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Re: A few Suggestions

meh, Im just here to pick out all the small things wrong so that when new visitors come they can easily navigate the site and then will come back because it looks nice. I know a lot of it is not easy, but a bunch of it is just small minor issues that require a small modification but can help new visitors out.

Also, on a side note, I know its not simple. but your talking to a guy that has a private area on his website for breaking and blowing things up to try and get specific things to work and will spend an entire day devoted to doing so.

Originally Posted by TehScribbles View Post
So I have a few ideas, more content though.

How about a 'Top Ten' list for 'Best anime opening, or '10 Best Anime Scenes' or 'Top Ten Best Anime' Etc that have been polled by the 918 forums?

Have reviews once and awhile by members on the forum or by Fantics?

Random Polls about the music/anime/manga and post the results.

Have more diverse contests, like Music Video contests, art contests, etc. I know they're more work, but once in awhile should be fun.

It's all I have right now, but I hope it helps ^^
and yeah, I kind of like that idea. I do run a blog after all and it would be interesting to get any reviews to a bigger audience for more discussion. Plus it is kind of interesting to see the outcome of polls about anime/music/manga and the discussion that comes forth from them. As for the top 10, maybe top 5 would fair better?
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