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Re: Adblock rant

The issue came to me by Linkara who is a reviewer on He reviews comic book and does a weekly comic review around 20ish minutes long. These are professionally made videos and obviously take time to make. Linkara doesn't have any other job as he puts so much time and effort into the videos that it would be almost impossible for him to do that and have a second job. Like many of the reviewers affiliated with Channel Awesome that is his job. They make money through the merchandise he sells and through the money he gets through and or the various sites he posts his videos. I just kinda see it sad when he makes stuff, and he ends up not having enough to live off. I mean he isn't getting a fortune, but it is what he lives off of. It is his livelihood making videos about reviewing comic books and occasionally doing both specials and he also does the History of Power Rangers show. I know Linkara isn't the only one ,and this can apply to a plethora of people, but It kinda makes me sad is all. I wanted to bring this to the limelight, because I don't know if many know about it.

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