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Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

I didn't see a quotes thread for the IRC chat, so I'm making one. Feel free to post other quotes from chat.

[20:56] == Sandy [] has joined #918thefan
[20:56] <+Cameron> Oh, yeah...
[20:56] <Amui> Uh oh, its Sanders
[20:56] <Amui> Everybody hide the chickens
[20:56] <+Camajak|brb> considering it's AP, AND, the fact that I know nothing from 1910 on...
[20:56] <Jubilee> Hiya Sandy :D
[20:56] <+Camajak|brb> D;
[20:56] * NeonDantou126_2 HIDES THE CHICKENS
[20:56] * NeonDantou126_2 HIDES THE CHICKENS
[20:56] == Sandy has changed nick to Sandgolem
[20:56] <+Camajak|brb> lol
[20:56] <Amui> HIDE THE WOMEN, AS WELL
[20:57] == mode/#918thefan [+qo Sandgolem Sandgolem] by ChanServ
[20:57] <+Cameron> Well, it's never done anything good for me at least
[20:57] * NeonDantou126_2 HIDES THE WOMEN
[20:57] * NeonDantou126_2 HIDES THE WOMEN
[20:57] == mode/#918thefan [+vv Amui Jubilee] by Sandgolem
[20:57] <+Amui> AND THE RUM1
[20:57] <+Camajak|brb> XDDD
[20:57] <+Amui> !
[20:57] <+Cameron> Where did Cama go?!
[20:57] * NeonDantou126_2 HIDES THE RUM1
[20:57] * NeonDantou126_2 HIDES THE RUM1
[20:57] <~Sandgolem> buut why is the rum gone?
[20:57] <+MaxDagger> meow im back
[20:57] <+Amui> Because you cant have any
[20:57] <+Cameron> I'll ask Ceru, I can still find her...
[20:57] <~Sandgolem> yes okie, but why is the rum gone
[20:57] <+Cameron> LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
[20:58] <+Cameron> Ceru, where did all the women go?
[20:58] <+Cameron> And the rum too
[20:58] <+Amui> We put them in a suitcase
[20:58] <+Amui> They're on the way to korea
[20:58] <+Cameron> All of them?
[20:58] <+Camajak|brb> And my mom came in here, as if on cue, *****ing about why I haven't done my homework.
[20:58] <+Amui> ALL of them
[20:58] == Arra [~chatzilla@C3D44D05.781D53AB.1CAA678B.IP] has joined #918thefan
[20:58] <+Cameron> Lawl
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