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Re: A few Suggestions

So while I listen to other stations in the car, they play radio games with their fans. I thought I suggest a few for here.

Catch weekend- The song played, the last letter has to be the same as the next song's first letter. (example) Diggy-Mo' - Arcadia (last letter a) next song would be Flow - Akai Siren (then the next letter would be N). The fans text in (in this cause message in the IRC) the next song or the DJ can choose.

2-3-4 in a row combo breaker- Play 2 or 3 or 4 songs by the same artist depending on the day, hour etc. (example 2pm, Double play at 2) for that hour. Fans can request artists or the DJ can pick.

Member play lists- This ones cool but alot of work. The station that does it take 2-3 songs for a members playlist and announce who's it's from or they get a sound clip from the fan saying (my name is blah blah and here's my play list, you listening to blah blah.) Not always a sound clip but alot of times they do.

Word on the street- the DJ choose one word for the next hour or half and hour and all the songs must contain that word, (Example the word is 'world' so a song with that 'Ali Project - In The World')

Anime Openings Hour/day etc- Okay it's based on playing movie opening/soundtrack but I thought it was an interesting idea.

Happy Ending Hour- Play one hour of music, ads free. (its actually 100mins from the show but an hour is better fitted for here I think)

Just a few ideas since I noticed radio stations were trying to think of ways to get involved with their fans.

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