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Manga of the Future - Project Silver

I made a concept art topic earlier. Project Silver seems to be favored over the other titles (then again, I've put more effort into "Project Silver" then the others).
This topic is for "Project Silver" ONLY. Project Silver is almost complete, I can taste it already. I don't want to spoil the series TOO much, otherwise no one will wanna read it when it actually does become a book

Criticism a MUST, opinions (Positive or negative) adored.
This is the result of almost 10 years of work (even before I decided to make a manga based off it). I'm also willing to answer any and all questions regarding the series (given i spoil nothing).

Rough Original Synopsis:
Little do humans know that the worlds they believe to be "Heaven" and "Hell" have been at war for almost a millennium, and because of a dirty tatic created by the first Demon Lord, Hell dominated to war until finally Heaven could no longer fight back, now the last angel, with his dying breath bestows a human with the "Silver Soul" a soul containing the energies of the original God that has been dormant all this time. The current demon lord wants the soul to become the dominator of all dimensions. The war between Demons and Earth now begins.

Improved Synopsis:
Eons ago, there where three Guardians, Yahweh, Leader of the Angels, Lucifer, Lord of Demons, and Gaia, Mother of Humans. Heaven and Hell eventually waged war on each other, with control of Earth on the line. Mid-Way through the war, Yahweh, in a showdown with Lucifer was able to seal Lucifer away in a Soul Orb, he then merged the Soul Orb within mortal on Earth, in the process Yahweh himself was also sealed in a separate Soul Orb. The War raged on, with a new Demon Lord and no one to lead the Angels, the war quickly turned in favor of the demons. The war is over, and the last remaining Angel in a last desperate attempt sealed the Soul Orb of Yahweh inside a mortal human. In hopes to stop the demon assault on Earth, Takeshi and his friends fight for the sake of Gaia, but with the Soul Orb containing Lucifer's power still up for grabs, can 5 Mortals do what a God and millions of other world beings could not and stop the Demon take over?



Takeshi (Silver)
Takeshi is originally a red soul (Energetic, Courageous, Charismatic, but also very unlucky), His soul is embedded with Yahweh's Soul Orb, which turns his soul from Red to Silver, an unheard of colored Soul. Takeshi vows to keep the Soul Orb out of Salim's hands and avenge his Grandmother who was killed by Salim in retaliation for not handing over the Soul Orb. Takeshi can use his soul energy to make swords using his hands as a hilt, they can range up to 10 ft.

Kei (Gold)
Kei is the best friend of Takeshi, Kei's gold soul gives Kei all the personalities of Takeshi but with the most boastful fortune. Kei has his Soul Release already before the series began. Despite his supportive good nature, he has one dark thought. The death of older brother, who murdered his mother. As a joke, Kei refers to Takeshi as his sidekick. Kei can use his energy in a shooting meathod, as widespread as a shotgun, as fast a gatling gun or as massive as a cannon ball.

Rukuro (Green)
Arrogant, and Rich. Having a family who runs a multi billion dollar business, Rukuro has never been able to bond with his own family, only his servant who's fathered him since a baby, and acts as Rukuro's decent nature. Rukuro has no honor and thinks losers are worthless. Having witnessed the death of his surrogate father at the hands of Mercury, Rukuro vows to ultimately destroy Mercury, and his so called "honor". Rukuro uses his energy to improve his natural senses, however it strains his body the more he uses at once.

Sakura (Pink)
Sakura is an African American orphan who ended up in Japan under unknown circumstances. She was discovered by a man who would then become her father, Sakura is named after the cherry blossom tree she was found abandoned under. She is the love interest of Takeshi and vice versa. She doesn't like to fight and uses her energy as shields as opposed to weapons. She wants to stop Argno's path of violence after the death of her father, hopefully, without resorting to killing her. She utilizes her energy as shields, however the bigger she makes them, the weaker the resistance.

Yoshino (Blue)
Nicknamed "Yoshi" by her friends, Yoshi is an independent girl who has won many martial arts tournaments from her Grandfather's training. Her Soul Release is also already active before the start of the series, having witnessed her Grandfather's defeat at the hands of the battle frenzy Byakko. Unknown to her, and Takeshi as well, she is the younger sister of Takeshi. She is also best friends with Sakura and teams up with her to make up for Sakura's lack of combat skills with her super human strength. Yoshi uses her energy purely in her fists, which enable her to be strong enough to use buildings as a baseball bat.

The 5 War Lords of Hell:

Salim is the Leader of the 5 Warlords, who act as the 2nd highest level of authority in hell (the first belonging to the Demon Lord). He is rather cynical and loves chaos, death and mass destruction. He is without argument the most powerful of the 5 Warlords. He is particularly interested in Takeshi's soul growth, hoping to make Takeshi just as powerful as himself, having never needed to use his own full power in his entire life, Salim hopes to push Takeshi to a breaking point for the grandest battle of his life. He plots to grow strong enough to overthrow the Demon Lord and lead Demons are they where originally planned to. Salim has a wide range of weapons he can create, he prefers to use a whip he can create from his fingers.

While she has no real combat skills of her own, she commands the more beastly demons, to fight for her. She enjoys watching others squirm and scream for mercy. Her beauty can only be matched through her cruelty and bark. She specializes in other world poisons that make even Titans beg for death. Her energy allows her to mutate or rapidly grow other world plants.

Damion (Gold's Brother)
A mystery to even his comrades, Damion was a human who also had a gold soul, stronger then Kei's, adored by his family, by his younger brother, and surrounding friends. For reasons unknown, he murdered his Mother and Father and became a demon. He rarely speaks, and very rarely fights. He has a tendency to look down on others, with Salim the only being he truly respects, Damion has made it clear should he ever need to choose between the current Demon Lord and Salim, he would follow Salim. His true intentions are a mystery. His abilities are also a mystery.

A hulking tiger behemoth who wields incredibly strength, with punches as loud as thunder. He enjoys battle and throughout history has challenged any strong human, angel and demon alike and killed them. His strength is challenged only by Yoshi. He loves battle and will go so far as attacking children if it means starting a fight. Byakko is unable to use his soul energy willingly, however it's ever constantly running through his system, giving him Titan level strength.

A swordsman who originally fought against the Demons, but during a critical battle toward the end of the war, he betrayed his comrades and turned demon. He wields a sword as big as his body, which he seems to have no problem swinging. Despite his actions, and despite everything he stands for, he fights by honor and believes his intentions are the purest. Mercury uses his energy to gives his swords a buzz saw like effect when cutting.


Gaia (Gaurdian of Earth)
Gaia created humanity, unlike her sibling gods however, she did not want her people to have the power to fight other worldly beings and be consumed by more battle then it already has. She is a pacifist but fights alone to protect Earth from death and destruction. Her lack of fighting prowl makes her the weakest of the Gods but in no way is to be underestimated. She hopes to teach Takeshi the legendary "Soul Burst" should something happen to her. Her abilities allow her to give life, however she cannot give life to a body that has already begun the spoiling process.

Tairax (current Demon Lord)
While not a God, he is of God-class power. while he seems to do nothing but sit and give commands, he earned his new found position by exterminating half of the Heaven forces with one attack. he has grown old in his age however, as Demons are not as cruel as they where during the Dark Ages and before hand. He believes in the overall numbers should decide the outcome. His abilities have faded over time.

Souls: Souls are the energy inside all Humans, Demons and Angels, Angels and Demons can naturally access this energy, Humans however where not taught how to. Each soul is defined by a color, which also defines the person's personality. A Soul is much like a battery, it gives one power. One's soul can become stronger by absorbing the soul of those they defeat/kill, however you can't absorb the energy from a soul that hasn't released.

Soul Release: a Demon/Angel level of power, this is the natural state for a Demon or Angel to be in, this is the 2nd stage in human evolution, allows the ability of flight and solidifying energy in forms of attack or weapon. Humans can reach this form once a human witnesses a great tragedy, given they're soul is strong enough to be released.

Soul Orb: Special Orbs meant for sealing away powerful Demons or Angels, can naturally be opened, however the seal on Lucifer and Yahweh's orbs will not open.

Gods: Beings with unknown origins, they appear to been have born at the same time, gaia having created the Earth and Humanity, Yahweh, the creator of Angels and Heaven, and Lucifer, creator of Demons and Hell. Only Gaia remains.

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