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Let's play a TT RPG!

There's interest in starting another TTRPG game. Sign up by posting in this thread! We can discuss times, which game to play, etc.

Note that there is a large chance this game will be streamed/recorded/etc. so don't join if you're not cool with that!
Most likely we'll be playing on the Roll20 website, which I found to be quite good.

Now here is a list of games to consider...

Pathfinder - not the most elegant system but it has a ton of support and is freely available online
Mutants and Masterminds - also freely available online. Can be used to run a superhero game or even a more anime themed game. This would be perfect choice for a Tiger and Bunny campaign
Maid RPG - We all know how to play this more or less :P
Other Japanese RPGs - We could play Ryuutama, Golden Sky Stories, Double Cross, or even Terra Bannsho Zero
Suggestions - What else could we play?

Time is the hardest thing to take into account. I work Weekday so weekends seems like the best time.

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