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Re: Cosplay Q&A

Originally Posted by Amui View Post
How much does the regular cosplay run money-wise, usually?
Were you afraid your first time cosplaying in public, and if so how did you overcome that fear?
Depending on what it is you're trying to cosplay, it can vary widely. I got away with my cosplay being around $10 because I bought all my raw materials from thrift shops and pieces from home. My latest endevour cost me about $150 because it required a lot more material. I recommend making a list of everything you need to make and figure out what it is you have to make from scratch and what you can create from premade clothing.

My first time cosplaying at a con was in '08 at NDK and I was Haruhi from Ouran, Conan Edogawa from Detective Conan and Amnael from Yugioh GX. You could imagine the looks I got for the latter, but you have to remember that you're dressing up to have fun not to make a social statement in the outside world. Just pop in your head-phones and get yourself pumped for the crazy fun ahead. You forget how strange you feel when people at the con start gushing over your character and making friends with fellow cosplayers

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