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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

[HeikaHaku] Inorite?
[HeikaHaku] Here, why don't I do this, so you can kick me.
[HeikaHaku] .voice
* GlaD0S gives voice to HeikaHaku
[HeikaHaku] .deop
* GlaD0S removes channel operator status from HeikaHaku
[Jessi_] <3333
[TheManorexic] Oh yeah it's October
[NeonX] Stop tempting me D:
[TheManorexic] EXP Con
* Scholar_Plushie sits on Jessi's head
[TheManorexic] Who runs the the Fan table at EXP?
* Jessi_ huggles Etty
[HeikaHaku] Kibs, I think.
[Hiiragi] .k HeikaHaku 天罰
* GlaD0S has kicked HeikaHaku from #918thefan (天罰)

* HeikaHaku (admin@super.fighting.robot) has joined #918thefan

[GlaD0S] [HeikaHaku] We go together like Peanut Butter and.....I'm so lonely.... T.T I need a girlfriend.
* GlaD0S gives channel operator status to HeikaHaku
[TheManorexic] I remember being there last year and seeing it and that's what got me into the Fan
[HeikaHaku] Where is EXP Con?
[NeonX] Heavenly Punishment?
[TheManorexic] St. Augustine, FL
[NeonX] o.o
[HeikaHaku] lol
[HeikaHaku] Why did Raug kick me? :(
[Hiiragi] because i'm a gigantic jerk
[Hiiragi] of course
[HeikaHaku] JERK
[Hiiragi] plus one of hte rare times i look at irc i see kick and haku in the same line
[Hiiragi] so i say
[HeikaHaku] xD
[Hiiragi] OK HERE I GO
[Hiiragi] doesn't matter who you said to kick you!

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