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The Biggest Troll on the website
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The Master Topic!

Greetings all! Consider this the manual for my column here on the Fan. Meaning that no one will read it and will instead learn everything by trial and error/asking me in the IRC.

I am Kayarath! Everyone pronounces it "KAI-A-RATH" in case you were wondering. Ironically, if everyone pronounces the way it was meant to be said which is "GUY-UR-WRATH" perhaps people would stop thinking I'm a girl. I have nothing against girls; my mother is one after all. However, that is a problem when I am a guy.

I am a fan of Japanese pop culture like the rest of you. Unlike the rest of you, I send in an application to the Fan while Kana was playing "let's tape all the applications to the wall and decide who we'll hire by throwing darts blindfolded!" Luckily for me, the most darts landed on my app so here I am!

My position is a "Web Producer," meaning I'll write stuff for you to read. The stuff is conveniently titled "Kayarath's Adventures." "What an amazingly original name!" you must be thinking to yourself. I would tell you what I write about but I'm not gonna tell you so you'll be completely surprised each time! I'm totally not flying by the seat of my pants and just making stuff up as I go along! Why not find out yourself by clicking on the links below? If an article has a #popular in its entry, then that one's a highlight which you should read because that represents my most popular work.

Adventure Zero: MangaNEXT - The Pilot episode if you will. It's a Fan Friday article I submitted that got posted up. Just me writing about my experiences at a convention.

Adventure One: Filling Out Applications - This is an essay I wrote while applying for the Fan. I may be biased, but I think it's good

Adventure Two: Bringing the Awesomeness - A bunch of anime themed math word problems! I'm sure everyone loves to do math!

Adventure Three: Card Games - A review of the "Fruits Basket Card Game: Friends of the Zodiac" card game.

Adventure Four: Even More Card Gaming
- A review of the "Whack a Catgirl" card game.

Adventure Five: Talking With Bleeps - My very first interview with chip tune artist Chipocrite!

Adventure Six: KROZE!!!! - An adventure about me meeting the best person in the whole world; KROZE!

Adventure Seven: Listening to Voices - This article is all basically random factoids about famous voice actors.

Adventure Eight: Makin' You Jealous - A review of the "Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos" movie as well as a report of it's U.S. premiere

Adventure Nine: Love and Peace! - A review of "Trigun: Badlands Rumble!" and a report of the dub premiere at Otakon.

Adventure Ten: American Dojinshi - A review of the indie title "Sacred."

Adventure Eleven: Rolling Dice - A review of the indie title "King of RPGs," which is a dark comedy shonen action title about gaming culture.

Adventure Twelve: Great Music - This is about the best song on the station; Every Fight!

Adventure Thirteen: Jupiter Jazz - An article about Japanese pianist Hiromi.

Adventure Fourteen: Blowing Stuff Up - Here I covered a concert headlined by The Protomen.

Adventure Fifteen: Card Gaming 3: Getting Served! - A review of Tanto Coure. It's a card game about Maids! What more do you want?

Adventure Sixteen: Pitching Anime Concepts - Here I suggest things that would make good anime.

Adventure Seventeen: Tagging - Here I suggest anime that would make good source material for the TAG reading system.

Adventure Eighteen: Shin Kicking - My review of Chantlise: A Tale of Two Sisters! It's a fun game!

Adventure Nineteen: Capitalism - This is my review of "Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale." Capitalism, HO!

Adventure Twenty: Katsucon - It's a convention report/summary. I bet you never read one of these before!

Adventure Twenty-One: Japanamation - Being one of the oldest staff member, I reviewed old manga from back in the day when we hunted dinosaurs :p

Adventure Twenty-Two: Shopping - This is about visiting a Japanese food market. Pocky for everyone!

Adventure Twenty-Three: Sakura - It's a Sakura Festival! Comes with a gorgeous photo gallery! A must see!

Adventure Twenty-Four: Ninja - About the game Ninja; the most fun you can have at a convention standing up!

Adventure Twenty-Five: Lolita - It's a primer on basic Lolita fashion as well as a report on a Lolita fashion show.

Adventure Twenty-Six: Indie Games - This highlights various indie games found at the 2012 Too Many Game's Indie showcase.

Adventure Twenty-Seven: Evolution - A review of the live action Dragonball Evolutions movie...

Adventure Twenty-Eight: Too Many Games - A convention report about Too Many Games 2012!

Adventure Twenty-Nine: Getting Shot - A review of the Thai movie "Headshot" that premiered at Otakon 2012.

Adventure Thirty: Jupiter Jazz Part 2: Liking You - This is about/an interview with artist Mikako Joho.

Adventure Thirty-One: Being a Maid - A review of the Maid RPG!

Adventure Thirty-Two: Lost Memories
- A review of the three Ghost in the Shell Prose novels.

Adventure Thirty-Three: Strawberries - A review of the Strawberry Panic trilogy of light novels.

Adventure Thirty-Four: Handbooks - A review of Valve's new employee handbook.

Adventure Thirty-Five: Hats - A review of Team Fortress 2.

Adventure Thirty-Six: Steam - A review of the movie Steamboy.

Adventure Thirty-Seven: Forgetting - About me going to a Japanese style party complete with food and karaoke.

Adventure Thirty-Eight: Shirts - An essay about how cool t-shirts are!

Adventure Thirty-Nine: Truth - A collection of anime "summaries."

Adventure Forty: Championships - A report of a World Cosplay Summit semi-final event.

Adventure Forty-One: Zenkaikon - A convention report about a con called Zenkaikon.

Adventure Forty-Two: Railguns - A review of the anime "A Certain Scientific Railgun"

Adventure Forty-Three: Sharks! - An essay promoting the potential Skullgirls character Stanley.

Adventure Forty-Four: Dragons - A review of the movie "Legend of the Millennium Dragon."

Adventure Forty-Five: Butterflies - About me attending a Madam Butterfly Dinner event.

Adventure Forty-Six: Going Vertigo - An interview with Ed Chavez, who works for Vertical; a company that brings a different type of manga over from Japan.

Adventure Forty-Seven: Islands - An interview with indie developers Island Officials.

Adventure Forty-Eight: Card Games 4: Tentacle Attack! - A review of the card game Tentacle Bento!

Adventure Forty-Nine: Lion Catching - A review of the children's board game Let's Catch the Lion!

Adventure Fifty: Chairs - An interview with the two co-chair of Otakon.

Adventure Fifty-One: Card Gaming 5: Showdown at Otakon! - An interview with Japanime Games, who makes children's card games and other board game related things.

Adventure Fifty-Two: Perfection - A review of the movie "Jiro Dreams of Sushi"

Adventure Fifty-Three: Static - About me attending 8Static, a super cool chip tunes concert!

Adventure Fifty-Four: Yomacon - A convention report about Yomacon! :D

Adventure Fifty Five - Allentown - Another con report about The Great Allentown Comic Con.

Adventure Fifty-Six: Channeling - A review of Channel A, the anime pitch party game!

Adventure Fifty-Seven: Horizons
- A review of the online card game Alteil Horizons.

Adventure Fifty-Eight: Pony Movies - A review of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls.

Adventure Fifty-Nine: Kotoricon - A con report about Kotoricon, the small con with a big heart!

Adventure Sixty: Card Gaming 6: Declaration of War! - A review of the card game Kanzume Goddess.

Adventure Sixty-One: Dolls - An interview with Tamara of the Korean Ball Jointed Doll Show!

Adventure Sixty-Two: Ethnography - A review of the book "The soul of Anime."

Adventure Sixty Three: Horror! - A report on a Japanese horror film festival!

My Twitter Account - Check out my Twitter account! Please!!!!!

As always, feel free to post any questions, comments, or concerns.

Last edited by Kayarath; 06-01-2014 at 05:04 PM. Reason: Updates!
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Amui is a splendid one to behold Amui is a splendid one to behold
Re: The Master Topic!

You're not a girl.....?

And whats an "Adventrue", does it involve FF7: Advent Children?

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Old 04-21-2011, 03:47 PM   #3

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EagleEyes has much to be proud of EagleEyes has much to be proud of EagleEyes has much to be proud of
Re: The Master Topic!

Welcome to the FANmily
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Tombé, Pas de bourée, Glissade, JETÉ!!
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Re: The Master Topic!

Yay!! New content provider!! Welcome to the team of voiceless people who write things and never go on Vent! We're a pretty awesome bunch so it is a pleasure to add you to said awesome :D
Can't wait for your next post :D

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Zero Gravity

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Zero Gravity will become famous soon enough
Re: The Master Topic!

Looking forward to your contributions

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Wandering Witch
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Re: The Master Topic!

Kayarath="GUY-UR-WRATH"? Wow, maybe those phonetic-spelling folks really do have a valid argument...

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