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Bobby Henshin

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Kamen Rider Eclipse: Coming Soon!

Hello everyone out there in Internet Land! Your favorite super hero of the air waves here to tell of a new radio play I plan on having on my show in 2013. The title of this new said show will be called "Kamen Rider Eclipse" an original take on the Japanese power armored heroes called "Kamen Rider" from Toei Studios Japan, which has been on air since 1973. I hope to make a show that will spark your imaginations and entertain you for years to come.

Right now Kamen Rider Eclipse is in the brain storming stages so it will be a while before it's release. Right now I am working on it by myself. I am basically making my own TV show and this is not a one man job so I am gathering together a team to help with creation of this new hero of justice.

This is where you come in. I am looking for a concept artist to help draw the characters so the audience can get a feel for what the characters look like to make the radio play more enjoyable. Right now all I am looking for is a concept drawing of the rider himself fully transformed. To get a feel for what a rider looks like Google Kamen Rider and it will give you a basic concept. Here is what I'm looking for:

1. Must have a fire and ice motiff, "His" right being fire and "His" left being ice, and they must look like they are being melded together but not too crazy, they just have to blend. Realistic or anime style is fine whatever you are best at.

2. The Driver (belt buckle) has to look like a flame. If you have seen Bleach or Soul Eater it will look like a Soul Flame. With 5 points to the flame, which in turn fold out and you can insert sword hilts (katana hilts with no guard) into them . The inner right one will be red and inner right one will be blue, like the colors of fire and ice. The points should be facing to the right so the flame will be sideways with what looks like a big green gem like button in the middle.

3 . The left arm and right leg will have a stud track on it like you would see in a ripcord for a top, (exp. BayBlade). This is for when he removes the Driver (belt buckle) from his belt he can equip it onto the studs. Just remember to make them blend into the suit.

4. The helmet is the most important part of the rider. The eyes must resemble an insect and it will have antenna. This is like a grass hopper.A good example is Kamen Rider W. Have a convex polygon shape where the mouth is (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedi...ntagon.svg.png) here is a good example.

And that should cover the look of the rider. The pose will be up to you to decide. Also if you feel like being extra creative you can help come up with concept drawings for the monsters he will be fighting. They will be Power Ranger-eqsue monsters based on the corrupted souls of living things such as humans, animals, and plants. All concept art must be sent to bobbyhenshin@yahoo.com, bobby@918thefan.com or samuraikh2@yahoo.com. I will then contact the person who has been chosen and continue from there.

Benefits: The person whose concept art is chosen will be credited for the drawings in every episode with links to their Deviantart or any site of their choosing where their artwork is shown which will be seen by thousands of listeners. Nothing racy please.

This will be a 49 to 51 episode series so that is near 50 shout-outs to your work spread out within a year.

You will be able to put this on your resumes and put me down as a recommendation for future work.

Once all the brainstorming is complete we will also holding voice auditions for the characters which everyone may audition. This will be posted in a different thread once we come to that stage.

So I hope that everyone will enjoy this new series and give everyone a taste of what Kamen Rider and other Tokusatsu shows are like in Japan, opening a new fandom to you all. Thank you for your time and remember to always fight for the side of justice. Henshin A-Go-Go Baby!

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Re: Kamen Rider Eclipse: Coming Soon!

this is a pretty good idea bobby I wish I could participate but I'm not a big fan of kamen rider series since I have only seen a few thing but sure will give it a try see if I can pull out a few concepts later on or try for the voice acting auditions part
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