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Anime that make you want to flip a table because of how it ended...

Pretty clear subject.

You are enjoying an anime...getting into the story, characters, etc...and then the last episode pulls the rug out from under you with it's ridiculously simple and rather abrupt ending.

What anime has made you gawk at the screen and then want to punch a hole through it because of how it ended?

Most recently for me, it HAS to be Sasameki Koto (

Let me start by saying, this was a VERY atypical anime for me to watch. I had my doubts going into it. But it managed to completely rivet my attention after the first few episodes. Which is why it pissed me off even more with the way it ended!! XD

Definitely a yuri anime. But, it was very tastefully done. No in-your-face fan service type of method used.

Not sure if I should say why (other than to prevent you from flipping a table at the end)...but let's just say it had such a heartfelt story and the character stories were very well made. You were rooting for Sumika and Ushio...and then the last episode....literally up until the last few minutes they HAD you on an all out feels-fest! And then BLAM! The end completely destroyed all of the things the creators had built throughout the series.

Did not expect to as mad as I did. I surprised myself, I guess, with how much I had been enjoying that series up til that point! XD

Your turn! (~_~)

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