Thread: NonReligious Sub Vs Dub which do you like
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Re: Sub Vs Dub which do you like

There are good dubs, and there are good subs, likewise there are terrible dubs, and there are terrible subs. It mostly goes with preference, but I will go with dubbed, mostly because I like my anime to be comedic, and I don't get a whole lot of Japanese humor. I love my action anime, but even then dubbed have always for some reason been very epic, probably because I can find out who the voice actors are a bit more clearly. Baccano is a great dub, and I prefer it than the subbed, which is equally good. On a reverse although I love the dub of Durarara, there are certain aspects that the subbed only can get, because it is set in Tokyo, and set in a scenario where accents, and Japanese norms make sense to use, which don't translate good into an English audience.

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