
<K6K> that sucks
<Aeri>  ┏━┓
<Cerulaine> Who told you I was DJing? XD
<Aeri> ━━━━━━
<Aeri> ミΘc_Θ-ミ
<K6K> I think it was Jubi or someone who said you'd be djing tonight
<Renku> XD Fil
<Renku> *Fail
<Cerulaine> Well Jubi is a stupid pony
<Cerulaine> :P
<K6K> lol
<Zero_Gravity> I thought Amooi was a stoopid poneh
<NeonX> Yes, Amui is a stupid pony.
<K6K> been a very patient person since I had a song request since yesterday but D: nobody been djing when I'm one
<K6K> *on
* Cerulaine pats
<Cerulaine> Well Kroze and Hatch will be here
<K6K> and its a good one too D:
<Cerulaine> Which I was invited to crash with them
<Rainbow-Dash> You're both super lucky I'm not Christmas.
<Cerulaine> But I denied lol
<Rainbow-Dash> In which case I'd do this
* You have been kicked from #918thefan by Rainbow-Dash (Hmm...Twitchy-Twitcha-Twitcha-Twitch!)
* Now talking on #918thefan
* Topic for #918thefan is: http://918thefan.com | Peace and quiet on the weekend. Which will be shattered by the double cons next week... | HEY YOU! ENTER THIS CONTEST! http://918thefan.com/2011/contest-fa...rara-giveaway/
* Topic for #918thefan set by christmas4477!~chatzilla@Rizon-839355C2.hsd1.nh.comcast.net at Sat Apr 16 17:34:33 2011
* GlaD0S gives voice to NeonX
<K6K> or should I lose hope of requesting this request of mine? XD
<NeonX> Lol, I deserved that.
* Kyondesu (~anonymous@Rizon-DC26019D.jetstream.xtra.co.nz) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives voice to Kyondesu
<Cerulaine> I'm sorry but I always think of Dash as a man
* SenpuuTribal (qwebirc@Rizon-8043B4F0.lns3.woo.bigpond.net.au) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives voice to SenpuuTribal
<Cerulaine> It's like how I'm a trap
<Renku> Sany~!
<Rainbow-Dash> You're not a trap anymore.
<K6K> because everyone luvs you Ceru <3
<SenpuuTribal> Hey renku
<K6K> thats why you're the trap XD
<Cerulaine> No
<Cerulaine> I'm not jailbait anymore
<Cerulaine> I can still be a trap
<Aeri> Ceru was never a trap to me v-v
<Aeri> oh wait, cause I'm a girl
<K6K> lol XD who said anything about being jailbait?
<NeonX> Rainbow-Dash is a like a man poneh though. Well, from the first 5 minutes, that's what I can tell.
<Cerulaine> I was jailbait
<Cerulaine> Until...
<Rainbow-Dash> I wasn't jailbait anymore at 16, because of South Carolina laws.
<Cerulaine> 4 days ago
<Cerulaine> Now I am legal
<Cerulaine> XD
<Aeri> xD
* Chibi-Haku makes an obnoxious comment and then walks away.
<SenpuuTribal> Nicely done
* Aeri bites haku
<K6K> well, happy late birthday :D
<velociraptor_nerd> lol
<Cerulaine> Thank you ^^
<NeonX> Well done, Haku.
* velociraptor_nerd bites Aeri
* NeonX bites Aeri
* Aeri slaps Nerd
<Aeri> WHAT
<velociraptor_nerd> D:
<Aeri> WHAT
<velociraptor_nerd> lol
<Renku> XD
* Aeri pushes Neon off and walks away
<K6K> you're welcome XD
* Ishtar (cgiirc@Rizon-7759A60C.dr01.hpjc.ny.frontiernet.net) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives voice to Ishtar
<NeonX> That's what you get for biting people.
<Renku> Bit twice!\
<SenpuuTribal> o.o
<velociraptor_nerd> see me, Neon, and Haku are bros
<K6K> I turned 22 in February :D
<Aeri> ...right
<SenpuuTribal> Lmao
<velociraptor_nerd> D: I want to be 22 I'm only 20
<NeonX> Happy belated birthday then
<Chibi-Haku> I turn 19 sometime within the next year. :D
<K6K> thanks
<NeonX> I turn 21 in August
<K6K> lol, I feel old here
<NeonX> not gonna drink though
<Chibi-Haku> Good man.
<NeonX> Moon's like 27
<NeonX> but u might not know Moon
<Renku> >> *wanders away for a bit*
<K6K> Nope
<velociraptor_nerd> I don't turn 21 till Austamas
<NeonX> she usually DJs during the late hours
<SenpuuTribal> 21 is such a boring age
<Rainbow-Dash> WAIT
<Aeri> According to my ID I turn 21 in 2014
<Rainbow-Dash> Cirnolame saw the latest ep?
<HATCH> 21 is an excellent age!
<Cerulaine> Uhm
<Cerulaine> Duh
<SenpuuTribal> no it isnt
<HATCH> it was the best of ages
<Cerulaine> Fluttershy singing was amazing
<Rainbow-Dash> I lol'd so much
<SenpuuTribal> Ive found it boring so far*shrugs*
<Cerulaine> YES LOL
<HATCH> everything has been downhill from there

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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

[05:57] jessi_ pokes Sen
[05:57] Cameron|Sleep OH YEAH
[05:57] Cameron|Sleep JESS
[05:57] SenpuuTribal *bleeds* ...You owe me a new shirt...
[05:57] jessi_ Cam?
[05:57] Cameron|Sleep Did you make Stitchz join the IRC?
[05:57] Kyondesu kicks senpu
[05:57] SenpuuTribal OH GOD MY RIBS!!!!
[05:57] jessi_ online chats and forums isnt really her thing
[05:57] SenpuuTribal *Flails on the ground*
[05:57] Kyondesu :D
[05:58] Cameron|Sleep AAAWWWWWW
[05:58] jessi_ goes to buy sen a new shirt
[05:58] Kyondesu is hit by senpus flailing
[05:58] jessi_ What size sen!
[05:58] SenpuuTribal ugh
[05:58] Kyondesu Ow
[05:58] jessi_ I dont think they have ugh here
[05:58] Kyondesu collapses
[05:58] SenpuuTribal medium or large*shrug*
[05:58] jessi_ looks about
[05:58] SenpuuTribal cant read mah tag
[05:59] SenpuuTribal TAKE THAT KYON!!!
[05:59] EagleEyes catches Kyon
[05:59] SenpuuTribal I flailed you badly!
[05:59] Kyondesu My hero
[06:00] SenpuuTribal Oh no wayO.O I got rechno remix of the neon genesis themeO.O
[06:00] Kyondesu climbs up onto EE
[06:00] SenpuuTribal Awesome sauce
[06:00] SenpuuTribal techno as wel
[06:00] EagleEyes I have a kyon on me :o
[06:00] SenpuuTribal well*
[06:00] EagleEyes I shall us him as a weapon
[06:00] Kyondesu :D
[06:00] EagleEyes points kyon at people and says Pew pew
[06:01] jessi_ comes back with a new shirt for Sen... Before handing it to him she pokes him again
[06:01] SenpuuTribal *bleeds more* I hate you...
[06:01] Kyondesu fires out laserz
[06:01] jessi_ I got you a new top didn't I?
[06:01] SenpuuTribal You repoked my wounds..
[06:01] Aeri >_>
[06:01] Aeri <_<
[06:01] Aeri Sen
[06:01] SenpuuTribal *sniffs* YOUR SO MEAN!!!
[06:01] Aeri it's not gunpowder
[06:01] Aeri it's soil
[06:01] SenpuuTribal YOUR FACE!
[06:01] SenpuuTribal Is my reply to that.
[06:02] Kyondesu shoots laserz at sen
[06:02] jessi_ Sen
[06:02] jessi_ Nouuu
[06:02] SenpuuTribal *Explodes from lazers*
[06:02] jessi_ shoots at Kyon with her nerf gun
[06:02] Cameron|Sleep HHHHHHooooooooooooowwwwwaaaaaaaa~
[06:03] Kyondesu Ahh!
[06:03] SenpuuTribal Jessi protects me! although she only does it for the timtams*cough*
[06:03] =-= Cameron|Sleep is now known as Cameron|Work
[06:03] Miv gnite _._
[06:03] jessi_ I used my last phoenix down yesterday, my cleric got killed by a mini boss T.T
[06:03] SenpuuTribal ....*is still exploded everywhere*<<<<
[06:03] SenpuuTribal Night Miv
[06:03] Kyondesu EE, use me to attack Jessi
[06:03] jessi_ night Miv
[06:04] SenpuuTribal Later cam
[06:04] jessi_ cya cam
[06:04] Kyondesu night miv and cya Cam
[06:04] SenpuuTribal Kyon just hates aussies, its cause he lives on a small island<.<
[06:04] Cameron|Work *mounts the flying shark, and takes the rainbow express speedway*
[06:04] EagleEyes sprays Jessi with kyon
[06:04] Kyondesu heyhey i've got aussie friends
[06:04] SenpuuTribal O.O
[06:05] jessi_ shoots at EE
[06:05] SenpuuTribal ALTERBRIDGE!!!!!!!
[06:05] SenpuuTribal *head bangs*
[06:05] EagleEyes I love alterbridge
[06:05] EagleEyes I have One day remains
[06:05] SenpuuTribal Hrm
[06:06] SenpuuTribal I have all of metallicas stoof...
[06:06] Kyondesu resurrects senpu
[06:06] SenpuuTribal I went to all 3 brissy concerts too
[06:06] SenpuuTribal was awesome sauce! although i couldnt talk for like 2 weeks lol
[06:06] Renku o.o I look away for not even 10 mins!
[06:06] SenpuuTribal O.O
[06:06] jessi_ o.o
[06:06] Renku So chaty!
[06:06] Kyondesu O.o
[06:07] SenpuuTribal OH JESS!!!
[06:07] SenpuuTribal I needa tell you mah story
[06:07] SenpuuTribal Renku heard it before
[06:07] jessi_ Dont you like i- ur wha, oh sure
[06:07] jessi_ .time
[06:07] Brie Server time is: 4:08:00 AM (Pacific Standard Time)
[06:07] jessi_ Youll have to tell me in pm
[06:07] SenpuuTribal I could probably type it in normal but eh
[06:08] EagleEyes Quick
[06:08] EagleEyes Human pyramid
[06:08] EagleEyes GO
[06:08] EagleEyes gets on his hands and knees
[06:08] jessi_ stares at EE
[06:08] SenpuuTribal Thats right BOW TO ME!!!
[06:08] Kyondesu gets on hand and knees next to EE
[06:08] SenpuuTribal *cackles evilly*
[06:09] jessi_ No hes bowing to me!
[06:09] jessi_ pushes Sen
[06:09] Renku NO!
[06:09] Renku TO ME~!
[06:09] SenpuuTribal *Is pushed and fondles jess before falling completely* Totally worth it<.<
[06:09] Kyondesu :O
[06:09] Renku Stands on EE and Kyon
[06:09] Renku >D
[06:09] jessi_ pulls up Sen
[06:09] Kyondesu stares back at renku
[06:10] SenpuuTribal O.O
[06:10] jessi_ slaps Sen round the face
[06:10] SenpuuTribal OH GOD MY FACE!!!!
[06:10] SenpuuTribal *Flails*
[06:10] jessi_ ¬.¬
[06:10] Renku XD
[06:10] Kyondesu :O Senpu Nooooo!
[06:10] SenpuuTribal Still worth it....
[06:10] SenpuuTribal *grins*
[06:10] jessi_ ¬.¬
[06:11] Kyondesu is tempted to move so renku falls
[06:11] jessi_ draws her katana and stabs Sen in the stomach
[06:11] Renku D:
[06:11] Kyondesu Senpuuuuu!!!!!!
[06:11] SenpuuTribal Spits out blood*Tch NO TIM TAMS FOR YOU!!!
[06:11] jessi_ No fondling ...
[06:11] Kyondesu breaks formation and runs to senpus aid
[06:11] Renku o.o
[06:11] SenpuuTribal WHY NOT!
[06:11] Renku falls
[06:11] jessi_ Cause I said so
[06:11] SenpuuTribal ...
[06:11] Renku >.< Ow
[06:12] SenpuuTribal Still worth it<.<*Still coughing blood*
[06:12] Kyondesu stops and runs back to catch renku
[06:12] Renku :D
[06:12] Renku huggle Kyon
[06:12] SenpuuTribal DID YOU READ MY STORY JESS!!!
[06:12] SenpuuTribal twas epicness
[06:12] Kyondesu huggles back
[06:12] jessi_ pulls back her katana and walks away to wipe her blade on nearby grass
[06:12] jessi_ reading it now
[06:12] Kyondesu puts renku down and runs to senpu
[06:13] SenpuuTribal *Blood leaks everywhere* Hmm maybe a doctor is in order...
[06:13] Renku :D
[06:13] Renku Nah
[06:13] Kyondesu preforms first aid on senpu
[06:13] SenpuuTribal *Shrugs* ok than..
[06:13] Renku We can use Duck Tape
[06:13] Kyondesu your gonna be OK!
[06:13] SenpuuTribal Too expensive
[06:13] EagleEyes Cal Wilson is on Good News Week
[06:13] EagleEyes :o
[06:13] jessi_ The poor girl
[06:13] SenpuuTribal HAHAHA
[06:13] Renku o.o?
[06:13] SenpuuTribal Hey she got me back
[06:14] jessi_ Ill get you back
[06:14] SenpuuTribal O.O
[06:14] Renku LO Oh
[06:14] Renku :O
[06:14] SenpuuTribal *Covers crutch* JUST LEAVE ME ONE!!!!
[06:14] jessi_ lols
[06:14] Renku >> You can sue for that
[06:14] EagleEyes Quick
[06:14] EagleEyes We must form a Korean Boy band
[06:15] EagleEyes Assemble
[06:15] SenpuuTribal Someone do it for me.
[06:15] SenpuuTribal *shrugs*
[06:15] jessi_ Can I be the abnoxious fangirl?
[06:15] Renku >>*Is a girl*
[06:15] Kyondesu runs over to EE
[06:15] SenpuuTribal *throws tim tams at jess*NO!
[06:15] EagleEyes Jess....
[06:15] EagleEyes Ren....
[06:15] EagleEyes Sen.....
[06:15] jessi_ catches the timtams... "Yes EE?
[06:15] Renku o.o
[06:15] EagleEyes Join us
[06:15] SenpuuTribal o.o
[06:15] EagleEyes o.o
[06:15] SenpuuTribal ...
[06:15] SenpuuTribal No
[06:15] Renku XD
[06:16] Kyondesu sits on EE head
[06:16] SenpuuTribal UNLESS!
[06:16] SenpuuTribal I get to do awesome and insane guitar solos yo.
[06:16] jessi_ But am a girl, it wouldn't be a boy band if I joined
[06:16] Renku ^
[06:16] SenpuuTribal Sex change.
[06:16] Renku o.o
[06:16] jessi_ stabs Sen again
[06:16] SenpuuTribal OH GOD MY STOMCH!!!
[06:16] Kyondesu NO SENPUU!!!!!!
[06:16] SenpuuTribal *Rolls around the floor*
[06:17] jessi_ calmly wipes her katana on the nearby grass
[06:17] EagleEyes We shall do this dance
[06:17] Kyondesu drags sen away from Jessi
[06:17] Renku XD Senpuu, stabbed in stomach
[06:17] Renku LOL]
[06:17] SenpuuTribal *Blood trails as im dragged* She totally digs me yo...*delirious*
[06:17] SenpuuTribal Wrongly spelled too***
[06:17] Renku Yep~
[06:18] jessi_ I'll have to clean Skylark again
[06:18] Kyondesu takes sen to hospital
[06:18] Renku Just wipe it on your pants yo
[06:18] SenpuuTribal Tch i like my clothed blood free thank you
[06:18] SenpuuTribal clothes ugh
[06:18] jessi_ But its Skylark, I take pride in her.
[06:18] Renku :DBloodstained pants are epic
[06:19] SenpuuTribal You take pride in trying to maime me...
[06:19] jessi_ You totally deserved it...
[06:19] Kyondesu i shall now be your bodyguard Sen
[06:19] SenpuuTribal I DID NOT!!!
[06:19] jessi_ Did too.
[06:19] SenpuuTribal WHEN!!!
[06:19] jessi_ You fondled me
[06:19] SenpuuTribal *grins* Totally worth it
[06:19] Renku Saney you could fill a tub with your blood~
[06:19] Renku o.o ...>> What?
[06:19] jessi_ rolls her eyes
[06:20] Kyondesu don't argue! You'll just get stabbed again!
[06:20] SenpuuTribal *Makes grabby hands* Round 2 my love?
[06:20] jessi_ Stabs Sen's right hand
[06:20] EagleEyes Ok
[06:20] Kyondesu picks up Sen and runs away with him
[06:20] Renku o.o
[06:20] SenpuuTribal OH GOD MY HANDDDDD!!!!
[06:20] SenpuuTribal *Hand explodes*
[06:20] EagleEyes Shall we use our boy band powers for good or evil?
[06:20] jessi_ Evil!
[06:20] SenpuuTribal EVIL!
[06:20] SenpuuTribal AND INSANITY!
[06:20] jessi_ ^
[06:20] Kyondesu Why do you keep getting in these situations!!!
[06:20] Renku EVIL!
[06:20] SenpuuTribal AND FONDLING JESS!!!
[06:20] EagleEyes Ok
[06:20] jessi_ lol
[06:21] EagleEyes Our evil boy band
[06:21] Renku >D
[06:21] Kyondesu Next time I might just let you die
[06:21] SenpuuTribal *Turns into sasuke*Totally emo yo.
[06:21] Renku o.o
[06:21] jessi_ stabs Sasuke
[06:21] Renku Disappoint
[06:21] Kyondesu D:
[06:21] SenpuuTribal STOP STABBING ME!!!
[06:21] jessi_ Hate emo's
[06:22] SenpuuTribal *Turns back into senpuu, somehow<.<*
[06:22] EagleEyes People
[06:22] Renku :D
[06:22] SenpuuTribal STOP STABBING ME WOMAN!
[06:22] EagleEyes We need to unite
[06:22] Kyondesu stands between Jessi and senpu
[06:22] jessi_ Ren you better post this onto chat quotes
[06:22] jessi_ lol
[06:22] Renku XD
[06:22] Renku K
[06:22] jessi_ highfives Ren
[06:22] SenpuuTribal Tch so cruel
[06:23] SenpuuTribal i thought you loved me jess!!
[06:23] Renku high fives Jessi
[06:23] Kyondesu high fives senpu
[06:23] jessi_ hands a love heart box of chocolates to Sen. "I do"
[06:23] SenpuuTribal *Doesnt have a hand, it implodeded*
[06:23] jessi_ You have a left hand?
[06:23] Renku XD ^
[06:23] SenpuuTribal *Swallows all the chocolates whole* Awesome.
[06:24] Sleepmas You all get to live
[06:24] Sleepmas Well done
[06:24] SenpuuTribal NOOOO!
[06:24] =-= Sleepmas is now known as christmas4477
[06:24] SenpuuTribal My left hand is a decoration.
[06:24] jessi_ o.o
[06:24] Renku o.o All this blood is making me vampireish
[06:24] Kyondesu :O
[06:24] EagleEyes Christmas
[06:24] SenpuuTribal GET AWAY FROM MY BLOOD RENKU!!!
[06:24] Kyondesu gives renku a glass of blood
[06:24] christmas4477 Also
[06:24] Renku o.o
[06:24] EagleEyes You are joining our boy band
[06:24] Renku :D
[06:25] jessi_ finds a boc of body glitter and chucks it over Ren
[06:25] SenpuuTribal O.O
[06:25] jessi_ box*
[06:25] Renku D:
[06:25] jessi_ Now youare a vampire!
[06:25] Renku runs fromglitter
[06:25] SenpuuTribal *faceplants*
[06:25] Kyondesu :O
[06:25] <--| Logmas has left #918thefan
[06:25] Kyondesu sprays senpu with a hose
[06:25] SenpuuTribal ....
[06:26] jessi_ lols at Sen's prediction
[06:26] Aeri lol
[06:26] SenpuuTribal Im abused day and night*ANime tears*
[06:26] jessi_ somehow picks up Sen and runs away with him off into the sunset
[06:26] Kyondesu gives senpu a hug
[06:26] SenpuuTribal *is carried away* SHES GONNA KILL ME!!!
[06:26] jessi_ Am not
[06:26] SenpuuTribal Oh nevermind than!!!
[06:27] jessi_ drops Sen
[06:27] SenpuuTribal Ooof.
[06:27] SenpuuTribal my back...
[06:27] SenpuuTribal *whimpers*
[06:27] Kyondesu catches Sen
[06:27] EagleEyes LEAVE SEN ALONE
[06:27] jessi_ But its so funny
[06:27] SenpuuTribal *cops a feel of jess when she isnt looking*
[06:27] Renku jumps Jessi
[06:27] Kyondesu takes Sen to a hidden location
[06:27] EagleEyes gives Jessi 3 sen abuse Tokens
[06:27] EagleEyes You only get 3 each day
[06:27] EagleEyes use them wisely
[06:27] SenpuuTribal ^.-
[06:28] jessi_ See what- Get offa me Ren!
[06:28] Renku :D Hi~!
[06:28] jessi_ Hai
[06:28] EagleEyes Ren
[06:28] EagleEyes Draw faster
[06:28] SenpuuTribal ....Hey i am still bleeding...
[06:28] Kyondesu Ren keep distracting Jessi
[06:28] Renku o.o
[06:28] EagleEyes cracks a whip
[06:28] EagleEyes WHA PAH
[06:28] Kyondesu bandages Sen
[06:28] EagleEyes WHA PAH
[06:28] jessi_ protects Ren
[06:28] jessi_ Bad EE
[06:28] SenpuuTribal ....
[06:28] jessi_ shoots at EE with her Nerf gun
[06:28] SenpuuTribal .time
[06:28] Brie Server time is: 4:29:36 AM (Pacific Standard Time)
[06:28] SenpuuTribal Damn it...
[06:29] SenpuuTribal i had a good reply to that whip remark*pouts*
[06:29] Renku I'm not on my laptop, so I can't draw anything
[06:29] EagleEyes .time
[06:29] Brie Server time is: 4:29:50 AM (Pacific Standard Time)
[06:30] SenpuuTribal So all insanity and blood aside
[06:30] jessi_ I need to go round the shop before it closes
[06:30] SenpuuTribal whats doing?
[06:30] Kyondesu EE
[06:30] jessi_ Brb 15 mins
[06:30] SenpuuTribal k
[06:30] EagleEyes Kyon
[06:30] EagleEyes XD
[06:30] Renku What's what doing?
[06:30] Kyondesu o.o
[06:30] SenpuuTribal o.o
[06:30] Aeri LOL
[06:30] Aeri Ren
[06:31] Renku o.o
[06:31] Kyondesu is scared off EEs links
[06:31] Aeri "what's doing?" means "what are you up tp?" or "What's new" or "what's up" or :how are you" etc
[06:31] Kyondesu of*
[06:31] Renku jumps Aeri
[06:31] SenpuuTribal See aeri gets it! <3
[06:31] Aeri Lol
[06:31] EagleEyes Jessi
[06:31] Renku You stay
[06:31] SenpuuTribal Shes ask EE
[06:31] Aeri I thought I was the only one who said "What's doing" ^.^;
[06:31] EagleEyes I linked Kyon that video i showed you
[06:31] SenpuuTribal AFK*
[06:31] Aeri huggles Ren
[06:32] Kyondesu curls up into a ball in a dark corner
[06:32] SenpuuTribal Nah most aussies say it
[06:32] [ERROR] The command “mehuggles” is not known to the server.
[06:32] Renku huggles back
[06:32] Kyondesu then starts rocking back and forth slowly
[06:32] Renku D< Darn spacebar
[06:32] SenpuuTribal *is not huggles cause has lost alot of blood*<.<
[06:32] SenpuuTribal huggled*
[06:33] Aeri SenpuuTribal: Sometimes when I'm feeling too lazy to actually asy "what's doing?" I said "What do?"
[06:33] Renku >> <<
[06:33] Aeri lol
[06:33] Aeri *say
[06:33] SenpuuTribal Nice
[06:33] SenpuuTribal lol
[06:33] Renku glomps Saney
[06:33] SenpuuTribal *is glomped*
[06:33] EagleEyes I am sorry kyon
[06:33] Aeri You know the irony of online?
[06:33] EagleEyes I must prepar you for the cruel world
[06:33] Kyondesu glomps renku whos glomping Sen
[06:34] SenpuuTribal OH GOD MY BACK!!!
[06:34] SenpuuTribal *Flails ont he ground*
[06:34] SenpuuTribal the*
[06:34] Kyondesu its ok EE
[06:34] Renku :D I'm unusually hyper
[06:34] SenpuuTribal Its my blood
[06:34] Aeri You can meet the sweetest, most sincere person, think they're absolutely wonderful, fall for their personality, their mind, everything, and then see a picture of them, and just... *poof* feelings gone
[06:34] SenpuuTribal Lmao
[06:34] Kyondesu rolls on sen
[06:34] SenpuuTribal GET OFF ME DAMN YOU!!!
[06:34] Renku No:D
[06:34] Kyondesu falls asleep on Sen
[06:35] SenpuuTribal Revenge...Blood....Gore...
[06:35] EagleEyes STACKS ON SEN
[06:35] EagleEyes jumps on Sen
[06:35] SenpuuTribal AGHHHH!!!
[06:35] SenpuuTribal *Back snaps loud enough half the world hears*
[06:35] Kyondesu NO! Sens mine!
[06:35] SenpuuTribal IM NOONES DAMN IT!!
[06:35] Kyondesu pushes EE off Sen
[06:35] Kyondesu falls back asleep
[06:35] Aeri o.o
[06:35] Aeri Ren
[06:35] SenpuuTribal *cant move is paralyzed*
[06:35] Aeri I PM'd you on accident
[06:35] Renku o.o
[06:36] Renku Oh
[06:36] Aeri I meant to type it in another chan >_>
[06:36] Renku Nice
[06:36] SenpuuTribal GG AERI!!!
[06:36] Aeri SenpuuTribal: Eh?
[06:36] Kyondesu fixes up Sens back
[06:36] SenpuuTribal o.o
[06:36] Renku Kyon is magical~!
[06:36] SenpuuTribal GG=Good going, gamer terms yo.
[06:36] Kyondesu :D
[06:36] =-= Aeri is now known as GracefulDisaster
[06:37] Kyondesu levitates Ren
[06:37] SenpuuTribal o.o
[06:37] Renku o.o
[06:37] =-= GracefulDisaster is now known as Aeri
[06:37] SenpuuTribal So uhhh
[06:37] SenpuuTribal -.-
[06:37] Kyondesu looses concentration
[06:37] Renku D:
[06:37] SenpuuTribal Splat.
[06:37] Aeri SenpuuTribal: Don't game.
[06:37] SenpuuTribal Oh?
[06:38] Renku lands on Saney
[06:38] SenpuuTribal Fair enough
[06:38] SenpuuTribal *Falls face down on the floor* MY FACE!!!
[06:38] Kyondesu NO SENPU!
[06:38] Renku XD
[06:38] SenpuuTribal *Fondles renku while distracted*
[06:38] Renku o.o
[06:38] Kyondesu o.o
[06:38] Kyondesu kicks Senpu
[06:38] SenpuuTribal GAH MY RIBS!!!!!
[06:38] Renku hits Saney's head
[06:39] SenpuuTribal MY HEAD!!!!!
[06:39] Renku gets up
[06:39] SenpuuTribal Totally worth it..
[06:39] SenpuuTribal *grins*
[06:39] SenpuuTribal *gives a thumbs up*
[06:39] Kyondesu fires his LAZORZ at Senpu
[06:39] Renku o.o
[06:39] SenpuuTribal *Explodes*
[06:39] Renku :D
[06:39] Renku Raining blood~!
[06:40] SenpuuTribal ....
[06:40] Kyondesu drink your fill :D
[06:40] Renku :D
[06:40] SenpuuTribal o.O
[06:40] Renku does so
[06:40] SenpuuTribal GIMME MY BLOOD YOU VILE PERSON!!!
[06:40] Kyondesu catches blood in a cup
[06:40] SenpuuTribal O.O
[06:41] SenpuuTribal *regens a new body* I hate you blood drinkers...
[06:41] Kyondesu drinks the blood
[06:41] Renku HAHAAHAHAHHAHHHAHAHA! xD YugiohxSailor Moon!
[06:41] SenpuuTribal O.O
[06:42] Renku XD They have boobs~
[06:42] SenpuuTribal I hear voices in my head they talk to me they understand....
[06:42] Renku :D
[06:42] EagleEyes Hmmm
[06:42] Kyondesu I am the voices in your head
[06:43] SenpuuTribal *grins* EE got that one
[06:43] EagleEyes hands out Double Downs
[06:43] Renku The voices are nice company
[06:44] jessi_ back
[06:44] SenpuuTribal HI JESS!!!!
[06:44] SenpuuTribal Miss me?<3
[06:44] jessi_ What I miss?
[06:44] SenpuuTribal Renku dranked my blooded
[06:45] SenpuuTribal Also thanks EE
[06:45] Renku :D
[06:45] Kyondesu i also drank his blood
[06:45] jessi_ Oh I missed you so much that it felt being stabbed to death by a thousand rusty needles
[06:45] jessi_ :P
[06:45] SenpuuTribal Awesome
[06:45] SenpuuTribal I just have that effect on people
[06:45] jessi_ Why are they drinking your blood?
[06:46] SenpuuTribal Cause renku is turned on by it.
[06:46] Renku XD
[06:46] SenpuuTribal *grins*
[06:46] jessi_ o.o
[06:46] Kyondesu haha
[06:46] Renku >>
[06:46] Kyondesu kicks Senpu
[06:46] SenpuuTribal MY RIBS!!!!
[06:46] SenpuuTribal *Flails*
[06:46] jessi_ is hit by Sen's flails... "What you do that for?
[06:47] Renku o.o Jessi! I don't know when to stop the quote!
[06:47] SenpuuTribal IT WAS KYONS FAULT BABE!!!!
[06:47] SenpuuTribal <3
[06:47] SenpuuTribal lol
[06:47] Kyondesu :O
[06:47] jessi_ pardon?
[06:47] Kyondesu throws Sen down a hill
[06:47] Renku XD The chat Quote
[06:47] jessi_ Oh right
[06:47] |<-- Shidohari|ITryToSleep has left irc.rizon.net ()
[06:47] SenpuuTribal MY RIB AND BACK ARGH!!!!*Lands at the bottom of the hill and implodes*
[06:48] jessi_ Cut out any not so many parts
[06:48] jessi_ funny*
[06:48] jessi_ not many
[06:48] Kyondesu does an evil laugh
[06:48] jessi_ WTH auto type
[06:48] Renku XD
[06:48] SenpuuTribal lol
[06:48] Kyondesu Muwahahahahahahahaha!
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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

<LeviathanMist> Look how smug you are
* christmas4477 shing
<christmas4477> Hold on, let me check
* christmas4477 has kicked christmas4477 from #918thefan (christmas4477)

* christmas4477 (~chatzilla@Rizon-839355C2.hsd1.nh.comcast.net) has joined #918thefan

<GlaD0S> [christmas4477] Look at him! Look at how smug he is!
* GlaD0S gives channel operator status to christmas4477
<christmas4477> Yup
<christmas4477> Still smug
<christmas4477> I'm so smug that I'm off to go play DFO
<christmas4477> AWAY
* christmas4477 has quit (Quit: Even death can't cure stupidity)
* Kanashimi rolls by wiping his smug face off
<Kanashimi> CURSES
<Kanashimi> ...
<Kanashimi> I totally kicked him
<LeviathanMist> lawl
<LeviathanMist> snipe him later :P
<Kanashimi> I will >:3

<Kibs> .k Cerulaine, I don't care if you're not in here, I'm kicking you anyway
<Cameron> wut
* Kibs sets mode -q #918thefan Kibs
* Kibs is now known as Cerulaine
<ShizuoHeiwajima_> Is SAI free?
<Cerulaine> .k cerulaine
<Cerulaine> fff
<Cerulaine> .kickme
* Cerulaine has kicked Cerulaine from #918thefan (http://bit.ly/epiAvQ)

* Cerulaine (~Kibs@91.8TheFan) has joined #918thefan

* GlaD0S gives voice to Cerulaine
* Cerulaine is now known as Kibs
* GlaD0S sets mode +q #918thefan Kibs
<Cameron> ...
<twilly> lol, the hell? XD

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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

[13:19] <&Kanashimi> God, my mom is morbid
[13:19] <&Kanashimi> My brother's little kids are over
[13:19] <&Kanashimi> 8 and 6
[13:19] <+Zero_Gravity> o snap
[13:19] <+Zero_Gravity> wait
[13:19] <&Kanashimi> And she says, "Maybe if I die Jackie will wash a dish"
[13:19] <&Kanashimi> To a little kid
[13:19] <+Zero_Gravity> how old is your little brother
[13:19] <&Kanashimi> That's not abnormal
[13:19] <&Kanashimi> My brother isn't little
[13:19] <&Kanashimi> He's 29
[13:20] <&Kanashimi> 30 actually
[13:20] <+Zero_Gravity> your in your 30's???
[13:20] <+Zero_Gravity> o__O
[13:20] <&Kanashimi> There's an 11 year difference between us
[13:20] <+Zero_Gravity> your 40 o___o
[13:20] <&Kanashimi> I'm 20 -_-
[13:20] <+Zero_Gravity> wait
[13:20] <+Zero_Gravity> ooooooooo
[13:20] <+Zero_Gravity> whoops
[13:20] <+Zero_Gravity> >__>
[13:20] * Zero_Gravity read that wrong
[13:20] <&Kanashimi> Yeeeeeah
[13:21] <&Kanashimi> I know people think I'm older than my age, but jesus christ Zero
[13:21] <+Zero_Gravity> Well I read "little brother"

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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

<HATCH> can you hear me now?
<Gannon133> nope
<RagingBulletBill> no
<vendingmachine> nope
<ggbhtg> nope.avi
<Gannon133> nope.jpg
<vendingmachine> nope.png
<JinnRemona> nope.wmv
<grimdefeat> nope.gif
<JinnRemona> nope.avi
<ggbhtg> nope.mkv
Side effects of reading the above post may include nausea, headaches, itchiness, impotence, temporary blindness, weakness in knees, mild pregnancy, and a loss of faith in humanity. If death occurs, consult a mortician.

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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

(Around 3:15 a.m. server time)
<twilly> B****
<Zero_Gravity> SL**
<twilly> W****
* jessi_ is like O.O
<Zero_Gravity> C**T
<twilly> D***
<Zero_Gravity> SH**
<Katelynn> I think most of the swears will be named in one conversation.
<twilly> B*****
<Zero_Gravity> C**K
* Zero_Gravity chuckles a bit
<twilly> lol
<Zero_Gravity> BUTT PIRATE
<twilly> SCALLY WAG
* Renku_the_Panda_Plushie is like woah --> http://calgarycosplay.deviantart.com...10820116&qo=35
<Zero_Gravity> **** MUNCHER
<twilly> I'M JUST SHOUTING ♫♫♫♫ OUT
<Zero_Gravity> F***-A
<Zero_Gravity> **F***ING-A
<twilly> POOFTAH
<Zero_Gravity> BWAMP
<jessi_> ...
<Zero_Gravity> JESSI
<twilly> BLUMPKIN
* Zero_Gravity dives into jessi's shirt
<Zero_Gravity> B***S
<Zero_Gravity> >__>
<Zero_Gravity> no slapping? no pain?
* Zero_Gravity pokes at them
<Iskierka> I'm late but holy crap I want that dragon hoodie. Blah at it being a commision
<jessi_> ...
* jessi_ slaps Zero
<Zero_Gravity> >_O
<jessi_> Only good frans get to do that...
* jessi_ kicks Zero in the nads
<Renku_the_Panda_Plushie> JESSI~!
<Zero_Gravity> >m<
* twilly touches his own b***ies.
<jessi_> Ren?
<Renku_the_Panda_Plushie> Did you see the hoodies!?
<Zero_Gravity> I'm not a good fran!?!?!?!?!
<Renku_the_Panda_Plushie> o3o
<jessi_> I know!
<jessi_> I want the dragon 1
<Katelynn> http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z...es/MyFrans.gif
<Aeri> o3O
* twilly continues to poke
<Renku_the_Panda_Plushie> XD there both dragons though
<jessi_> I want Toothless one then
<Iskierka> either of the dragon ones are awesome.
<jessi_> <3
<Renku_the_Panda_Plushie> o.o Toothless?
* Aeri pokes twilly back
<twilly> D:
<Aeri> what?
<jessi_> The black one
<Aeri> All I heard was "continues poking"
<Renku_the_Panda_Plushie> Oh
<jessi_> Its a toothless
<jessi_> <3
<twilly> Anyways
<Zero_Gravity> >__>
<twilly> Good night Zero_Gravity
<Renku_the_Panda_Plushie> I was like 'O.O one of them have teeth?'
<Katelynn> Aww... D:
<twilly> Good night jessi_
<Zero_Gravity> night twill-fish
<twilly> Good night Aeri
<jessi_> Sleep well Twillz
<twilly> Good night Katelynn
<Renku_the_Panda_Plushie> D: Awww Night Twilly
<twilly> Good night Renku
<Katelynn> Night, Twilly.
<twilly> Good night GlaD0S
<twilly> Who am I missing?
<Renku_the_Panda_Plushie> Also~! BAM! http://canadacosplay.com/stylepanda.php
<jessi_> The cake
<twilly> <333
<twilly> Okay, seriously, bye.
* twilly has quit (Quit: Off, off and away!!! *crashing sounds* ...okay, so this PARTICULAR starfish can't fly. Who knew?)

(About 9 hours later)
<NeonX> I never watched Fate/Stay Night :p
<NeonX> http://www.eatliver.com/i.php?n=4309
<Hiiragi> and yes, that requires all caps
<christmas4477> That last one with L actually makes sense, since they faked Matsuda's death so he wouldn't be killed
<christmas4477> Just sayin
<Rainbow-Dash> I sense spoilers
<Rainbow-Dash> In this general area
<christmas4477> For Death Note?
<christmas4477> Really?
<Rainbow-Dash> You never know
<christmas4477> If you haven't seen it yet, you deserve it
<Rainbow-Dash> some people have never played FF7
<toon> how old is death note in terms of official american release?
<christmas4477> Lemme check
<christmas4477> Regardless, it had a huge following
<christmas4477> The last ep aired aired here in 08
<toon> and the manga got done what atleast 2 years before that?
<christmas4477> I remember reading the whole thing before it aired on [as]
<christmas4477> Last volume was published in 07
<toon> yeah so i see your point then christmas, 5 years is plenty enough time
<NeonX> yeah I read death note in high school
<christmas4477> Especially with a series that had such a cult following
<toon> yeah if it did't have such a huge following i'd say that 5 years isn't enough time.
<toon> isn't enough time without the need of spoilers
<christmas4477> Like, I wouldn't give any huge Geass spoilers
<christmas4477> But everyone knows Death Note
<christmas4477> And if not, then they don't even care about spoilers
<Rainbow-Dash> Okay then, with that thinking....who hasn't seen Clannad yet?
* toon raises hand
* NeonX raises hand
<christmas4477> I'm still watching it, but I hear that it brings people to tears
<christmas4477> Still dry-eyed over here from it
* toon raise's neonx's other hand
<Rainbow-Dash> Well that ended in 08, so should I go ahead and spoil the ending?
* NeonX raises toon's other hand
<NeonX> sure why not
<toon> sure haha i don't raelly care
<christmas4477> I didn't even spoil anything
<christmas4477> Matsuda's barely a main character
<toon> matsuda is the krillin of death note
<christmas4477> IMO, he's one of the best in the series
<NeonX> Light [FILL IN THE BLANK]s
<NeonX> :D
<Rainbow-Dash> Nagisa dies, Tomoya becomes a drunk rock star and then just a drunk and doesn't care for his and Nagisas child, Nagisa's child dies and then everything starts over with Nagisa going through child-birth perfectly fine.
<Rainbow-Dash> Since, yknow, nobody cares.
<NeonX> we don't care lol
* LeviathanMist (~Leviathan@Mist.disciple.of.Minorin) has joined #918thefan

<GlaD0S> [LeviathanMist] I'd like to request a song by Minori Chihara, please.
* GlaD0S gives channel operator status to LeviathanMist
<christmas4477> Hey, what's that over there?
* christmas4477 has kicked Rainbow-Dash from #918thefan (Rainbow-Dash)

* Rainbow-Dash (~Amui@Rizon-DAFFCA07.hsd1.sc.comcast.net) has joined #918thefan

* GlaD0S gives channel operator status to Rainbow-Dash
<LeviathanMist> My greet message rocks
<Rainbow-Dash> You seem upset Bromas?
<Hiiragi> snape kills dumbledore
<christmas4477> No, you just seem vindictive for no reason
<Rainbow-Dash> AERIS DIES
<LeviathanMist> Vader is Luke's father
<LeviathanMist> Rosebud is the name of the sled
<Jubilee> XD
<Jubilee> That last one is my favorite of the spoilers.
<LeviathanMist> :D
<Jubilee> Dorothy was dreaming the whole time
<christmas4477> Shamamalama is a terrible director
<Jubilee> XD
<Rainbow-Dash> ^
<LeviathanMist> The planet of the Apes is actually Earth in the future
<Jubilee> Shamalama-sama-senpai
<christmas4477> He never says that
<Hiiragi> tom robinson was innocent
<Jubilee> The princess is in another castle
<christmas4477> It's always Shamamalama-sama-kun
<Rainbow-Dash> Michael Jackson dies.
<toon> you forgot kun jubilee
<Jubilee> OH MUH BAD
<LeviathanMist> Samus is a girl
<Jubilee> senpai sounds better
<Jubilee> as it starts with an s
<Jubilee> alliteration is KEY
<toon> peach never bakes you the cake
<Rainbow-Dash> Dr. Mario isn't an actual Doctor.
<Jubilee> O_O
<LeviathanMist> nooooooooooooo
<LeviathanMist> My childhood is ruined
<LeviathanMist> D:
<Lunies> He is too!
<Lunies> You're lying!
<LeviathanMist> Super Mario Bros contains subliminal messages promoting communism
<Jubilee> Tommy pushes Lisa

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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

Quostin> i want to be potty trained
<Quostin> train me
<JinnRemona> I will train you in the ways of the potty. It is not an easy road to follow. There will be bloodshed. If you can push past the pain, only strength awaits you.
Gamertag - Zehutsumei
Games I play online
Super Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, Lost Planet 2, Halo 3, Borderlands, Splinter Cell: Conviction

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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

1:17 server time
<Kanashimi> Play this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCIoA...feature=relmfu
<RyuSanada> Nah we don't
<DJ_Kusari> xD
<DJ_Kusari> It's fine.
<Kanashimi> Also, laugh at the low quality of the vidja
<DJ_Kusari> I'll bounce back with the song afterwards.
<Kanashimi> Dancers all outta sync
<Kanashimi> and not in the forest like Japanese videos
<Kanashimi> Or has a ton of brightness like Korean videos
<RyuSanada> Play Fight the Powah to cheer up the IRC xD
<Kanashimi> SO WEIRD
* RyuSanada has to check this vidja out.
<Kanashimi> It's not really all that weird
<Kanashimi> Just ironic most Japanese videos have a gritty feel, most Korean ones are clean and have a lot of brightness, and this Chinese one is low quality

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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

*2:17 PST*
[04:17] <Renku> FLY AWAY~!
[04:17] <EagleEyes> o.o
[04:17] *LeviathanMist the hot plate sizzles until it cools down
[04:17] <EagleEyes> WOOP WOOP
[04:17] <LeviathanMist> wat
[04:17] *EagleEyes transforms
[04:17] <FireEmblemIke> What's cooking EE? Smells good
[04:17] <Kusari> xD Eagle is the voice of The Fan!
[04:17] <EagleEyes> We need the transformation music from Kore wa Zombie Desu ka!
[04:18] *Renku transforms~
[04:18] =-= User mode for Renku is now -r
[04:18] =-= YOU are now known as Renku_Stocking
[04:18] =-= EagleEyes is now known as PantEE
[04:18] <PantEE> XD
[04:18] <Renku_Stocking> XD
[04:18] <FireEmblemIke> Oh :O
[04:18] =-= LeviathanMist is now known as LeviathANDMist
[04:18] <LeviathANDMist> eh, guess it doesn't work that well does it
[04:19] <LeviathANDMist> well that was the only word left
[04:19] <LeviathANDMist> o.o

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Leviathan Mist

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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

[02:48:55] <+Renku> Ummm... Skittles will do- :D
[02:49:15] <@EagleEyes> Kyon
[02:49:16] <+Renku> Ya~
[02:49:19] <@EagleEyes> Keep your eyes
[02:49:19] <@EagleEyes> :o
[02:49:30] * Kyondesu puts the eye back in
[02:49:54] <@EagleEyes> Mist
[02:50:01] <@EagleEyes> I wish to eat pizza
[02:50:03] <@EagleEyes> Again
[02:50:03] * Kyondesu rolls around EE
[02:50:06] <@EagleEyes> AND AGAIN
[02:50:09] <@EagleEyes> AND AGAIN
[02:50:16] * EagleEyes pats Kyon and rubs his belly
[02:50:17] <+Renku> D: *Just eats Skittles undead*
[02:50:29] <@LeviathanMist> :D
[02:50:32] <+Renku> *Instead
[02:50:38] * Kyondesu purrs at EE
[02:50:41] <@LeviathanMist> I love that comic so much <3
[02:50:42] <@EagleEyes> Undead skittles
[02:50:43] <@EagleEyes> :o
[02:50:58] <@EagleEyes> In s4
[02:51:05] <@EagleEyes> They have mad ethe ban hammer a weapon
[02:51:05] <@EagleEyes> XD
[02:51:18] <@LeviathanMist> is it a noob weapon?
[02:52:12] <+Renku> Stupid auto correct
[02:52:23] <@LeviathanMist> ahaha
[02:52:25] <@LeviathanMist> I just noticed
[02:52:31] <@LeviathanMist> undead skittles
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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

Haku's future girlfriend... nobody?

<NeonX> .muffinbutton Haku's future girlfriend
* Brie dispenses a muffin for Haku's future girlfriend.
<NeonX> :D
* Nirvash_Redemption (~JackCrowl@Rizon-F0FCC0D0.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives voice to Nirvash_Redemption
<Sailor-Mercury> oh, hey brie dispensed a muffin for nobody, dibs
<Nirvash_Redemption> .muffinbutton
* Brie dispenses a muffin for Nirvash_Redemption.
<Nirvash_Redemption> :|
<NeonX> LOL Kibs
<HeikaHaku> :(

Serious Kana is Serious

<Mist|Away> awesome Minorin
* Mist|Away is still away
<Kanashimi> You missed Minorin
<Kanashimi> lol
<JinnRemona> :P
<NeonX> :P
<Kanashimi> It's 2NE1 time
<Kanashimi> And if anyone has a problem
<Kanashimi> They'll fight me to the death y0
<NeonX> lol
<NeonX> http://imageshack.us/m/811/6711/timexy.png
* Kanashimi uses glare
<Kanashimi> http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a69...aYeahRight.gif

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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

[02:48] *Renku_The_Panda_Plushie spays Aeri with water hoes
[02:48] *Aeri becomes an hero
[02:48] <soundbreaker> Yep
[02:48] <LeviathanMist> and Moon is playing my requesties
[02:48] <LeviathanMist> I can request more if you like
[02:48] <Aeri> Renku_The_Panda_Plushie: D:< I DO NOT NEED SPAYING THANK YOU
[02:48] <LeviathanMist> I can pick the entire 4 hours of music if you want
[02:48] <LeviathanMist> lawl
[02:48] <Renku_The_Panda_Plushie> :\ DO TOO
[02:48] <Aeri> SPRAYING*
[02:48] <Renku_The_Panda_Plushie> XD
[02:48] <Aer>i NOT SPAYING
[02:49] *Aeri glares
[02:49] <Renku_The_Panda_Plushie> XD
[02:49] <Aeri> I do NOT need spaying
[02:49] <Aeri> tyvm
[02:49] <Aeri> Okay
[02:49] <Aeri> I'd
[02:49] <Aeri> like
[02:49] <Aeri> to be
[02:49] <Renku_The_Panda_Plushie> I love when mai misspelling makes a funnier word
[02:49] <Aeri> kicked
[02:49] =-= Aeri was booted from #918thefan by GlaD0S (Stop flooding!)
[02:49] -->| Aeri (~GracefulD@95A15E8D.DB23ACB7.B602FA3F.IP) has joined #918thefan
[02:49] =-= Mode #918thefan +v Aeri by GlaD0S
[02:49] <Aeri> <3 ty GlaD0S
[02:49] <Aeri> see, why do people dislike her?
[02:49] <Aeri> She's nice
[02:49] <Aeri> does exactly what you ask
[02:50] <Aeri> right GlaD0S ?
[02:50] <Aeri> is way too hyper for her own good
[02:50] *Renku_The_Panda_Plushie spRays Aeri with a big water hoes
[02:50] <Aeri> ^
[02:50] <Aeri> wait
[02:50] <LeviathanMist> water hoes?
[02:50] <soundbreaker> Ha!
[02:50] <Aeri> I DO NOT WANT
[02:50] <LeviathanMist> wat
[02:50] <soundbreaker> Renku's a pimp, obviiuosly
[02:50] <Renku_The_Panda_Plushie> XD
[02:50] <LeviathanMist> I need some water hoes
[02:50] <The_Tenth_Doctor> LOL. Nice typo.
[02:50] <Sailor-Moon> ...you guys are way weird XD
[02:50] <Renku_The_Panda_Plushie> Is that not right?
[02:51] <Aeri> Hose*
[02:51] <Renku_The_Panda_Plushie> :O
[02:51] <soundbreaker> That is so very wrong it's right.
[02:51] <Aeri> it hurts to laugh you guys
[02:51] *Sailor-Moon dashes off to her glass elevator, smacking into it
[02:51] *Aeri I'm tearing up
[02:51] <The_Tenth_Doctor> Oh, it's hilarious though, Moon. I'd have a funny story about stuff like that, but I don't want to bore you all to tears.
[02:51] <Renku_The_Panda_Plushie> /)_-U
[02:51] <LeviathanMist> someone chat quote this stuff
[02:51] <Aeri> soundbreaker: I missed you TT~TT
[02:52] <Aeri> even though I talk to you at least 3 times a week on fb
[02:52] <LeviathanMist> we all missed breaker
[02:52] <Aeri> it's not the same to not have you in IRC
[02:52] <Sailor-Moon> <3
[02:52] <LeviathanMist> o.o
[02:52] <Aeri> <3
[02:52] <Renku_The_Panda_Plushie> I SPELL FAIL~!

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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

<Zero_Gravity> ROW ROW
<Zero_Gravity> FIGHT THE ELKU
<Ike|Powerpoint> lol]
<velocraptor_nerd-man> why would you fight zombies
<Zaane> that sounds like the music from um....balam? that town near the garden in FF8
<NeonX> Carriers?!
<velocraptor_nerd-man> I will just go hug a zomie
<velocraptor_nerd-man> lol
<Ike|Powerpoint> lol zomie
<Zero_Gravity> Because its Kana?
<NeonX> 10. She hasn't bought Starcraft 2.

<Zaane> LOL
<velocraptor_nerd-man> ikr
<Kanashimi> Don't wanna buy it for sixty
<Kanashimi> Kthx
<Zaane> im playing league of legends :( cuz its free
<Zaane> make a promo
<NeonX> 9. Christmas vs Kana

<Ike|Powerpoint> :O
<christmas4477> Wait wut
<NeonX> He would usually be the zerg
<NeonX> and he'd be trying to kill kana, and he'd be trying to kill us,
<NeonX> and I die
<NeonX> and either's christmas or kana that kills me
<NeonX> and it's so annoying
<NeonX> 8. Trying to take the middle base

<Kanashimi> I was always teaming up with Christmas
<Kanashimi> Did you guys like forget that lol
<velocraptor_nerd-man> Neon why are you repeating
<christmas4477> I'm not dumb enough to go against Kana's army of carriers
<NeonX> Because xmas said "wait wut"
<TuxedoMask> oh my god I'm going to kill every last one of you
<NeonX> :p
<Kanashimi> I never take the middle base xD
<NeonX> 7. Trash talk

<Kanashimi> Too much of a liablity
<christmas4477> ^
<kingofflamess> all your base are belong to me
<Kanashimi> Is this a list of Kana being awesome at Starcraft?
<NeonX> YES
<Kanashimi> Like this is all I'm hearing
<christmas4477> Plus if the comp has the middle base, we can all swarm them
<NeonX> 6. Kana's very fast at what she does

<Zaane> shes like an early final fantasy boss thats unkillable :(
* Zero_Gravity Wait
<Zero_Gravity> this plays like halo Wars
<NeonX> 5. Hunter Kana

<velocraptor_nerd-man> Kana this is basically why we should not play with you in Starcraft
<Kanashimi> Really? I usually only have like two bases at first
<christmas4477> This one time, I derped and Kana took out my base with one scout
<christmas4477> It had been a while
* TuxedoMask (~Kibs@91.8TheFan) has left #918thefan
<Kanashimi> Hey, DS makes a game of that
<christmas4477> I assumed they would fight back
<Kanashimi> Haha
<Kanashimi> I remember that xD
<christmas4477> Clearly I was mistaken
<NeonX> LOL DSi
<NeonX> hiding
<Kanashimi> Cause DS hides
<velocraptor_nerd-man> lol
<NeonX> 4. Don't rush me until I have enough carriers to wipe you out, Ok?

<Kanashimi> Hahaha
<velocraptor_nerd-man> but Carriers are awesome
<Kanashimi> I'm bad at beginning rush
<velocraptor_nerd-man> ^
<Kanashimi> But none of us like beginning rush
<velocraptor_nerd-man> wait so let Kana win?
<NeonX> 3. Background deals with the players (aka Christmas)

<Kanashimi> I didn't force that rule D:
<velocraptor_nerd-man> so that was rule 3
<Kanashimi> We agreed on that rule
<christmas4477> ...
<christmas4477> Nnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo
<Kanashimi> I've teamed up with DS like once
<christmas4477> I have never made background deals
<Kanashimi> We originally didn't have team up rules
<Kanashimi> And then we put them in
<DSi> I got sandwiched between Christmas, Elk, and Kana. >>
<Kanashimi> And then I stopped
<christmas4477> Except that one time I turned on everyone
<Kanashimi> Just saaaaayin'
<christmas4477> Yugi was such a sucker
<DSi> We were back and forth killing each other
<Zero_Gravity> $60!!?!?!?
<Zero_Gravity> Do I need to pay monthly?
<velocraptor_nerd-man> no
<Kanashimi> No
<Zaane> yay more FF9 background music :D
<velocraptor_nerd-man> just pay for the game
<Zero_Gravity> hrm...
<Kanashimi> But still too steep for my blood
<DSi> No, we won. o.o
<NeonX> 2. Going to her base (Makes me wanna punch something)

<christmas4477> "Sup Kana"
<DSi> I wiped out Christmas after Kana was pushed back by nuking his siege line
<Elk> I got DCd
* PiSsEdSiLeNtBoB wonders if someone should create a kana SC2 fund
<Zero_Gravity> >__>
<Zero_Gravity> XD
<Kanashimi> lmao
<Zero_Gravity> keep talking to yourself Ceru
<Zaane> and nobody answers..
<Zaane> xD
<christmas4477> Mind if I just leave these 6 Overlords here?
<NeonX> I wish I was Korean
<Renku_The_Panda_Plushie> XD
<NeonX> oh wait I am
<christmas4477> kthx
<Kanashimi> Is my base layout so bad?
<Renku_The_Panda_Plushie> XD
<Kanashimi> I never knew that
<Renku_The_Panda_Plushie> Ohu Neon

<velocraptor_nerd-man> lol
<Kanashimi> Dayum I am good
<NeonX> XD
<velocraptor_nerd-man> protoss rule
<Shidohari> she obviously built more than enough pylons ceru
<Elk> And the cannons are hidden behind building, and between buildings.
<Kanashimi> I wasn't aware my layout was something to be feared
<Elk> you can't get to all the canons, lol
<velocraptor_nerd-man> I do that as vell
<Kanashimi> Yeah, I put my buildings reeeeally close
<Zero_Gravity> wait
<Zero_Gravity> Kana has played Starcraft 2?
* PiSsEdSiLeNtBoB wonders if anyone saved any replays
<Kanashimi> I have
<DSi> And she uses no ground troops
<Kanashimi> I played the trial
<NeonX> 1. Death by carriers

<Zero_Gravity> someone else's account/game?
<Kanashimi> I have a few replays
<christmas4477> Zerg bases have to be widespread for more creep
<velocraptor_nerd-man> <3 carriers
<Zero_Gravity> oh the trial
<Kanashimi> I do use ground troops
<Zero_Gravity> that makes sense
<Kanashimi> I use them a bit less than anyone else is all
<Kanashimi> I always have ten zealots to guard from rush
* christmas4477 Kana sends 1 zealot
<christmas4477> I hate comp zerg rushes
<velocraptor_nerd-man> ikr christmas
<Kanashimi> Haha, I love sending one zealot as a spy
<velocraptor_nerd-man> I want to play SC2 nao
<Kanashimi> And he's just chillin
<Zaane> well u got me in the mood for playing league of legends so ima do that while listening in bai IRC
* Zaane has quit (Quit: Rizon webchat: http://qchat.rizon.net/)
<christmas4477> If Kana's units are carriers, mine are mutalisks
<christmas4477> SO MANY MUTALISKS
* sh4z (lml@your.blood.will.blacken.the.earth) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives voice to sh4z
<DSi> See, now I have to do battle Elk tonight. I hear there's some new patches that changed up a lot
<velocraptor_nerd-man> Mutalisks are beast
<velocraptor_nerd-man> they are my favorite zerg unit

<Neon|Sleep> .hugbutton
* PyBrie hugs Neon|Sleep.
<Neon|Sleep> :D

* Chibi-Leviathan hugs Neon
<Chibi-Neon> :D
* Chibi-Neon hugs Chibi-Leviathan
<Chibi-Leviathan> (>-'.'-)>
<HeikaHaku> Where's Kusari?
<HeikaHaku> :(
<Chibi-Neon> <(-'.'-<)
<Renku_the_Special_Zombie> <(-'.'<)

* PyBrie stabs NeonX in the leg.

<NeonX> .hugbutton
* PyBrie stabs NeonX in the back.

<NeonX> .hugbutton
* PyBrie stabs NeonX in the hand.

<NeonX> .hugbutton
* PyBrie stabs NeonX in the gut.

<NeonX> .hugbutton
* You have been kicked from #918thefan by GlaD0S (Stop flooding!)
* Now talking on #918thefan
* Topic for #918thefan is: http://918thefan.com | ELK! YEAH! REQUEST STUFF! | Make sure to request in the artist/album thread before it's closed at page thirty! http://918thefan.com/forums/showthread.php?t=334
* Topic for #918thefan set by Elk!~a@Rizon-64124842.tbaytel.net at Mon May 23 19:12:19 2011
* PyBrie stabs NeonX in the gut.
* GlaD0S gives voice to NeonX
<NeonX> .hugbutton
* PyBrie stabs NeonX in the gut.

<NeonX> .hugbutton
* PyBrie stabs NeonX in the back.

<NeonX> .hugbutton
* PyBrie stabs NeonX in the hand.

<NeonX> .hugbutton
* You have been kicked from #918thefan by GlaD0S (Stop repeating yourself!)
* Now talking on #918thefan
* Topic for #918thefan is: http://918thefan.com | ELK! YEAH! REQUEST STUFF! | Make sure to request in the artist/album thread before it's closed at page thirty! http://918thefan.com/forums/showthread.php?t=334
* Topic for #918thefan set by Elk!~a@Rizon-64124842.tbaytel.net at Mon May 23 19:12:19 2011
* GlaD0S gives voice to NeonX
* Kanashimi shakes head D:
* PyBrie stabs NeonX in the spleen.

<NeonX> Sorry, lol.
<NeonX> I apolgize for the spam.
<Kanashimi> Sort of violent?
<NeonX> Brie loves me :D
<christmas4477> Only to Neon

<HeikaHaku> Because Neon keeps abusing commands.

<christmas4477> .hugbutton
* PyBrie hugs christmas4477.
<NeonX> They're there to be abused :p
<Kanashimi> Stab? Can't just be auto-kick?
<Kanashimi> .nowplaying
<PyBrie> Now Playing: Sawa - Busted? (Remix)
<christmas4477> Glados seems to have that covered
<HeikaHaku> Well, when I coded it, I hadn't linked it to Brie.
<HeikaHaku> And it had no access yet.
<HeikaHaku> Should I change to a kick?
<Kanashimi> In relation, didn't we agree on muffinbutton and no hug button beforehand?
<NeonX> Wait, did you guys agree on that?
<HeikaHaku> I did the hug button as a test.
<HeikaHaku> To see if I could load new commands dynamically.
<Kanashimi> Ah, well kick preferrably for spamming
<HeikaHaku> Without restarting.
<Hiiragi> .hugbutton
* PyBrie hugs Hiiragi.
<Hiiragi> mm i like that

<HeikaHaku> .inform setcommand
<NeonX> Hmm, well, what Brie could do is keep track of how many times a command is said, but the problem is the counter would have to be reset at some point
<Kanashimi> D:
* Kanashimi slaps Raug
<Kanashimi> Bad

<NeonX> LOL Raug
<HeikaHaku> .setcommand hugbutton 1
<HeikaHaku> Neon, type .commands
<NeonX> .commands
<PyBrie> Current Commands are: ['.commands', '.inform', '.myelks', '.nowplaying', '.radio', '.time', '.version']
<NeonX> .hugbutton
-PyBrie- Unauthorized.
<HeikaHaku> Oh, right, I removed it from the list.
<NeonX> -PyBrie- Unauthorized.
<Kanashimi> lol
<Kanashimi> We need a latestpost command kthx
<HeikaHaku> I was planning on doing that.
<NeonX> We're counting on you, Haku.
<HeikaHaku> :D
<NeonX> lol
<christmas4477> Mayhaps a latest 3
<HeikaHaku> I'll go code that now, Kana.
<HeikaHaku> Kana
<Kanashimi> Hm?
<NeonX> So my goals for the end of the summer are be able to write all the general use kanji, and be very comfortable with coding in Python.
<HeikaHaku> Do you want it to be Latest iStalks, Latest Posts, or both commands?
<Quostin> .muelks
<Kanashimi> If you could do a latest post title - link
<Quostin> .myelks
<PyBrie> Quostin has 27 points.
<Kanashimi> And then a latestistalk with character describtion and link?
<Kanashimi> Dunno if that's too hard
<Kanashimi> .myelks
<PyBrie> Kanashimi has no Elk points.
<Kanashimi> LIES

<JinnRemona> http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/walkthrough.png
<Kanashimi> I have infinite

<HeikaHaku> Well, it's not too hard, but the more you have it do, the longer it'll take to process and respond.
<Elk> .+elks Kanashimi 9999
<PyBrie> Points added to Kanashimi
<Kanashimi> lmao
<Kanashimi> Over 9,000
<HeikaHaku> .+elks Kanashimi 10000000000000000000
<PyBrie> Points added to Kanashimi
<HeikaHaku> :D
<christmas4477> We already made that joke
<Kanashimi> rofl
<HeikaHaku> .myelks Kanashimi
<PyBrie> Kanashimi has 10000000000000009999 points.

<EagleEyes> .warn heikahaku
<Brie> Check the rules! Stop breaking them! Have Fun! You have been warned. http://918thefan.com/community/irc-chat/irc-rules/
<Brie> heikahaku has been warned 6 times.
<EagleEyes> What is a heika?
<EagleEyes> Where is renku
* Zero_Gravity points
<Renku> o.o
* EagleEyes whips
<Renku> D:
* Zero_Gravity blocks
* Zero_Gravity protects Renku
<Zero_Gravity> >:c
<EagleEyes> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ti687wB5M4
<EagleEyes> .warn Zero_Gravity
<Brie> Check the rules! Stop breaking them! Have Fun! You have been warned. http://918thefan.com/community/irc-chat/irc-rules/
<Brie> Zero_Gravity has been warned 7 times.
<EagleEyes> XD
<Zero_Gravity> >:c
<Renku> XD
<Renku> Lucky 7?
<EagleEyes> Renku
<Renku> o.o?
<EagleEyes> Use your drawing skills for my evil plans
<EagleEyes> XD
<Zero_Gravity> I'm gonna get in trouble if my warnings get too high won't they
<Renku> XD IDK if I can atm. I got so many things to draw
<Renku> Wich is really only 4
<Renku> *which
<EagleEyes> I want a cartoony me
<Renku> Oh wait 5
<EagleEyes> In carracosta attire
<Renku> :o
<Renku> XD
<EagleEyes> For Carracosta is supa kawaii
<Renku> I can do that, but your going to be the last on my list
<EagleEyes> D:
<EagleEyes> .warn Renku
<Brie> Check the rules! Stop breaking them! Have Fun! You have been warned. http://918thefan.com/community/irc-chat/irc-rules/
<Brie> Renku has been warned 8 times.
<Renku> o.o Wth
<Renku> 8?
<EagleEyes> Some one has been naughty
<Renku> Fine you can be 3 in the list of 6
<Dekai-Neon> Renku, Haku broke it
<Renku> D:
<Dekai-Neon> it's not supposed to say 8
<Renku> What ne do
<Renku> *he
<Renku> ?
<Dekai-Neon> he was fixing it he said
<Dekai-Neon> but i think he broke it
<Renku> Ah
* Zero_Gravity yawns
<Renku> :\ The Radio page is acting weird. If left it gets a min behind, but if refreshed it fixes
<EagleEyes> .warn Dekai-Neon
<Brie> Check the rules! Stop breaking them! Have Fun! You have been warned. http://918thefan.com/community/irc-chat/irc-rules/
<Brie> Dekai-Neon has been warned 9 times.
<EagleEyes> Neon is winning :o
<Renku> :o
<Renku> Do Zero now
<EagleEyes> I allready did Zero
<EagleEyes> Also giggity
<Dekai-Neon> I only had 3 warnings
<Renku> XD
<Dekai-Neon> which means haku broke it
<Renku> And that was my first
<Dekai-Neon> You should do Haku :D
<Renku> XD He did

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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

[16:53] <+Zero_Gravity> i couldn't watch texas chain saw massacre
[16:53] <+EternalScholar> Why?
[16:53] <+Zero_Gravity> i thought it was stupid
[16:53] == mitamaking [qwebirc@Rizon-B36016C3.dsl.cavtel.net] has quit []
[16:54] <+EternalScholar> My friend kept jumping through it
[16:54] <+withasigh> texas chain saw massacre was pants i thought
[16:54] <+Zero_Gravity> 3 of my friends went to see a movie... I can't recall what it was, it was a slasher flick
[16:54] <+Zero_Gravity> one of them, his name was Dave
[16:54] <+Zero_Gravity> my other two friends, NEVER went to the movies with him again
[16:54] <+EternalScholar> "Pants", sigh?
[16:55] <+EternalScholar> Why?
[16:55] <+Zero_Gravity> he kept covering his eyes going "don't go in there, don't go in ther.e.."
[16:55] <+EternalScholar> XD
[16:55] <+withasigh> Whats wrong with saying Pants?
[16:55] <+Zero_Gravity> i swear he's the last person you'd expect to be straight
[16:55] <+EternalScholar> I've never heard it used as a describing word...
[16:55] <+Zero_Gravity> and honestly I'm 99.99% sure he isn't
[16:55] <+Zero_Gravity> the movie was something to wear?
[16:56] <+Zero_Gravity> I GET IT
[16:56] <+Zero_Gravity> CAUSE HE WORE PEOPLE'S FACES
[16:56] * EternalScholar backhands Zero
[16:56] <+Zero_Gravity> >_O
[16:56] <+withasigh> haha well now you have XP
[16:56] <+EternalScholar> BAD PUN IS BAD!
[16:56] <+Zero_Gravity> oooo
[16:56] <+Zero_Gravity> wanna hear the godliest of puns?
[16:56] <+EternalScholar> Must be a brittish thing.
[16:56] <+EternalScholar> Sure, Zero.
[16:56] <+Zero_Gravity> i was watching a Lupin movie
[16:56] <+withasigh> must be
[16:56] <+Zero_Gravity> and there was a man who was after a treasure
[16:56] <+Zero_Gravity> he was a Count
[16:57] <+Zero_Gravity> Lupin directed him to a specific time on the face of a giant clock
[16:57] <+Zero_Gravity> the clock hands then started to close in on him and crushed the Count
[16:57] <+Zero_Gravity> so I blurted out
[16:58] <+Zero_Gravity> "Well, he didn't COUNT on that did he?
[16:58] <+EternalScholar> **
[16:58] <+Zero_Gravity> which was double funny because he's a count, and it was a clock"
[16:58] * withasigh shakes head
[16:58] <+EternalScholar> That's terrible...
[16:58] <+Zero_Gravity> that was awesome
[16:58] <+Zero_Gravity> STFU
[16:59] <+Zero_Gravity> i followed up with some others
[16:59] <+withasigh> it did make me chuckle a little Zero
[16:59] <+Zero_Gravity> "He sure got clocked out"
[16:59] <+Zero_Gravity> "What a CRUSHING defeat"
[16:59] <+EternalScholar> I snickered and just shook my head
[16:59] <+Zero_Gravity> "Someone should have given him a HAND"
[16:59] <+Zero_Gravity> yeah i'm done
[16:59] <+withasigh> you sure?
[17:00] * EternalScholar puts his bad pun bat away
[17:00] <+Zero_Gravity> I dunno
[17:00] <+Zero_Gravity> you guys didn't find it, PUNNY?
[17:00] <+Zero_Gravity> XD
[17:01] * Zero_Gravity puts on helmet
[17:01] * EternalScholar kicks Zero into orbit
[17:01] * Zero_Gravity flies into space
[17:01] <+Zero_Gravity> thats find, I need my SPACE
[17:01] <+Zero_Gravity> **fine
[17:02] <+withasigh> ok that one made me laugh
[17:02] <+EternalScholar> Go to Myspace then

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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

[17:39:34] <@Brie> Current Commands are: ['.briekick', '.clearwarn','.commands', '.dj', '.inform', '.latestposts', '.myelks', '.nowplaying', '.radio','.rock', '.time', '.twilly', '.version', '.viewwarn', '.warn']
[17:39:43] <@HeikaHaku> Oh, I know.
[17:39:47] <@HeikaHaku> The name is case-sensitive.
[17:39:50] <+Renku> o.o
[17:39:51] <@LeviathanMist> .rock paper
[17:39:51] <@Brie> You used paper and I used rock. I lose.
[17:39:52] <@HeikaHaku> Probably.
[17:39:55] <@LeviathanMist> Hah
[17:39:55] <@HeikaHaku> .setcommand rock 1
[17:39:59] <@LeviathanMist> D:
[17:40:00] <@EagleEyes> .warn HeikaHaku
[17:40:00] <@Brie> Check the rules! Stop breaking them! Have Fun! You havebeen warned. http://918thefan.com/community/irc-chat/irc-rules/
[17:40:01] <@Brie> HeikaHaku has been warned 1 times.
[17:40:01] <+Renku> Look what happened when I look away
[17:40:02] <@HeikaHaku> I keep forgetting to remove that.
[17:40:07] <@EagleEyes> Indeed it is
[17:40:17] <@HeikaHaku> .clearwarn HeikaHaku
[17:40:19] <@EagleEyes> YAY HAKU!
[17:40:22] <@HeikaHaku> .clearwarn EagleEyes
[17:40:25] <@LeviathanMist> .commands
[17:40:26] <@Brie> Current Commands are: ['.briekick', '.clearwarn','.commands', '.dj', '.inform', '.latestposts', '.myelks', '.nowplaying', '.radio','.rock', '.time', '.twilly', '.version', '.viewwarn', '.warn']
[17:40:27] <+Renku> :o
[17:40:32] <@LeviathanMist> .rock is still there
[17:40:32] <@Brie> You used is still there and I used scissors. Error.
[17:40:36] <@LeviathanMist> wat
[17:40:50] <+Renku> XD
This message paid for by the Mist Foundation for a Better Radio Experience, and brought to you in part by Renku.

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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

[22:48] <+MiaDaichi> http://www.milanoo.com/Cotton-Sleeve...ss-p12718.html the dress my bubby's getting me for it
[22:49] <+MiaDaichi> >.> okay zero you can lay on my bed
[22:49] <+MiaDaichi> that;s cool
[22:49] <+Zero_Gravity> your bubby?
[22:49] <+MiaDaichi> <333
[22:49] <+Zero_Gravity> whats a bubby? >>
[22:49] <+MiaDaichi> like a hubby but I call him my bunny bunny so it's kinda a cross between the two
[22:49] <+Zero_Gravity> oh wow its on google
[22:49] <+MiaDaichi> xD
[22:49] <+MiaDaichi> i;m a love sick puppy
[22:50] <+Zero_Gravity> Kids these days -__-
[22:50] <+Zero_Gravity> them and their weird words
[22:50] <+MiaDaichi> ^.^;;
[22:50] * Zero_Gravity yawns
[22:50] <@DSi> Where I come from, bubby refers to brothers
[22:50] <+Zero_Gravity> but fo serious, i'm going to bed now
[22:50] <+MiaDaichi> o.o oh?
[22:50] <+Zero_Gravity> where i come from Bubby refers to the dominant male in the prison cell
[22:50] <+MiaDaichi> xD
[22:50] <@DSi> Same thing, Zero
[22:51] == sakura10163 [qwebirc@Rizon-9B0153B1.lightspeed.futnca.sbcglobal.net] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[22:51] <+MiaDaichi> I may wanna stick to bunny I guess ^.^
[22:51] <+Zero_Gravity> o____o
[22:51] <+MiaDaichi> Don't wanna imply incest owo
[22:51] <+Zero_Gravity> wait...
[22:51] <+Zero_Gravity> I'm suddenly confused
[22:51] <@DSi> ...

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