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Re: Tempest's Downpour -- Why Women Want Yaoi

Originally Posted by Tempest Wind View Post
The problem with that is that so many yaoi guys are pansies! It irks me to no end to see a guy character get all whiny and submissive. It's like, dude. C'mon. Stand up for yourself. Fight a bit!

That's why I was so compelled by FAKE. In it, Dee is all "I like you -- I'm gonna kiss you" and Ryo is all "over my dead FREAKING body."
There was a series... I'm trying to remember the name...
Where these two guys with multiple personalities have the problem with their alter ego where in a relationship, I know one of the character is a little head strong but his other personality is extremely feminine and the other is just a clueless idiot but his other personality is strong cocky and dominant....
UGH! i can't remember the name for the life of me, I watched it last month...

I thought it was really good despite that NOTHING was explained until the last 3-ish episode

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