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Dragonball Xenoverse

Picked this up digitally on PS4.

I'd suggest picking it up so we can Kamehameha eachother and the computer opponents.

It's a pretty fun game, flying feels a little clunky to me, as does attacking from awkward angles, but the gameplay is still really fun.

You create your own character (Human, Saiyan, Namek, Majin(like Buu), Freeza's race) and study under major characters, and fight in historic battles with a time machine to learn their moves. My current master is Piccolo, though I haven't learned Makankosappo yet.

In the story, I'm at Freeza, so I got a ways to go. I'm a Freeza race, wearing a mix of Krillin's original outfit and Tien's outfit, with a blue scouter. I look pretty ridiculous, but it seems that's how it is til you get to higher levels. Unfortunately, clothing have stat bonuses and negatives, so if you're making a special build you have to keep it in mind when you choose clothing.

You can also play as characters from the show as you progress through the game with their own movesets. Currently the best I can use I think is Captain Ginyu? Maybe Freeza's first form.

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