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Re: Next Gen!

In my opinion, the reason why consoles and PC's are being compared is the re-emergence of cross platform MMO's.

I can't tell you how many times I heard PS3/4 vs PC version conversations and arguments in chat during a weekend beta test for Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn. Each seemed to have pros and cons. I didn't try the PS3 beta (from what I read and saw, the architecture of the PS3 is REALLY showing its age in this game)

If more games are made this way, we'll keep seeing/hearing the comparisons.

I really don't know if I'll be buying a PS4 right away...definitely not interested in the Xbox One (nothing to keep MS from re-enabling everything they said would not be on the console at release...they've done it with their OS software...think Windows Update and Genuine Advantage Validation..., there is nothing to stop them from doing it on the Xbox One)

Till then I'll stick with my PC and Vita...YES, I need to start using mah Vita again!!

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