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Next Gen!

I'm surprised this doesn't exist!

Anyways this is basically an all purpose general discussion of Wii U, XBone and PS4. Specifically games/systems that aren't out yet or are recently released.

E3 has come and gone, and it was kind of shocking how it went. I think most people I've talked with agreed that Sony "won" hand's down. With Siege being the only person I know excited for the Bone. Already a bunch of titles I'm excited for. BF4 looks amazing, but BF titles always do. Second Son, oh my god. And MERCENARY KINGS! For those of you who don't know, Paul Robertson s my hands down favorite artist. He played a large part in the Scott Pilgrim video game, and made a few awesome videos which I won't link because of graphic violence. A lot of his work is quite extreme, so I won't be linking it, though I really want to (Well, the non-extreme work. Some of his stuff even makes me go "what?").

I'll say I've already got my PS4 pre-ordered. Of course, I've already GOT my Wii U, so this gen will be WiiS4 U.

I've already filled up the first page of my Wii U menu, and the second is half full. With all the deals on Virtual Console games Nintendo's been having I've been getting a lot of them. Speaking of the Virtual Console, I gotta go check what the latest 30c game is, and if I have it or not... Along with that statement. I won't be speedrunning MMX anytime soon, as I'm too slow with my mashing even in the intro stage.


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