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A few Suggestions

- find a way to get a button on the main bar that will take you back to the main page of the forums. I think it should be right where User CP is right now.

-having 91.8 Fanatics linked how it is, is kind of confusing since it does not direct you to the instructions page on the blog for how to go about signing up for fanatics.

-the 91.8 the fan button on the top of the forum also seems kind of long, wouldn't it be easier to name it something like 'Home'? then you can make the one that redirects back to the forum named 'Forum'.

-on the main page, having it say 'Having Trouble?' but then links .pls files and .m3u files and is kind of strange how it is. Shouldn't a 'Having Trouble?' link to a place where you can seek additional help? like a forum or Email location?

-I think the forum boards themselves could use some slight revision. IE, why is 'Feedback' under 'News and Updates'? also, some of the main board names look like they could use some revision. RP'n being under Literature seems kind of awkward.

-Having the forum rules posted on the top bar of the forums seems kind of pointless in some ways. Is it possible to make the forum rules part of what you have to agree with when you sign up with the forums, and then have its own post somewhere in the forums and then remove the link at the top to make room for more important stuff?

If I can find any more ideas, I will try and post them here.
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