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Re: Next Gen!

Originally Posted by Cheflelouch View Post
And what do you know after the serious problems Microsoft had with the Xbox one, they decide to drop the DRM and now games can be played used and shared, plus they also drop as well the always online with the 24 hour connection check to keep it running.

I'm not sure if this is good news since it took me by surprise, that and I haved made up my mind of not buying it any time soon
With the DRM they also got rid of the 10 person "family" sharing plan which was the only thing they had done right comparatively. So after all the terrible press, they nix the one innovative feature about their console, and just bring it up to the status quo with Sony's policies. And even then it's weaker than Sony in the hardware dept. They've went from having one reason to buy one with a lot of reasons to NOT buy one, to no reason to buy one with a slightly smaller list of reasons not to buy one.

I just find it kind of funny that all these news reports fail to mention the bad with the good.

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