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Re: Chat Quotes

[22:12] <+Camajak> As a quote from Betty White
[22:12] <+Cameron> For some reason, I did not see that giggity coming...
[22:13] <+Camajak> "Well there hasn't been a cherry in my muffin since 1952"
[22:13] <+Amui> Cameron you should know by now, is see perversion in everything.
[22:13] <+Jubilee> Bluffin with mah muffin
[22:13] <+Amui> i see*
[22:13] <+Amui> giggity
[22:13] <+Camajak> That was an absolutely AWESOME Saturday Night Live episode btw
[22:13] <+Cameron> Who set the Innuendo dial to 10?!
[22:14] <+Jubilee> :3
[22:14] <+Camajak> LOL
[22:14] <+Camajak> Sorry....
[22:14] <+Cameron> *turns Innuendo dial back down to 6*
[22:14] <+Amui> I set the Innuendo dial to 42
[22:14] <+Cameron> Amui, no touching the dial!
[22:14] <+Girlycard> I need to fix that dial it broke awhile ago

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