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Re: Diaries of a Mecha Cosplayer-Mach Windy

Heh, truthfully I don't plan anything on paper; it's all planned out in my head or randomly made up as I go. I did plan on paper once but I found that it's much faster and easier for me to work by eye and my gut decisions rather than measurements.

Day 2:

Materials used (so far):

Duck Tape
Wood (Just a round piece inside so the ponytail can move)

I finished the rough part of Mach Windy's helm. First I finished the top part of the helm: pic 1917. Then I worked on the ponytail. (Yes, he has a metal ponytail)

The ponytail was a bit hard considering I didn't have any cardboard pieces large enough so I have to cut and tape other pieces on to make it long enough. Pic: 1914. I also added another picture showing how the helm fits and how long the ponytail is. Pic: 1918. Then came the details. I was really glad that I had some round cardboard tubing to cut up; round shapes are always a pain to make. Again, more cut and tape until I put on all the details. Pic: 1919 & 1920.

Next I need to decide whether to work next on the arms or legs. Though I should put together a small test piece to try my idea on. I really wouldn't want to ruin the helm after just finishing it.
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