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Anyone read Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?

So Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is a great classic.Started in 1987 by Hirohiko Araki and still goes on to this day.So far there are seven parts to the series.
1.Phantom Blood
2.Battle Tendency
3.Stardust Crusaders(apparently the most popular)
4.Diamond is Unbreakable(my personal fav)
5.Vento Aureo
6.Stone Ocean
7.Steel Ball Run(ongoing in Shonen Jump in Japan)
araki's jojo series has inspired many manga-ka including the Hiroyuki Takei of Shaman King
and Tazuki Takahashi of Yu-Gi-Oh!the artwork is different from most manga and the story is great and makes you glad it goes on for a long while.Every series there is a new main character but there are some from earlier series that make a cameo in later ones.
Its amazing how the series has stayed alive and is one of the top manga of all times selling over 70 million copies worldwide.There are currently over 70 volumes and Part 3 of the series is being sold at book stores in America.

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