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Re: Siege's Colloab Fanfic

Ichigo was running across rooftops with his sword out behind him. His strawberry blond (kuku) swishing in the air behind him. He jumped across two certain rooftops that randomly has snow on. He stopped, looking at the snow, his feet turning slightly red from the coldness from the snow. He tilts his head up looking for a reason for the unseasonable random snow on only these two rooftops. His eyes resting upon a strange floating person that didn't look like some hollow or anything, just randomly green with no top on and a strange cloak on, and a Turban? Ichigo's mind raced. "What is this guy? An alien?"

The Yoshi (Or in other words Piccolo ) was looking around the strange town, rather wondering how he had gotten here. He looks down to the the two rooftops he had 'magically' appeared on, his eyes resting upon Ichigo. Instantly he searched for the humans power level as he stood in the air, his arms folded and his weighted cloak swishing about behind him. Ichigo had done the same, but neither able to truly pinpoint the source or level of each power. Ichigo pulls his large sword foward into a main battle stance when all of the sudden he felt another power source coming his way, even the 'alien' turned his head.

Nappa and Vegeta had followed the Yoshi from the plains, all the while singing random songs like Lady Gaga and Rebecca Black. Vegeta had wisely invested in some earplugs along the way as Nappa started to sing the Barbie song, stopping halfway to point out the Yoshi. "Look Vegeta, Hes right there!" Nappa frowned going to poke Vegeta on the arm. Vegeta had been looking at the Yoshi and shoots a small beam of 'light' at Nappa when he poked him, who had counter attacked it by playing pat-a-cake with him. Vegeta looks to the human on the snow. "Looks like you found a new friend slug." Nappa smiles and laughs, flying over to Ichigo and landing next to him. Slapping a hand to Ichigo's back that made him full flat onto his face due to the strength of it.


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