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Re: Cosplay Q&A

Oh man, I always end up spending way more on my costumes than you would if you bought it online.

Even with 50% off coupons nice fabrics are expensive, and wigs, and shoes, and false lashes (lol CLAMP). . . it all adds up so quickly.

In fact the cheapest cosplays I've done are the ones that are primarily assembled clothing that doesn't really require modification. I did a reborn costume for~$55 (wig included) while my most recent costume (Guru Clef of MKR) had 21yds of fabric, pounds of resin gems, fosshape, etc. . . I purposefully didn't tabulate the cost of that costume, but I'm guessing it was probably close to $400. But then we've received ~$170 worth of prizes. Speaking of prizes - could anyone use 2 free tickets to Colossalcon in Sandusky, OH? I won't be able to go, and would love to see someone make use of them!
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