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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

[15:57:39] <@Eternal_Scholar> Grim's too poor for consoles
[15:57:56] <@grimdefeat> nah i have a ps2 just beat everything onit
[15:58:05] <+asrz> my ps2 broke
[15:58:10] <+asrz> :(
[15:58:19] <@Eternal_Scholar> Mine is sitting in my setup just not hooked up
[15:58:33] <@grimdefeat> but we are getting a wii so im gonna be wasting alot of time on twilight princess and skyward sword
[16:00:29] <+Cider> Mine is sitting in a combinate
[16:00:38] <+Cider> i misspelled that
[16:01:03] <+Cider> *cabinet
[16:01:06] <+Cider> woah
[16:01:12] <+Cider> I must be really tired
[16:01:33] <+asrz> you should try sleep, I hear it's great for that :P
[16:01:57] <+Cider> Sleep is for noobs
[16:02:10] * @Eternal_Scholar enjoys sleep
[16:02:37] <+Cider> Noob
[16:02:38] <+Cider> :P
[16:02:41] <@Eternal_Scholar> Scrub
[16:02:56] <+Cider> Peasant
[16:03:08] <@Eternal_Scholar> Tool
[16:03:18] <+Cider> CoD player
[16:03:28] <@Eternal_Scholar> Halo lover
[16:03:33] <+asrz> this is far more entertaining than it would be with swears
[16:03:42] <+Cider> EA lover
[16:03:45] <@Eternal_Scholar> Casual
[16:03:57] <+Cider> Nintendnerd
[16:04:04] <@Eternal_Scholar> Sony drone
[16:04:14] <+Cider> Apple humper
[16:04:22] <@Eternal_Scholar> Windows fanboy
[16:04:30] <+Cider> Linux fanatic
[16:04:43] <@Eternal_Scholar> Droid nerd
[16:04:48] <+Cider> yea well
[16:04:53] <+Cider> YOU'RE A VERY NICE PERSON
[16:04:55] <+Cider> TAKE THAT
[16:05:10] <@Eternal_Scholar> I am, thank you for noticing
[16:05:15] <+Cider> You're welcome
[16:05:32] * @Eternal_Scholar goes back to watchign ProtonJon
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