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Re: No hope for TV anymore?

I have a television set up in my room, with a cable box, but the LAST time I watched it, was E3 2011.
The only thing I watch on TV is the Walking Dead, and I prefer to watch that on the big HD TV upstairs (The color and sharpness intensifies the gore :D).
I want to watch the Funimation channel, I really do. But my issue is with the description of the episodes. I have NO IDEA if it's the first, 2nd 3 or 15th episode, and I can't just START a series midway or an episode ahead. There are times where I mute the TV and turn on Toonami to support it, but thats as far as I go :|

If I want to watch something, I use either Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation or Netflix

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